Judge Ant Nio A Can Ado Trindade The Construction Of A Humanized International Law

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Judge Antnio A. Canado Trindade. the Construction of a Humanized International Law : A Collection of Individual Opinions 2013-2016


Author - Antônio A. Cançado Trindade
Publisher - Judges
Pages - 768
ISBN - 9789004340039

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Detail - The current volume supplements Volume 1 and 2 of The Construction of a Humanized International Law, which contains a selection of the Individual Opinions of Judge Ant�nio A. Can�ado Trindade (1991-2013), former Judge and President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and since 2008 a Judge of the International Court of Justice. Volume 3 brings these texts up to date till 2015. Many dwell on aspects of the increased humanization of international law. Elevating this body of norms, which have traditionally focused on purely inter-State relations, to a level where individuals and their suffering (projected in time) become a primary concern, is without doubt Ant�nio A. Can�ado Trindade�s major doctrinal contribution. His great achievement at the International Court of Justice has been to draw attention to this dimension, and to further its development in the international case-law, in the light of the universal juridical conscience and stressing the relevance of general principles of international law. In a significant number of cases the World Court acts today as a human rights court, dealing increasingly, albeit under the traditional umbrella of inter-State disputes, with situations that involve human suffering and lead it to find human rights violations.

Constituting Europe : The European Court of Human Rights in a National, European and Global Context

Political Science

Author - Andreas Føllesdal, Birgit Peters, Geir Ulfstein
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages -
ISBN - 110706743X

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Detail - At fifty, the European Court of Human Rights finds itself in a new institutional setting. With the EU joining the European Convention on Human Rights in the near future, and the Court increasingly having to address the responsibility of states in UN-led military operations, the Court faces important challenges at the national, European and international levels. In light of recent reform discussions, this volume addresses the multi-level relations of the Court by drawing on existing debates, pointing to current deficits and highlighting the need for further improvements.

Responsibility of International Organizations : Essays in Memory of Sir Ian Brownlie

Business & Economics

Author - Maurizio Ragazzi
Publisher - Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Pages - 516
ISBN - 9004256083

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Detail - Responsibility of International Organizations: Essays in Memory of Sir Ian Brownlie is a unique collection of different and often differing perspectives from experts in the field, ranging from the bench to the International Law Commission, academia, and the world of in-house counsel. A a companion volume to the book of essays that the same editor prepared in 2005 in memory of Oscar Schachter, this volume is also a memorial to the late Sir Ian Brownlie shortly after the 80th anniversary of his birth.

CT Atlas of Adult Congenital Heart Disease :


Author - Wojciech Mazur, Marilyn J. Siegel, Tomasz Miszalski-Jamka, Robert Pelberg
Publisher - Springer Science & Business Media
Pages - 367
ISBN - 1447150880

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Detail - The aims and scope of this atlas include a complete review of the embryology of the normal heart, the normal cardiac anatomy along with a complete discussion of the terms and definitions used to identify and clarify both normal and abnormal anatomy. In addition, techniques of cardiac CT angiography as it pertains to imaging congenital abnormalities are discussed including radiation concepts and radiation saving techniques. The bulk of this book then goes on to completely review the field of adult congenital heart disease using text and more importantly a multitude of pictorial examples (in color and grey scale) to demonstrate the abnormalities. Drawings accompany each picture to better explain the example. Furthermore, difficult and complex anatomical examples are supplemented with digital images and movies to aid in illustrating and understanding the anatomy. Each general set of anomalies as well as each specific abnormality or set of abnormalities includes a concise and simple review of the embryology and epidemiology of the abnormality as well as a concise explanation of the anatomy of the abnormality. In addition, the methods to identify and recognize the abnormality by computed tomography is discussed. Finally, the prognosis and common treatment options for the anomaly are addressed within this comprehensive book.

Digital Transformation and Global Society : First International Conference, DTGS 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 22-24, 2016, Revised Selected Papers


Author - Andrei V. Chugunov, Radomir Bulgov, Yuri Kabanov, George Kampis, Maria Wimmer
Publisher - Springer
Pages - 620
ISBN - 3319497006

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Detail - This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Digital Transformation and Global Society, DTGS 2016, held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in June 2016. The 43 revised full papers and 15 revised short papers, presented together with 3 poster papers and an invited paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 157 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on eSociety: New Social Media Studies; eSociety: eGovernment and eParticipation: Perspectives on ICTs in Public Administration and Democracy; eKnowledge: ICTs in Learning and Education Management; eCity: ICTs for Better Urban (Rural) Planning and Living; eHealth: ICTs in Healthcare; eScience: Big Data Complex Calculations.

The Application of the Rule of Exhaustion of Local Remedies in International Law : Its Rationale in the International Protection of Individual Rights

Social Science

Author - Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade
Publisher - Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press
Pages - 443
ISBN - 9780521229470

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Detail - This publication focuses on the relationship between general international law and the specific legal remedies established by individual treaties.

