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Growing Up : How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples


Author - Robby Gallaty
Publisher - B&H Books
Pages - 250
ISBN - 9781462729982

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Detail - How do you make disciples? Growing Up is a manual for making disciples. It will answer the what, why, where, and how of discipleship. Underline in it, write in the margins, interact with it, and meditate on it. You are not learning this information for yourself only, although you will definitely benefit from it. You are learning for all the people you will disciple in the future. The gospel came to you because it was heading to someone else.

Growing Up : From Eight Years to Young Adulthood


Author - Jennie Lindon
Publisher - JKP
Pages - 199
ISBN - 9781874579618

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Detail - Following on from the best-selling Child Development from Birth to Eight (see page 4) this book looks at the changes that affect children and young people as they progress from middle childhood to the threshold of adulthood.Development is contextualised in the context of children’s daily lives and those of their families. With practical suggestions, this book will be equally valuable to parents and all professionals working with children.

Growing Up : The History of Childhood in a Global Context


Author - Peter N. Stearns
Publisher - Baylor University Press
Pages - 65
ISBN - 1932792287

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Detail - Growing Up combines two flourishing historical fields—the history of childhood and world history—to address the question of how much of childhood is natural and how much is historically determined. The first lecture gauges the impact of the development of agriculture, civilization, and religion upon the premodern experience of childhood. The second lecture contrasts modern perspectives on childhood with more traditional ones before investigating how and why modern perspectives developed and spread. These lectures clearly demonstrate that the transformation of childhood is both recent and sweeping.

Growing Up : Childhood in English Canada from the Great War to the Age of Television

Social Science

Author - Neil Sutherland
Publisher - University of Toronto Press
Pages - 327
ISBN - 9780802079831

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Detail - By laying out the structure of children's lives and their childhood experiences in such settings as the home, the classroom, the church, and on streets and in the playground, the author describes how English-Canadian children grew up in 'modern' Canada.

Growing Up with a Single Parent : What Hurts, What Helps

Family & Relationships

Author - Sarah McLanahan, Gary Sandefur
Publisher - Harvard University Press
Pages - 208
ISBN - 9780674040861

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Detail - Nonwhite and white, rich and poor, born to an unwed mother or weathering divorce, over half of all children in the current generation will live in a single-parent family--and these children simply will not fare as well as their peers who live with both parents. This is the clear and urgent message of this powerful book. Based on four national surveys and drawing on more than a decade of research, "Growing Up with a Single Parent" sharply demonstrates the connection between family structure and a child's prospects for success. What are the chances that the child of a single parent will graduate from high school, go on to college, find and keep a job? Will she become a teenage mother? Will he be out of school and out of work? These are the questions the authors pursue across the spectrum of race, gender, and class. Children whose parents live apart, the authors find, are twice as likely to drop out of high school as those in two-parent families, one and a half times as likely to be idle in young adulthood, twice as likely to become single parents themselves. This study shows how divorce--particularly an attendant drop in income, parental involvement, and access to community resources--diminishes children's chances for well-being. The authors provide answers to other practical questions that many single parents may ask: Does the gender of the child or the custodial parent affect these outcomes? Does having a stepparent, a grandmother, or a nonmarital partner in the household help or hurt? Do children who stay in the same community after divorce fare better? Their data reveal that some of the advantages often associated with being white are really a function of family structure, and that some of the advantages associated with having educated parents evaporate when those parents separate. In a concluding chapter, McLanahan and Sandefur offer clear recommendations for rethinking our current policies. Single parents are here to stay, and their worsening situation is tearing at the fabric of our society. It is imperative, the authors show, that we shift more of the costs of raising children from mothers to fathers and from parents to society at large. Likewise, we must develop universal assistance programs that benefit low-income two-parent families as well as single mothers. Startling in its findings and trenchant in its analysis, "Growing Up with a Single Parent" will serve to inform both the personal decisions and governmental policies that affect our children's--and our nation's--future.

