An Unlikely Love

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An Unlikely Love :


Author - Dorothy Clark
Publisher - Harlequin
Pages - 288
ISBN - 0373283075

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Detail - Irresistible Adversary With her focus firmly on spreading her message of temperance, Marissa Bradley is taken by surprise when she meets Grant Winston. Still in mourning for her brother, whose tragic death due to strong drink drives her to speak out on the subject, Marissa cannot think of romance. Yet Grant's charm draws her in. Intrigued by the pensive young woman, Grant determines he must learn more about her. But he never expected to find her protesting his family's vineyard! When he learns her reasons, he's sympathetic, but Grant can't walk away from the business that supports his family and provides his mother a home. How can he choose between his and Marissa's growing love and his family's very livelihood?

Shirley & Marty : An Unlikely Love Story


Author - Shirley Jones, Marty Ingels, Mickey Herskowitz
Publisher - SP Books
Pages - 336
ISBN - 9781561712366

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Detail - Recounts the successful marriage of Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels and describes their respective careers, Shirley's previous marriage to the womanizing Jack Cassidy, and Shirley and Marty's bittersweet romance. Reprint.

Hundred Miles to Nowhere : An Unlikely Love Story

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Elisa Korenne
Publisher - North Star Press of St. Cloud
Pages - 344
ISBN - 9781682010648

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Detail - Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story explores what happens when a singer-songwriter moves from New York City to rural Minnesota for love, and finds there's more to life than music. When Elisa Korenne took a month's break from New York City to be the resident singer-songwriter in middle-of-nowhere Minnesota, she didn't intend to stay. Then she fell in love with the local outdoorsman/insurance guy. One cross-country romance later, Elisa gave up subways, theater, City Bakery cookies, and her Brooklyn apartment to become the 1,153rd resident of New York Mills, a rural town ninety miles from the nearest metropolitan area, Fargo. She had to resort to moonshine to stay sane. The barista knew her weekend plans before she did. The postmaster set up gigs for her behind her back. Chris expected her to eat roadkill for dinner. And you wouldn't believe the uproar when the Finnish Lutherans in town learned she was Jewish. Despite a gun-toting Millenialist neighbor and the furnace dying at twenty-six below, Elisa moved to Minnesota and married Chris anyway. Then a tornado threatens to destroy the home she had finally made for herself. Hundred Miles to Nowhere is A Year in Provence for the Prairie Home Companion crowd, or Coop for fans of indie music.

Kate and Pippin : An Unlikely Love Story

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Martin Springett
Publisher - Penguin Canada
Pages - 32
ISBN - 0143183370

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Detail - The real-life story of a special friendship sure to capture the hearts of all When Pippin, a helpless baby fawn, was abandoned by her mother on the property of Isobel Springett, things looked uncertain for her. Three days went by, but when her mother didn't return for her, Isobel stepped in and brought her inside—only to discover that some unconventional help was on hand. Isobel's Great dane, Kate, adopted Pippin immediately. From the moment Pippin snuggled into Kate's side, she didn't leave it—even when Isobel fed her sheep's milk from a baby bottle. She followed Kate everywhere, just like a real puppy, and Kate patiently shepherded her through her first strange and confusing days in a human household. The story of Kate's and Pippin's highly unconventional but loving relationship is charmingly chronicled by Martin Springett, Isobel's brother, who is an awardwinning illustrator and author. Featuring Isobel's beautiful photography, Kate and Pippin is sure to be a cherished classic for young and old alike.

Kate & Pippin : An Unlikely Love Story


Author - Martin Springett, Isobel Springett
Publisher - Puffin HC
Pages - 32
ISBN - 9780670065974

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Detail - Photographs and simple text reveal the true story of a fawn which, abandoned by her mother and brought to live on a farm, is raised by Kate, a Great Dane which has never had puppies of her own.

