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Author - Supporters of MSF
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ISBN - 1446115771

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Rescued Volume 2 : The Healing Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes

Cat owners

Author - Deborah Barnes, Marshall Bowden, Linda Deane, Kimberly Fleck, Alisa A. Gaston-Linn, Catherine Holm, JaneA Kelley, Julie McAlee, Karen Malena, Camille May, Karen Nichols, Lisa L. Richman
Publisher -
Pages - 232
ISBN - 9781941433041

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A Lawyer's Guide to Healing : Solutions for Addiction and Depression


Author - Don Carroll
Publisher - Hazelden Publishing
Pages - 183
ISBN - 9781592853793

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Detail - A Lawyers Guide to Healing

Goddess Reiki Healing :

Health & Fitness

Author - Lubna Yaqub
Publisher -
Pages - 264
ISBN - 1326629638

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Detail - Goddess Healing Light is intended to help other practitioners of Reiki - particularly Usui Reiki or other alternative healing practices - to use the Goddess as an added dimension in their healing of others. Written by a master practitioner of Reiki and Cognitive Hypnotherapy, this book reveals how to channel Goddess energies for specific emotional or mental problems. Each Goddess is channeled individually, then collectively, to understand how to use their light to heal clients using Reiki. Nature, crystals, sound and water are some of the elements the Goddesses use to heal. This book will show you how to do the same. This is a manual for healers, Reiki practitioners, and anyone who wants to journey with the Goddess towards everyday health.

The Healing :


Author - Jonathan Odell
Publisher - Anchor Books
Pages - 340
ISBN - 0307744566

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Detail - Concerned about his wife's grief over the loss of their daughter and worrying about a mysterious illness that is afflicting his slaves, Master Satterfield purchases a slavewoman known as a healer only to be unsettled by her troubling predictions.

Twelve Patients : Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Eric Manheimer
Publisher - Grand Central Publishing
Pages - 272
ISBN - 1455503894

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Detail - The inspiration for the NBC drama New Amsterdam and in the spirit of Oliver Sacks, this intensely involving memoir from a medical director of a major NYC hospital looks poignantly at patients' lives and reveals the author's own battle with cancer. Using the plights of twelve very different patients--from dignitaries at the nearby UN, to supermax prisoners at Riker's Island, to illegal immigrants, and Wall Street tycoons--Dr. Eric Manheimer "offers far more than remarkable medical dramas: he blends each patient's personal experiences with their social implications" (Publishers Weekly). Manheimer is not only the medical director of the country's oldest public hospital, but he is also a patient. As the book unfolds, the narrator is diagnosed with cancer, and he is forced to wrestle with the end of his own life even as he struggles to save the lives of others.

The story of King Arthur, in twelve tales :

Author - Winona Caroline Martin
Publisher -
Pages - 154

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Wellspring of Compassion : Self-Care for Sensitive People Healing from Trauma


Author - Sonia Connolly
Publisher - Sundown Healing Arts
Pages - 179
ISBN - 0983903808

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Detail - Connolly offers validation, support, and healing tools for sensitive people healing from childhood abuse and other trauma. Warm, inclusive language and practical exercises help survivors uncover their wellspring of compassion, understand their reactions to trauma, rebuild self-trust, and respond to their inner voices with kindness.

Enveloped in glory : twelve tales of mystical experience

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - John Curtis Gowan
Publisher - J. C. Gowan
Pages - 146

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Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing : A Veterinarian's Journey from Physical Medicine to Spiritual Understanding

Technology & Engineering

Author - Allen M. Schoen
Publisher -
Pages - 238

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Detail - Reveals natural and effective healing techniques, presents the case stories of seemingly hopeless animal patients, and explains how to stock a homeopathic medicine chest.

Life After Near Death : Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People with Newfound Powers

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Debra Diamond
Publisher -
Pages - 240
ISBN - 9781632650245

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Detail - Life After Near Death is the only book to explore the deeper meaning of the near-death experience (NDE) through the prism of its miraculous aftereffects. You don't need to be declared clinically dead to experience an NDE. Nor must you experience many of Raymond Moody's nine elements, including a life review, an out-of-body experience, encounters with deceased loved ones, and a decision to return to one's body. The key is whether you return from the experience permanently transformed. Life After Near Death profiles a dozen cases of specific cognitive and physiological near-death aftereffects, including newfound musical and artistic talents, mathematical gifts, enhanced hearing, elevated IQ, improved eyesight, spontaneous healing, and electrical sensitivity. It explores new evidence to shed light on this phenomenon and reveals for the first time: The link between predisposition and the NDE. The role of manifestation and intent in the creation of the NDE. The unmistakable connections among the energetic world, frequency, and the NDE. The circumstances and conditions that give rise to a NDE. Life After Near Death offers a new, science-based paradigm to unravel the NDE and our assumptions regarding the afterlife. Although you can return from an NDE, you will never return to your former life.

Ecofeminist Natures : Race, Gender, Feminist Theory, and Political Action

Social Science

Author - Noël Sturgeon
Publisher - Psychology Press
Pages - 260
ISBN - 9780415912501

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Detail - Examining the development of ecofeminism from the 1980s antimilitarist movement to an internationalist ecofeminism in the 1990s, Sturgeon explores the ecofeminist notions of gender, race, and nature. She moves from detailed historical investigations of important manifestations of US ecofeminism to a broad analysis of international environmental politics.