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All Edge : Inside the New Workplace Networks

Business & Economics

Author - Clay Spinuzzi
Publisher - University of Chicago Press
Pages - 220
ISBN - 022623696X

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Detail - Work is changing. Speed and flexibility are more in demand than ever before thanks to an accelerating knowledge economy and sophisticated communication networks. These changes have forced a mass rethinking of the way we coordinate, collaborate, and communicate. Instead of projects coming to established teams, teams are increasingly converging around projects. Spinuzzi offers for the first time a comprehensive framework for understanding how these new groups function and thrive. His rigorous analysis tackles both the pros and cons of this evolving workflow and is based in case studies of real all-edge adhocracies at work. His provocative results will challenge our long-held assumptions about how we should be doing work.

The Edge of Everything :


Author - Jeff Giles
Publisher - Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages - 368
ISBN - 1619637537

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Detail - After rescuing seventeen-year-old Zoe and her little brother, a mysterious bounty hunter called X, sent from the Lowlands to claim the souls of evil men, risks everything for Zoe's love.

The Edge of the Sky : All You Need to Know About the All-There-Is


Author - Roberto Trotta
Publisher - Basic Books
Pages - 144
ISBN - 0465044905

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Detail - From the big bang to black holes, from dark matter to dark energy, from the origins of the universe to its ultimate destiny, The Edge of the Sky tells the story of the most important discoveries and mysteries in modern cosmology—with a twist. The book's lexicon is limited to the thousand most common words in the English language, excluding physics, energy, galaxy, or even universe. Through the eyes of a fictional scientist (Student-People) hunting for dark matter with one of the biggest telescopes (Big-Seers) on Earth (Home-World), cosmologist Roberto Trotta explores the most important ideas about our universe (All-there-is) in language simple enough for anyone to understand. A unique blend of literary experimentation and science popularization, this delightful book is a perfect gift for any aspiring astronomer. The Edge of the Sky tells the story of the universe on a human scale, and the result is out of this world.

The Learning Edge : What Technology Can Do to Educate All Children


Author - Alan Bain
Publisher - Teachers College Press
Pages - 235
ISBN - 9780807770894

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Detail - After billions of dollars, thousands of studies, and immeasurable effort by educators at all levels, why is the performance of students and teachers so unaffected by technology? Moreover, what should be done to extract genuine benefit from the information and communication technology (ICT) revolution? In this groundbreaking book, technology and education experts Alan Bain and Mark Weston provide research-based evidence for how the widespread application of ICT can provide powerful learning opportunities that lead to lasting gains and achievement. They show how the integrated use of technology at all levels of the educational system can greatly expand collaborative learning opportunities by giving all educational stakeholders powerful problem-solving tools and solutions. The approaches presented here are grounded in over twenty years of experience working with classroom teachers, school leaders, association members, and policymakers.

Servant on the Edge of History :


Author - Sam James
Publisher - Hannibal Books
Pages - 180
ISBN - 0929292669

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Detail - "Servant on the Edge of History" describes the Vietnam War from a perspective seldom heard: from a missionary who loved the Vietnamese people, who refused to become an American spy, but who also loved his own country. James offers insights into where and how God was at work in this war-ravaged country, where his family risked all for the sake of the Gospel.

Along the Edge of America :


Author - Peter Jenkins
Publisher - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages - 319
ISBN - 9780395877371

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Detail - Chronicles a two-year journey along the Gulf Coast, from the Florida Keys to the border of Mexico, and shares the author's encounters with people he met along the way

The Optimization Edge: Reinventing Decision Making to Maximize All Your Company's Assets :

Business & Economics

Author - Stephen Sashihara
Publisher - McGraw Hill Professional
Pages - 288
ISBN - 0071748334

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Detail - Why downsize when you can OPTIMIZE? "At McDonald’s our focus has always been on providing maximum value to customers through ‘optimal’ quality and tight cost management, which is why Optimization has become such a pivotal concept for us. Steve Sashihara’s book brings the concept to life.” —Kenneth M. Koziol, Corp. Senior Vice President, Innovation and Design, McDonald’s Corp. “Steve Sashihara convincingly demonstrates how the application of advanced quantitative techniques can significantly improve day-to-day decision making, which is what we have done at Quad/Graphics.” —Dave Blais, Executive Vice President, Quad/Graphics “The Optimization Edge is a powerful book that will change the way organizations make decisions and manage their assets.” —Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO, Leader to Leader Institute; Recipient, Presidential Medal of Freedom “At UPS, the ‘optimization edge’ has given us a competitive advantage. It enables us to solve problems of great complexity seamlessly and with increased velocity, resulting in smarter decisions and ultimately bringing greater value to our customers.” —Chuck Holland, Vice President of Industrial Engineering, UPS About the Book: In these challenging economic times, more and more companies have turned to “cut-back management” to ensure their survival. But how do some manage to outshine their competitors—and even grow—during downturns? How does Google outsearch the other search engines? How does McDonald’s McClobber the competition? More important, how can you increase your company’s profits without downsizing? The answer is Asset Optimization. This groundbreaking approach to decision making utilizes the latest advances in mathematics and computer software. Optimization expert Steve Sashihara shows you how to squeeze every ounce of value from your company, even under “perfect storm” conditions. You’ll learn how to: Drive up your company’s value—even in a downturn Re-allocate your resources—for maximum performance Streamline your company—and stay ahead of the competition Optimize your assets—for long-term growth A proven, practical, and workable alternative to “corporate anorexia,” Optimization is your best option for dealing head-on with marketplace volatility and resource scarcity. This step-by-step guide offers concrete, ready-to- use tools drawn from decades of superior business practices—the best-kept secrets of global successes such as Amazon, Google, Marriott, McDonald’s, Intel, SAS, and UPS. You’ll learn what Optimization is, what best practices you can immediately put to use, how to use Optimization to speed up and improve decision making, and how to integrate Optimization into your organization’s culture. If you want to thrive in any economy—and grow your company in the future—forget about downsizing. Get The Optimization Edge.

