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Iguanas of the World : Their Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation


Author - Gordon M. Burghardt, Austin Stanley Rand
Publisher - William Andrew Inc.
Pages - 472
ISBN - 9780815509172

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Detail - Iguanas are large, primeval-appearing animals that have always attracted considerable attention and scientific study. The 30 species of iguanas are today collectively referred to as iguanines, or the subfamily Iguaninae, of the lizard family Iguanidae. This book is the result of a symposium of worldwide scientists on the world's iguanas that was held at a joint meeting of the Society of the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles and The Herpetologist's League. Over 30 recognized experts submitted their studies of these interesting reptiles, and have published what was once unknown and unpublished information. This book was a leader in its time and still serves as a wonderful reference for scientist and student alike.

Iguanas and Other Lizards :


Author - Karen Ingebretsen
Publisher -
Pages - 64
ISBN - 9780716612612

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Detail - Questions and answers provide information about iguanas and a variety of lizards.

Iguana Boy Saves the World: With a Triple Cheese Pizza :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - James Bishop
Publisher - Hachette UK
Pages - 176
ISBN - 1444939351

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Detail - One boy. One disappointing superpower. Can Dylan tame a bunch of hyper iguanas and come up with a masterful plan to save the WORLD? Yeah, probably ... but he's going to need a MASSIVE cheese pizza. Perfect for fans of Tom Gates, Future Ratboy and My Brother is a Superhero. Dylan has wanted a superpower for as long as he can remember, especially since his brother and sister have got really cool ones. But when his wish finally comes true, Dylan is MIGHTILY disappointed. For Dylan has become ... Iguana Boy. He can talk to Iguanas ... RUBBISH! And when supervillain Celina Shufflebottom kidnaps all the superheroes in London, Dylan must work out how to use his new team of chatty iguanas to save the day. He's going to have to think outside the box, (the pizza box), if he's going to become the hero he's always dreamed of. If he's going to make Iguana Boy cool. 'HILARIOUS and so silly - superheroes, reptiles and pizza ... AWESOME, why didn't I think of that?!' Tom Fletcher

Cyclura : Natural History, Husbandry, and Conservation of West Indian Rock Iguanas

Technology & Engineering

Author - Jeffrey Lemm, Allison C. Alberts
Publisher - Academic Press
Pages - 240
ISBN - 9781437735178

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Detail - Rock iguanas of the West Indies are considered to be the most endangered group of lizards in the world. They are a flagship species in the Caribbean and on most islands are the largest native land animals. Unfortunately, human encroachment and introduced animals have brought this species to the brink of extinction. Cyclura: Natural History, Husbandry, and Conservation of the West Indian Iguanas is the first book to combine the natural history and captive husbandry of these remarkable reptiles, while at the same time outlining the problems researchers and conservationists are battling to save these beautiful, iconic animals of the Caribbean islands. Authors Jeffrey Lemm and Allison Alberts have been studying West Indian iguanas for nearly 20 years in the wild and in captivity; their experiences with wild iguanas and their exquisite photos of these charismatic lizards in the wild make this book a must-have for reptile researchers, academics and enthusiasts, as well as anyone interested in nature and conservation. Includes chapters with contributions by leading experts on rock iguana taxonomy, nutrition, and diseases Features color photos of all taxa, including habitat and captive shots Provides easily understandable and usable information gleaned from experience and hands-on reptile research

Iguanas : Biology and Conservation


Author - Allison Alberts
Publisher - Univ of California Press
Pages - 356
ISBN - 9780520238541

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Detail - "Much has been discovered about iguanas in the last twenty years. This valuable reference pulls material from scattered sources into one volume. It provides an excellent review of iguana ecology, behavior, evolution, and genetic diversity."—Bill Cooper, Indiana University-Purdue University "In a most graceful manner, this book combines the most current information on iguanas from several typically disparate fields of study. This volume addresses the need for current information by conservation biologists and nature enthusiasts with an interest in iguanas."—Robert Powell, Avila University, Kansas City

Flaming Iguanas : An Illustrated All-Girl Road Novel Thing


Author - Erika Lopez
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Pages - 288
ISBN - 068485368X

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Detail - Follows the wild path of Tomato Rodriguez as she makes her way across the country via motorcycle in an effort to visit as many post offices as possible

Iguanas on My Roof : Funny, Sad, and Scary Overseas Adventures of a Foreign Service Family in Third-World Countries during the Vietnam War and Watergate Era

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Nancy Stone
Publisher - WestBowPress
Pages - 182
ISBN - 1490823212

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Detail - Did you ever wonder what was foreign about the Foreign Service? Neither did I—until I began to live it. This is my story as a Foreign Service wife and mother of five. My husband's job with USAID was to improve conditions in underdeveloped countries where there was war or disaster during the Vietnam War Era. My job was to follow him to the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Washington DC, and Nicaragua. We touched another thirteen countries. There is humor in the cultural challenges and danger where guerillas terrorized the highways. It is also a peek into the world of diplomacy and embassy life. •My Spanish caused the cook to serve sandwiches of lettuce, tomatoes, and roast beef nestled in gooey peanut butter and jelly at my spur-of-the-moment lunch for the government Ministers. •Our school bus was an Embassy station wagon with a driver, a guard, and a loaded M2 carbine rifle. •The kitchen stove on our vacation was a circle of rocks on the beach. •Managua was over six-hundred square blocks of rubble, ashes, and barbed wire when we arrived.

Green Iguana : The Ultimate Owner's Manual


Author - James W. Hatfield
Publisher -
Pages - 656
ISBN - 9781883463502

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Detail - This book is the largest, most comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate, scientifically documented, helpful, fun, easy-to-read iguana pet care book ever published. It's the ULTIMATE!

The Green Iguana :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Jake Miller
Publisher - The Rosen Publishing Group
Pages - 24
ISBN - 9780823964154

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Detail - Describes the life cycle and habits of the green iguana.

The Iguana Cookbook, Save Florida Eat an Iguana :

Cooking (Iguana meat)

Author - George Cera
Publisher - George Cera
Pages - 56
ISBN - 057801226X

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Detail - Cera's advice on non-native animals, with iguana lore, family stories, and recipes.

Blue Iguana :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - Wendy Townsend
Publisher - namelos llc
Pages - 168
ISBN - 1608981592

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Detail - By her junior year of high school, Clarice knows that her sensitivity to animals makes her different from other kids—and not necessarily in a good way. She hasn’t gotten her driver’s license because she worries about hitting frogs and turtles in the road. She causes a scene in biology class when the teacher is about to cut open a living frog. Even little kids can draw her wrath: she reacts swiftly and angrily when a playmate of her autistic brother, Joe, casually tears Joe’s pet millipede in two. Then her school counselor suggests that Clarice do volunteer work for wildlife conservation over the summer. Online, she discovers BIRP, the Blue Iguana Recovery Program, and a few weeks later she is on her way to Grand Cayman Island to join fi eld biologists and volunteers at an iguana preserve. When catastrophe strikes, Clarice is forced to come to terms with cruelty beyond her worst imaginings—and finds a place for herself in the effort to protect an extraordinary, and extraordinarily vulnerable, species.

The Flight of the Iguana : A Sidelong View of Science and Nature


Author - David Quammen
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Pages - 320
ISBN - 1476728739

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Detail - From the award-winning author of The Song of the Dodo comes a collection of essays in which various weird and wonderful aspects of nature are examined. This book contains tales of vegetarian piranha fish, voiceless dogs, and a scientific search for the genes that threaten to destroy the cheetah.