Randy and Me : An Unlikely Love Story

Author - Melanie Winebarger
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 100
ISBN - 9781975988012

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Detail - What do you do when life hands you a series of bad breaks? When a congenital condition steals much of Melanie's sight in young adulthood, she responds as many of us would - with both courage and complaints. She also takes her mother's advice and applies to Southeastern Guide Dogs for the kind of assistance that will help her regain her independence. There she is presented with Randy, a huge, rangy Goldadore, very different than the petite, Golden Retriever guide she'd pictured herself with. Melanie gives us Randy's perspective from her imagination, and we can see how his expectations of a person might also have been very different. It's a partnership that doesn't come easily for either of them, but in the end the heart rules the head. It is, indeed, a very unlikely love story.

The Feminist and the Cowboy : An Unlikely Love Story

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Alisa Valdes
Publisher - Penguin
Pages - 336
ISBN - 110160655X

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Detail - The bestselling author of The Dirty Girls Social Club returns with an engrossing memoir about how falling in love with a sexy cowboy turned her feminist beliefs upside down. Feminism was a religion in Alisa Valdes’s childhood home. Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem took the place of Barbies and left Valdes impressed with a feminist ideology that guided a prolific writing career—at twenty-two Valdes was named one of the top feminist writers under thirty by the editor of Ms Magazine. Yet despite her professional success, Valdes hit forty-two a single mom and a serial dater of inadequate men in tweed jackets—until she met the Cowboy. A conservative rancher, the Cowboy held the traditional views on gender roles that Valdes was raised to reject. Yet as she falls head-over-spurs for him and their relationship finds harmony, she finds the strength, peace, and happiness that comes from embracing her femininity. From their first date the Cowboy makes her pulse race, and she discovers that “when men… act like men rather than like emasculated boys, you as a woman will find not only great pleasure in submitting to them but also great growth as a person.” Told with plenty of humor and candor, The Feminist and the Cowboy will delight the many readers who made The Pioneer Woman a bestseller—not to mention every woman who dreams of being swept away by a rugged cowboy.

Tempting Mr. Perfect : An Unlikely Love Novel


Author - Rebecca Rose
Publisher - Hachette UK
Pages - 232
ISBN - 145557791X

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Detail - Sometimes it feels good to be bad . . . Dave Sanders is making up for a lifetime of sin. After leaving his reckless past behind, he now runs a respectable bar and grill. But keeping his wild side in check becomes nearly impossible when Kathy Mae Smith starts working for him. She's shy, modest, and sexy as hell. Slow, sweet seduction has never been his style, but then Dave has never wanted a woman like this before . . . Thanks to her ex-husband, Kathy doesn't know if she can ever trust another man. And she certainly isn't about to jeopardize her job by jumping into bed with her hot new boss. Yet Dave is kind, caring, and his sizzling persistence is about to burn through the last of her defenses-until her past catches up with her. If she surrenders the truth to Mr. Perfect, will she lose him . . . or get a second shot at love? Approx. 60,000 words.

Seducing Mr. Right : An Unlikely Love Novel


Author - Rebecca Rose
Publisher - Forever Yours
Pages - 240
ISBN - 9781455581429

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Detail - Only love can heal his wounds . . . Gunnery Sergeant Jake Sanders made it through the war in Afghanistan, but he's struggling to survive the peace at home. Still scarred by his experiences overseas, Jake now spends most of his time working out and tending to his brother's bar and grill. He's not looking for a girlfriend and avoids intimate relationships . . . until he meets the bar's gorgeous new manager. Ex-ballerina Sophie Agnés couldn't take her eyes off Jake the moment she saw him-he was, after all, sleeping half-naked in her new office when she arrived on her first day of work. The chemistry between them is immediate, and soon it's not clear who is seducing whom. But Sophie fears that something is keeping Jake from opening his heart to her. And a man with dark secrets may not be the right man for her after all. Approx. 60,000 words.

