Death In Autumn

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Death in Autumn :


Author - Magdalen Nabb
Publisher - Soho Press
Pages - 160
ISBN - 1569478163

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Detail - The body of a woman, clad in nothing but a fur coat and jewelry, is found floating in the Arno at dawn. Marshal Guarnaccia of the Florentine carabinieri identifies her as a foreigner who lived for years as a recluse in one of Florence’s most respectable hotels. But how and why did she die? Following a complex trail of blackmail, jewel theft, and drug-dealing, Marshal Guarnaccia finally tracks down the shocking truths about a cold-blooded murderer and his all-too-trusting victim. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Death by Cyanide : The Murder of Dr. Autumn Klein

True Crime

Author - Paula Reed Ward
Publisher - University Press of New England
Pages - 248
ISBN - 1611689996

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Detail - At just forty-one years old, Dr. Autumn Klein, a neurologist specializing in seizure disorders in pregnant women, had already been named chief of women's neurology at Pittsburgh's largest health system. More than just successful in her field, Dr. Klein was beloved - by her patients, colleagues, family, and friends. She collapsed suddenly on April 17, 2013, writhing in agony on her kitchen floor, and died three days later. The police said her husband, Dr. Robert Ferrante, twenty-three years Klein's senior, killed her through cyanide poisoning. Though Ferrante left a clear trail of circumstantial evidence, Klein's death from cyanide might have been overlooked if not for the investigators who were able to use Ferrante's computer, statements from the staff at his lab, and his own seemingly odd actions at the hospital during his wife's treatment to piece together what appeared to be a long-term plan to end his wife's life. In Death by Cyanide, Paula Reed Ward, reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, describes the murder investigation and the trial in this sensational case, taking us from the poisoning and the medical staff's heroic measures to save Klein's life to the investigation of Ferrante and the emotion and drama inside the courtroom.

Elliott Smith :

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Autumn de Wilde
Publisher - Chronicle Books
Pages - 223
ISBN - 9780811857994

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Detail - A definitive portrait of the troubled singer/songwriter combines two hundred close-up photographs and interviews with those who knew him best to chronicle his influential musical career and often turbulent life, including his tragic death in 2003, in a volume enhanced by ephemera, handwritten lyrics, and a live CD of unreleased solo acoustic performances. 20,000 first printing.

A day in autumn and Napoleon and Verses on the death of Shelley :


Author - Bernard Barton
Publisher - Dissertations-G
Pages - 339

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Detail -

Dead of Autumn :


Author - Sherry Knowlton
Publisher -
Pages - 286
ISBN - 9781620064764

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Detail - Alexa Williams is a successful lawyer, volunteers weekly at a women's clinic, and has a sexy weekend boyfriend-not to mention an endearing best friend in her giant English mastiff, Scout. But one autumn day, when Scout takes off into the Pennsylvania woods, Alexa discovers a nightmare she'd never imagined. From that fateful day, Alexa becomes entangled in a murder mystery-one that she tries to unravel by linking it to experiences and symbols in her own life. Dewilla Noakes, a child of the Depression, has recently lost her mother. Her father, packs up the girls-and their attractive cousin, Winnie-and hits the road to look for a job on the east coast. Along the way, money becomes tighter, food becomes scarcer, and relationships become strained. Dewilla's father fears he's failing his daughters. Running out of options, he begins to consider the unthinkable to end the misery he's brought upon his family ... Alexa soon finds herself amidst violence aimed at the clinic where she volunteers, brought on by pro-life extremists. In a bizarre turn of events, she's almost raped, ambushed by religious zealots who wish to convert her, then taken by surprise as another romance enters her life. Plus, she seems to be seeing quite a lot of the local law enforcement these days. No matter what else happens in her life, Alexa can't shake feeling some sort of connection to the mysterious murder victim. She thinks back to the stories she heard as a child, about the Babes in the Woods, who were murdered close to where the victim's body was found, wondering if that might be why she draws the connection. But when the murderer strikes again, Alexa must rely on her knowledge of local history and terrain in order to save her own life. DEAD of AUTUMN ties together the struggles faced by females, young and old, past and present, and the degrees of power they embrace to combat their situations.