All Ages : Reflections on Straight Edge

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Beth Lahickey
Publisher -
Pages - 223
ISBN - 9781889703008

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Detail - With All Ages, Beth Lahickey presents a comp rehensive overview of an underground hardcore music scene. T he book includes 29 interviews with people involved in the s traight edge scene, some of whom are now in prominent bands. '

The Daily Edge : Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day

Business & Economics

Author - David Horsager
Publisher - Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Pages - 168
ISBN - 1626565961

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Detail - Wall Street Journal bestselling author David Horsager frequently hears executives lament that their hands are more than full trying to balance the barrage of tasks they face on a daily basis. While he never set out to be a productivity expert, Horsager realized that over the years he has developed and adopted dozens of extraordinarily practical time- and energy-saving techniques that could help today's leader. The key objective is to become so effective in the little things that you have enough time for more meaningful interactions. In The Daily Edge, you'll learn strategies such as identifying the key Difference-Making Actions on which to focus your efforts. Perhaps it is time to set a personal or even company-wide “power hour,” during which you do not attend meetings, answer the phone, or reply to emails, creating the time and space to really focus and get things done. The thirty-five high-impact ideas Horsager introduces in succinct, quick-read chapters are easily implemented and powerful on their own. Taken together, they form a solid wave of efficacy that enables you to get more done, keep your energy up, and make sure that you're able to honor all your relationships, both personal and professional.

At the Edge of All-That-Is, a Journey Into the Art of the Universe :

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Stefan Schadwinkel
Publisher -
Pages - 112
ISBN - 1411636147

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Detail - This book unfolds a non-dualistic world view, a view of Unity. That view is applied to topical scientific and philosophical issues, like Time, the Brain, Chaos and Order, the Human Immune System and Quantum Physics. It is a practical guide to navigate around common scientific, philosophical and spiritual pitfalls. With powerful, inspiring lyric and vivid metaphors, the reader is guided to realize and engage the full human potential. Awe inspiring sacred geometry is described and very advanced Mer-Ka-Ba activation techniques are unveiled. The nature of Mer-Ka-Ba fields is explained and related to the universe as a whole. Connecting the eternal teachings of the ancient masters with state of the art quantum mechanics, the book is the perfect add-on to all systems of co-creation. If you have been delighted by movies like "What the bleep do we know ?!," then this book will open the gates to the mystery right before your eyes. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for your Journey into the Art of the Universe.

Edge :

Young Adult Fiction

Author - Michael Cadnum
Publisher - Open Road Media
Pages - 216
ISBN - 150401975X

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Detail - A teenage boy searches for revenge on the streets of Oakland The battle is nearly over. The outsiders—who came to Oakland looking for excitement—are about to get back on the highway and go home. But they hurt 1 of Zach’s friends, and he can’t let that stand. He hurls a chunk of concrete at their car, starting a fight that turns into a riot. The police flood the streets with teargas, and Zach gets lost in the chaos. In the melee, he finds something someone left behind—something that will poison his life. It’s a .38 pistol, and once he picks it up, he can’t let it go. Zach hates violence, but since he quit high school, he feels its power creeping into his life every day. When his father is shot during a robbery, Zach’s newly found pistol gives him the power to take revenge—if his heart will let him pull the trigger.

The Slight Edge : Secret to a Successful Life


Author - Jeff Olson
Publisher -
Pages - 168
ISBN - 9780967285559

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Detail - Teaches you how to achieve success in all aspects of your life - in your health, your finances, your personal relationships and family life.

Wonders of the Solar System

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Author : Brian Cox, Andrew Cohen Details : In Wonders of the system - the book of the acclaimed BBC TV series - prof Brian Cox can take USA on a journey of discovery wherever alien worlds from your imagination become places we are able to see, feel and visit. The Wonders of the system - from big|the enormous|the large} ice fountains of Enceladus to the liquid gas seas of Titan and from storms doubly the dimensions of the world to the tortured moon of Io with its giant super-volcanoes -...

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Storytelling with Data : A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 14:53 | Reference | 0 Comment
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Author : Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Inc Isbn 10 : 1119002257 Isbn 13 : 9781119002253 Detail : Don't merely show your information tell a story with it! Storytelling with information teaches you the basics {of information|of knowledge|of information} image and the way to speak effectively with data. you will discover the facility of storytelling and also the thanks to build information a important purpose in your story. the teachings during this...

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Automate The Boring Stuff With Python

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Author : Al Sweigart Publisher : No Starch Press,US Isbn 10 : 1593275994 Isbn 13 : 9781593275990 Detail : If you have ever spent hours renaming files or change many programme cells, you recognize however tedious tasks like these are often. however what if you'll have your pc do them for you? In modify the Boring Stuff with Python, you will find out how to use Python to jot down programs that waste minutes what would take you hours to try and do by hand--no previous programming...

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