Growing Up : Gospel Answers about Maturation and Sex

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Brad Wilcox
Publisher - Bookcraft Pubs
Pages - 132
ISBN - 9781573458214

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Detail -

Bunk 9's Guide to Growing Up : Secrets, Tips, and Expert Advice on the Good, the Bad, and the Awkward

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Adah Nuchi
Publisher - Workman Publishing
Pages - 160
ISBN - 1523501995

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Detail - CONGRATS! YOU HAVE FOUND “THE BOOK”! Filled with facts, tips, advice, and illustrations, BUNK 9’S GUIDE TO GROWING UP is the girl-powered puberty book you’ll actually want to read. Written in the voice of the counselors in training at the fictional Camp Silver Moon, it’s like having your best friend or older sister share everything there is to know about being comfortable in your changing body. From periods, bras, and hormones to nutrition, exercise, and sleep—to crushes, that first kiss, and ALL the feels—it’s the head-to-toe guide to not only surviving puberty but totally, 100% owning it! GUARD THIS BOOK WITH YOUR LIFE AND USE ITS SECRETS WISELY. The Top Three Tips for the Best Puberty Ever A Field Guide to Breasts Acne: Self-Care and Skin Care The ‘No-Smell’ Basics Rocking Your First Period Why Sleep? Boys: They’re Changing, Too Crushing It

Growing Up Duggar : It's All About Relationships


Author - Jana Duggar, Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Pages - 234
ISBN - 1451679165

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Detail - "In a rare look inside America's favorite mega-sized family, the four eldest girls talk about their faith, their dreams for the future, and what it's like growing up a Duggar. Airing weekly throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, andNew Zealand, 19 Kids and Counting has made the huge Duggar family into a media phenomenon. The Duggar children are frequently asked, 'Tell the truth; do you really agree with the lifestyle your parents have created for you?' Now, the four eldest Duggar girls--Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger--open up about the blessings and advantages of living the Duggar lifestyle. With a backdrop of the key relationships in their lives--relationship with self, parents, siblings, friends, boys, and God--the four Duggar girls open up about their own personal faith and convictions, boys, dating, manners, living in a large family, politics, and much more. You'll learn how the family navigates the difficult years between twelve and sixteen and what the girls look for in a man, all in a frank and fun book that will inspire teens and adults alike. Including lighthearted stories about the younger kids' antics, Growing Up Duggar is a wise and entertaining trip into a family like no other"--

Growing Up in America : Children in Historical Perspective

Social Science

Author - N. Ray Hiner, Joseph M. Hawes
Publisher - University of Illinois Press
Pages - 310
ISBN - 9780252012181

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Detail -

The Joy of Growing Up : Growing Up for Grownups Who Haven't Grown Up Yet


Author - Wendy Freebourne
Publisher - Relationshipscentral
Pages - 160
ISBN - 9780755210299

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Detail - Growing up is an ongoing, challenging, exciting and satisfying journey. In this book, Wendy Freebourne takes you through that journey, step by step, giving you the tools you need to navigate it successfully. She shows you how responsibility, chosen carefully and taken on willingly, brings freedom and fulfilment; and how, although your physical abilities change as you get older, this does not mean that illness and infirmity are necessary results of aging. This book is written in an insightful, practical but gentle and compassionate, spiritual style. It gives a holistic overview, while also paying attention to practicality and detail. You will find realistic advice for moving into a maturity that is not painful or burdensome, but joyful, if also less predictable than you were brought up to believe it would be. It gives models for growing up in the twenty-first century. '. . . elucidations of how and why we function within a sometimes highly dysfunctional world and how we can do that more effectively have led me to revelations, research and new training opportunities.' Fraser Trevor MSc, Addiction Counsellor and Research Scientist

Growing Up Observed : Tales from Analysts' Children


Author - Herbert S. Strean
Publisher - Psychology Press
Pages - 90
ISBN - 9780866566346

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Detail - This fascinating book features the writings from therapists’children--ranging in age from seven to over eighty--as they explore how they feel about their parents and themselves. Observe the emotional health of analysts’children, whether they are more mature than children whose parents are in other professions, what their unique difficulties and strengths are, and how they relate to the people around them.

Growing Up with Poetry : An Anthology for Secondary Schools

African poetry

Author - David Rubadiri
Publisher - Heinemann
Pages - 112
ISBN - 9780435920074

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Detail - An anthology designed for the enjoyment and instruction of students from junior-secondary school onwards. The poems focus on aspects central to African life and culture: lover, identity, death, village life, separation, power and freedom. Guidance for teachers is included.

Next Year In Havana

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Author :Chanel Cleeton Isbn 10 :0399586687 Isbn 13 : 9780399586682 Detail : After the death of her beloved grandparent, a Cuban-American lady travels to capital of Cuba, wherever she discovers the roots of her identity--and finds a family secret hidden since the revolution... Havana, 1958. The girl of a sugar baron, nineteen-year-old enzyme-linked-immunosorbent serologic assay Perez is an element of Cuba's elite group, wherever she is essentially protected from the country's growing...

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