Autumn : A Novel


Author - Ali Smith
Publisher - Anchor
Pages - 272
ISBN - 1101870745

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Detail - MAN BOOKER PRIZE FINALIST A New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, Financial Times, Southern Living, The Guardian, and Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year Long-listed for the Gordon Burn Prize Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. That's what it felt like for Keats in 1819. How about Autumn 2016? Daniel is a century old. Elisabeth, born in 1984, has her eye on the future. The United Kingdom is in pieces, divided by a historic, once-in-a-generation summer. Love is won, love is lost. Hope is hand-in-hand with hopelessness. The seasons roll round, as ever. Ali Smith's new novel is a meditation on a world growing ever more bordered and exclusive, on what richness and worth are, on what harvest means. It is the first installment of her Seasonal quartet—four stand-alone books, separate yet interconnected and cyclical (as the seasons are)—and it casts an eye over our own time. Who are we? What are we made of? Shakespearean jeu d’esprit, Keatsian melancholy, the sheer bright energy of 1960s pop art: the centuries cast their eyes over our own history making. Here’s where we’re living. Here’s time at its most contemporaneous and its most cyclic. From the imagination of the peerless Ali Smith comes a shape-shifting series, wide-ranging in time-scale and light-footed through histories, a story about aging and time and love and stories themselves.

Death in Spring : A Novel


Author - Mercè Rodoreda, Martha Tennent
Publisher - Open Letter Books
Pages - 150
ISBN - 1934824119

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Detail - The narrator, a fourteen-year-old boy, describes the cruel customs of a village, including the horrible death of his father, and spends time with a prisoner who explains the strange events in the village.

The Autumn of the Patriarch :

Author - Gabriel García Márquez
Publisher - Penguin Books India
Pages - 229
ISBN - 9780140157536

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Detail - No Marketing Blurb

Deer Island In Autumn :


Author - Robert Blackwell
Publisher - Page Publishing Inc
Pages -
ISBN - 1682899179

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Detail - “Deer Island is a real place! Though fictionalized, the characters portray life in the lower Atchafalaya Basin (specific to Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana) and its tributaries from 1840 – 1921.” “The Addison family legacy is expressed in the meticulously kept diaries of three generations of the family’s matriarchs.” “Each of the two volumes can stand on its own merits, but the story invites the reader to experience both.” “Deer Island is a place where the fabric of life is tightly woven; mutual interests are cultivated. Each shared expression of some heartfelt emotion, each account of some uncommon event, each expounded detail of some ideal or conviction, each celebration of life and living communicated unashamedly and in a forthright manner, produces a colored fiber. The hues of these threads may be brilliant and appealing, or they may be dim and dismal, but each is applied to the pattern of the weave for all to witness.”

The Great Change :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - White Deer of Autumn
Publisher - Beyond Words Publishing Company
Pages - 32
ISBN - 9780941831796

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Detail - A Native American grandmother explains the meaning of death, or the Great Change, to her questioning granddaughter.

Annapolis Autumn : Life, Death, And Literature At The U.S. Naval Academy

Literary Collections

Author - Bruce Fleming
Publisher - The New Press
Pages - 274
ISBN - 1595587233

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Detail - What really goes on behind the wall that surrounds the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis? What are all those midshipmen, future officers in the U.S. Naval and Marine Corps and leaders of our society, thinking as they stand in neat ranks at the parades beloved by tourists? What are their professors actually educating them to do. In Annapolis Autumn, Bruce Fleming, professor of English for nearly two decades at the academy and a prizewinning author, captures the sights, sounds, colors, and conversations of this tradition-steeped institution. In other classes, the cadets learn how to assemble guns, control armored vehicles, man battleships, and kill other human beings. Nothing is ever less than "outstanding, sir!" In English class, however, Fleming introduces his students to nuance and subtext, to the gay poets of World War I, and to the idea that not every piece of literature is designed to be "motivational." Sharing stories from his twenty years at the academy, Fleming explores questions about teaching, the labels "liberal" and "conservative," and the ultimate purpose of higher education—issues made all the more gripping at a time when many of his students will graduate from the classroom to the battlefield.

Autumn : A Season of Change


Author - Peter J. Marchand
Publisher - UPNE
Pages - 151
ISBN - 9780874518702

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Detail - An expert on winter now turns his talents to autumn, a season of beauty and change. Author of the award-winning Life in the Cold, Peter J. Marchand examines the natural and biological phenomena of fall. With Marchand as your guide, fall becomes much more than trees turning, killing frosts, birds migrating, and invigorating crisp weather. Dig under the fallen leaves and heavy mists with him to discover a vibrant world. Readers learn the whys and wherefores of these events, but much much more, as Marchand answers questions most non-specialists have about how and why such changes and adaptations occur. Though autumn may appear to be primarily a transitional season, he shows how many remarkable and essential natural processes happen routinely only during this period. He describes such topics as timekeeping in plants and animals, food hoarding, seed dispersal, and animal mating behavior among the large mammals of the North. The book is organized by theme rather than by species, so that similar adaptation mechanisms of different species can be compared and contrasted. Marchand has a demonstrated skill in making scientific facts easily understood, while also conveying the beauty and wonder of what he describes. Also an accomplished photographer, his many beautiful full-page photographs show unusual aspects of the season.