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Clockwork Prince 2 : The Infernal Devices

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Author: Cassandra Clare

Details :Second in Cassandra Clare’s internationally bestselling Infernal Devices triplet regarding the Shadowhunters.

Love and lies will will corrupt even the purest heart… Second within the bestselling prequel series to The Mortal Instruments, set in Victorian London. Tessa grey realize her heart drawn additional and additional to FTO, whereas her craving for can, despite his dark moods, continues to unnerve her. This edition contains a bonus story, a map and a brand new introduction by Cassandra Clare. browse all the sensational books within the Shadowhunter Chronicles: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, The scourge Chronicles, The Dark Artifices, The Last Hours and also the Shadowhunter’s Codex.

The Infernal Devices 2 : Clockwork Prince

Brothers and sisters

Author - Cassandra Clare
Publisher -
Pages - 499
ISBN - 9781406365276

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Detail - Synopsis coming soon.......


Publisher -
Pages - 498
ISBN - 9781442434189

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Detail - Still reeling from her terrifying confrontation with the Magister and her brother’s betrayal, Tessa Gray is drawn ever deeper into the Shadowhunter's dark underworld of demons and danger. In a desperate attempt to help her friends, Tessa tries to uncover the truth about the Magister and learns that he blames the Shadowhunters for the murder of his parents nearly a half century ago. But who were his parents, and why did the Shadowhunters kill them? Determined to unravel the secrets of his past, Tessa, Will and Jem journey to mist-shrouded Yorkshire, only to encounter corrupt Shadowhunters more intent on burying the past than finding the Magister - a past that holds the key not only to the enemy's motivations and weakness, but to the secret of what Tessa really is and what she was born to do. Meanwhile, Tessa’s feelings for Jem and Will are growing more complicated, and soon she is forced to acknowledge that any choice she makes will either save the Shadowhunters of London - or end them for ever.

Clockwork Prince :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - Cassandra Clare
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Pages - 528
ISBN - 1416975896

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Detail - As the Council attempts to strip Charlotte of her power, shapechanger Tessa Gray works with the London Shadowhunters to find the Magister and destroy his clockwork army, learning the secret of her own identity while investigating his past.

Clockwork Prince: The Mortal Instruments Prequel : Volume 2 of The Infernal Devices Manga

Comics & Graphic Novels

Author - Cassandra Clare
Publisher - Hachette UK
Pages - 256
ISBN - 0356503348

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Detail - The second instalment of The Infernal Devices follows Tessa and her two dashing Shadowhunter companions, Will and Jem, as they travel throughout Victorian England seeking the full truth behind the Magister's sinister plot. Tessa feels herself growing closer to Jem, but Will continues to infuriate her - moody and aloof, she can't tell what he feels for her . . . or quite what she feels for him.

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess :

Comics & Graphic Novels

Author - Cassandra Clare
Publisher - Yen Press LLC
Pages - 32
ISBN - 0316294403

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Detail - The threat of Mortmain's Infernal Devices looms as the Shadowhunters race to work out a way to counteract the mechanical monsters. Meanwhile, plans for Tessa's marriage to Jem are underway, despite her fiancé's failing health and the unresolved feelings between her and Will. When Tessa is captured, Will must leave his comrade behind to save the woman they both love... But with the final missing piece--Tessa herself--in Mortmain's possession, can anything stop his plot for revenge?

Philip Pullman :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Laura La Bella
Publisher - The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
Pages - 112
ISBN - 1477717668

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Detail - Philip Pullman is an award-winning author perhaps best known for his epic trilogy, His Dark Materials, one of the few fantasy classics to feature a strong female central protagonist. Pullman is a creator of new worlds and the captain of adventures, spinning intricate and fantastical yarns. His life story is every bit as fascinating as the tales he has created from life, transforming them with storytelling magic into classics of fantasy literature. This is the life story of a master storyteller, and readers will receive a privileged glimpse into the mind and working methods of a creative genius. This supports Common Core standards for the reading of biographies.

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