Cardboard Box Creations

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Author : Lonely Planet & Laura Baker
Detail : “What are you able to do with a cardboard box? Plenty! not destined for the bin, flip your spare scraps into wonderful things, from a hot air balloon and rocket to a Chinese dragon and Tiki totem pole!

Welcome to a world of crafting, creativity… and cardboard! Lonely Planet’s Cardboard Box Creations can take you round the globe as you build twenty travel-themed objects, icons and celebrated landmarks. as well as gradual directions and a starter kit of cardboard sheets with cut-out templet guides, you will soon become a master cardboard crafter!

Cardboard comes include:

Suitcase and camera
London bus
Shadow theatre
Empire State Building
Tent and fire
Amazon canoe and crocodilian
Japanese-inspired tea house
Redback spider

About Lonely Planet children: Lonely Planet Kids – associate imprint of the world’s leading travel authority Lonely Planet – revealed its initial book in 2011. Over the past forty five years, Lonely Planet has fully grown an infatuated world community of travellers, several of whom area unit currently sharing a passion for exploration with their kids. Lonely Planet children educates and encourages young readers reception and in class to be told regarding the planet with partaking books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, house and additional. we wish to inspire subsequent generation of world voters associated facilitate children and their folks to approach life during a manner that creates each day an journey. return explore!”

Cardboard Box Creations :

Cardboard sculpture

Author - Lonely Planet Kids
Publisher - Lonely Planet Kids
Pages - 48
ISBN - 9781787018075

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Detail - What can you do with a cardboard box? Plenty! No longer destined for the recycling bin, turn your spare scraps into amazing things, from a hot air balloon and space rocket to a Chinese dragon and Tiki totem pole! Includes step-by-step instructions and a starter kit of cardboard with cutting guides.

DIY Box Creations : Fun and Creative Projects to Make Out of REALLY BIG BOXES!

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Courtney Sanchez
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 80
ISBN - 1633221393

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Detail - Let your imagination be your guide as you discover 12 clever cardboard craft projects for the entire family! DIY Box Creations includes a variety of out-of-the-box cardboard creations for families to build together, transforming leftover boxes into an assortment of step-by-step projects. From planes, trains, forts, lemonade stands, and puppet theaters, have fun building memories and creativity with each step.

Box! : Castles, Kitchens, and Other Cardboard Creations for Kids

Crafts & Hobbies

Author - Noel MacNeal
Publisher - Lyons Press
Pages - 176
ISBN - 9780762787777

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Detail - How many times have you spent money on some fancy new toy for your child, only to have her ignore the toy and instead crawl into the large box it came in? Whether you’re on a budget or just refuse to pay high prices for noisy, plastic toys, Box! offers parents do-it-yourself, environmentally friendly crafts that can be made with cereal boxes, packing boxes, toilet paper rolls, and egg cartons. Filled with easy to make cardboard box craft ideas complete with supply lists, four-color photos, tips, and templates, Box! supplies parents with projects that will keep their children entertained for hours, such as: making “little people” with toilet paper rolls; creating a pirate ship out of a milk carton; fashioning a telescope using a paper towel tube; assembling planes, trains, and automobiles from cracker boxes, pasta boxes, or toothpaste boxes; and even constructing a child-sized desk out of three large boxes. This book is the perfect way to make fun, inexpensive, sustainable toys for your little one.

Vehicles :

Author - Fiona Hayes
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 48
ISBN - 071124359X

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Detail - Nothing beats the joy a cardboard box can bring on a rainy day. Want to fly a plane? Get a cardboard box. Want to go to space? Cardboard box. Want to build a castle and hold a jousting tournament? That's right--you need a cardboard box! Cardboard Creations is bursting full of ideas for how to turn that magical cardboard box into so many exciting playthings. In Vehicles, you can build a car to race in or a rocket ship to fly to space in using the simple instructions and full color photos. Like the humble cardboard box, this book will stretch as far as your imagination will allow. What will you build?