The Ambassador and Me : An Unlikely Love Story

Author - Mia Villano
Publisher - MIA Villano Books
Pages - 228
ISBN - 9780692499689

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Detail - Isabella Piori is twenty six years old, beautiful, feisty and smart. The daughter of a loving Italian family, she has never left the family business. Although her family is against her leaving, Isabella pursues a career outside as the assistant to the French Attache. This is a job of her dreams working at the French Embassy and pursuing her own career. The one thing Isabella was not looking for was Fabrice Arbidoux, the French Ambassador. The night of the Starlight Gala, Isabella meets the man who will change her life in ways she never could imagine. Recently out of a relationship that caused her much pain, Isabella isn't ready to fall in love. Though, there is something about Fabrice Arbidoux that she finds overwhelmingly attractive. The way he speaks, carries himself and the power he exudes all make Isabella sexually aware of her need to be with him. He can't keep his eyes off of her during the gala, and the sexual tension is high the next Monday when she starts her job. When the Ambassador can't hold back his feelings for her, she runs, afraid this will ruin her career she has tried so hard to achieve. After taking some time to think about it, Isabella realizes maybe a sexual relationship with no strings attached is what she needs. One night she accepts his invitation for a date and things heat up. When he takes her back to his house, they give in to their lust for each other, but it is not what Isabella expected. Fearing that he may have issues, Isabella insists that he tell her what's wrong, and Fabrice comes clean with a secret he was afraid would push her away. Isabella has a secret as well, and one she is not ready to tell him just yet. An unforgettable story of two people looking for true love and happiness from different lives brought together for one thing, true love. It is a story of what life can be like if you open your heart and mind to something new and wonderful."

Come, let's dream! : An Unlikely Love Story


Author - Volker Jehle
Publisher - iUniverse
Pages - 180
ISBN - 0595627684

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Detail - Eckart, an idealistic nineteen-year-old conscientious objector performing his alternative service at a workshop for the mentally impaired, accepts the challenge to socialize Ulrike, a girl his own age who is, emotionally, a three-year-old and whose violent tantrums terrorize the workshop staff and workers. Her behavior improves as she learns to trust Eckart, much to the relief of the girl's mother, who has fought to keep her child from being institutionalized. Once all her affection is focused on Eckart, Ulrike announces that she wants to sleep with him. As Eckart discovers when he takes her on a visit to his parents' home for a weekend, what she wants is to lie passively next to him, at least she can articulate that much. His desire is so intense that he nearly succumbs more than once to her urging that he lie down with her during her daily rest period. An erotically charged dream sequence leaves it to the reader to decide if these unlikely lovers satisfy their physical desire. Ulrike reacts with such venom, however, toward Eckart's camaraderie with a new female social worker that her social skills erode; she becomes morose and demanding, and Eckart realizes the futility of a future for them.

Enemies in Love : A German POW, a Black Nurse, and an Unlikely Romance


Author - Alexis Clark
Publisher - The New Press
Pages -
ISBN - 1620971879

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Detail - A “New & Noteworthy” selection of The New York Times Book Review “Alexis Clark illuminates a whole corner of unknown World War II history.” —Walter Isaacson, New York Times bestselling author of Leonardo da Vinci “[A]n irresistible human story. . . . Clark’s voice is engaging, and her tale universal.” —Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power and American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House A true and deeply moving narrative of forbidden love during World War II and a shocking, hidden history of race on the home front This is a love story like no other: Elinor Powell was an African American nurse in the U.S. military during World War II; Frederick Albert was a soldier in Hitler’s army, captured by the Allies and shipped to a prisoner-of-war camp in the Arizona desert. Like most other black nurses, Eleanor pulled a second-class assignment, in a dusty, sun-baked—and segregated—Western town. The army figured that the risk of fraternization between black nurses and white German POWs was almost nil. Brought together by unlikely circumstances and racist assumptions, Elinor and Frederick should have been bitter enemies; but instead, at the height of World War II, they fell in love. Their dramatic story was unearthed by journalist Alexis Clark, who through years of interviews and historical research has pieced together an astounding narrative of race and true love in the cauldron of war. Based on a New York Times story by Clark that drew national attention, Enemies in Love paints a tableau of dreams deferred and of love struggling to survive, twenty-five years before the Supreme Court’s Loving decision legalizing mixed-race marriage—revealing the surprising possibilities for human connection in one of history’s most violent conflicts.