The Cardboard Box Book :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Sarah Powell
Publisher - Macmillan
Pages - 48
ISBN - 0312517386

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Detail - Offers craft projects children can create with cardboard boxes, including making a playhouse, giant dice, and a princess castle.

Cardboard :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - Doug TenNapel
Publisher - Scholastic Inc.
Pages - 288
ISBN - 0545512379

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Detail - Cam's down-and-out father gives him a cardboard box for his birthday and he knows it's the worst present ever. So to make the best of a bad situation, they bend the cardboard into a man-and to their astonishment, it comes magically to life. But the neighborhood bully, Marcus, warps the powerful cardboard into his own evil creations that threaten to destroy them all!

Out of the Box :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Jemma Westing
Publisher - DK Children
Pages - 144
ISBN - 9781465458964

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Detail - Twenty-five interactive cardboard model projects that engage kids' creativity and "out of the box" thinking skills through hands-on learning and the application of science-based principles. Kids can bring old cardboard to life and build recycled creations they can play with, sit in, and wear. Supporting STEM education initiatives and the Maker Movement, Out of the Box includes 25 interactive cardboard model projects to inspire kids' creativity through engaged and hands-on learning. From small-scale gifts to large constructions, author and award-winning paper engineer Jemma Westing uses clear, step-by-step instructions to show kids how to make dinosaurs, masks, race cars, and so much more, and inspirational images encourage them to make their own unique models when they are feeling more confident. The projects utilize only recycled materials, including cardboard rolls and boxes, so all the supplies should be easy to find right at home. Build something brilliant with Out of the Box. The possibilities are endless!

The Paper Playhouse : Awesome Art Projects for Kids Using Paper, Boxes, and Books


Author - Katrina Rodabaugh
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 144
ISBN - 1592539807

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Detail - Offers different arts and crafts projects parents and their children can create together, including sculpture, printmaking, bookbinding, and collage.

The Art of Cardboard : Big Ideas for Creativity, Collaboration, Storytelling, and Reuse


Author - Lori Zimmer
Publisher - Quarry Books Editions
Pages - 160
ISBN - 1631590278

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Detail - The Art of Cardboard showcases the grand and imaginatinve scale of cardboard art and design. breathe new life into that old cardboard box!

Epic Cardboard Adventures :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Leslie Manlapig
Publisher - Capstone
Pages - 144
ISBN - 1623709318

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Detail - The creator behind the blog Pink Stripey Socks brings her crafting talent to cardboard! With these easy-to-make, imagination-growing cardboard crafts, kids can put on a show, travel back in time, and even rocket to outer space!

Cuttable Cardboard Creations :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Mikal Keefer
Publisher - Maker Fun Factory
Pages - 128
ISBN - 9781470750077

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Detail - Michelangelo had marblePicasso had paints Youve got cardboard! You win! Youll have a blast turning everyday cardboard into a big bunch of awesomeness to share with others. Roll up your sleeves and get busy creating Stealth Door Hangers that help you doorbell ditchin reverse! Eye-Popping 3-D Cards that practically leap out of envelopes! A Particularly Perky Perch whos perfect for your cardboard aquarium. Cutout Portraits that put you, your family, and your friends on display. The Armor of God designed especially for you! Giants Who Roam the Earth who let you amaze the neighborhood. Plus youll craft a rock-stopping Goliath and hang his head on your wall, fire up a cardboard oven, fill cardboard vases with cardboard flowers, and launch a floatable boat! Each cardboard project is a faith-building adventure in creativity and caringand more fun than anyone should be allowed to have without exploding. Get started now!Cuttable Cardboard Creations includes projects PLUS a craft-cutter! For ages 8 and up. Adult supervison required.

The Cardboard Box Book : 25 Things to Make and Do with an Empty Box

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Danny Walsh
Publisher - Watson-Guptill Publications
Pages - 112
ISBN - 9780823006106

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Detail - Provides instructions, tips, and patterns for making games, toys, and other objects out of cardboard boxes.

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