Chapters of Brazil's Colonial History 1500-1800 :

Literary Criticism

Author - Jo?o Capistrano de Abreu
Publisher - Oxford University Press
Pages - 272
ISBN - 0199938822

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Detail - In Chapters in Brazil's Colonial History, Capistrano de Abreu created an integrated history of Brazil in a landmark work of scholarship that is also a literary masterpiece. Abreu offers a startlingly modern analysis of the past, based on the role of the economy, settlement, and the occupation of the interior. In these pages, he combines sharp portraits of dramatic events--close fought battles against Dutch occupation in the 1650s, Indian resistance to often brutal internal expansion--with insightful social history. A master of Brazil's ethnographic landscape, he provides detailed sketches of daily life for Brazilians of all stripes. Superbly translated by Arthur A. Brakel and edited by Stuart Schwartz and Fernando Novais, this Brazilian classic has never before available in English. Chapters in Brazil's Colonial History opens Brazil's rich, fascinating past to the general reader, and offers scholars access to a great turning point in historical scholarship.

ESSKA Instructional Course Lecture Book : Barcelona 2016


Author - Roland Becker, Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs, Pablo E. Gelber, Matteo Denti, Romain Seil
Publisher - Springer
Pages - 239
ISBN - 3662491141

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Detail - This book, comprising the Instructional Course Lectures delivered at the 17th ESSKA Congress in Barcelona in 2016, provides an excellent update on current scientific and clinical knowledge in the field of Orthopaedics and Sports Traumatology. A variety of interesting and controversial topics relating to the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and foot are addressed, all of which are very relevant to the daily practice of orthopaedic surgeons. The coverage includes a number of open questions, such as: How should complications be handled during rotator cuff surgery? What errors may occur during anterior cruciate ligament surgery? How much attention must be paid to meniscal root tears? Do we now understand the pathology of osteoarthritis sufficiently well and do we always identify the most successful treatment for our patients? All of the contributions are written by well-known experts from across the world. The presentations will enable the reader to gain a better understanding of pathologies and may permit more individualized treatment of patients. The book will be of interest to clinicians and researchers alike.

Nanotechnologies for Environmental Remediation : Applications and Implications

Technology & Engineering

Author - Giusy Lofrano, Giovanni Libralato, Jeanette Brown
Publisher - Springer
Pages - 325
ISBN - 331953162X

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Detail - In this book discussing the principles of green chemistry and green engineering an international team of investigators present significant recent developments in applying nanoscience, nanoengineering, and nanotechnology to the area of environmental remediation. The opening chapters introduce candidate nanomaterials, properties, mechanisms that enable the applications, the advantages and limitations compared to existing processes and commercial research requirements. It then explores the detection and application of nanomaterials in photocatalytic processes and as adsorbents, and also covers the effect of nanoparticles in the activated sludge process. Later chapters focus on the effects of nanoparticles on crops, the risks associated with the presence of nanoparticles in the environment, and lastly the environmental effects of nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) on land remediation. This timely, multi-author contributed volume is aimed at students, technicians, and academics interested in the role, risks and benefits of nanotechnology in modern environmental contexts.

Introduction to Ethnobiology :


Author - Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves
Publisher - Springer
Pages - 310
ISBN - 3319281550

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Detail - This textbook provides a basic introduction to ethnobiology with key concepts for beginners. It is also written for those who teach ethnobiology or related fields. The core issues and concepts, as well as approaches and theoretical positions are fully covered.

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Military Contingents : Moving Beyond the Current Status Quo and Responsibility under International Law


Author - Róisín Sarah Burke
Publisher - Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Pages - 402
ISBN - 9004208488

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Detail - In Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Military Contingents: Moving Beyond the Current Status Quo and Responsibility under International law Róisín Burke explores the difficulty of dealing with sexual offences committed by UN military contingent personnel.

Occupational Safety and Hygiene II :

Technology & Engineering

Author - Pedro Arezes, João. S. Baptista, Monica P. Barroso, Paula Carneiro, Patrício Cordeiro, Nelson Costa, Rui B. Melo, Sergio A. Miguel, Gonçalo Perestrelo
Publisher - CRC Press
Pages - 818
ISBN - 1138001449

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Detail - Occupational Safety and Hygiene II contains selected papers from the International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SHO2014, Guimarães, Portugal, 13-14 February 2014), which was organized by the Portuguese Society for Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SPOSHO). The contributions focus on selected topics, which include (but is not limited to): Occupational safety Risk assessment Safety management Ergonomics Management systems Environmental ergonomics Physical environments Construction safety, and Human factors The contributions in Occupational Safety and Hygiene II are mainly based on research carried out at universities and other research institutions, but also on practical studies developed by Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Practitioners within their companies. Accordingly, this book will be a helpful text to get acquainted with the state-of-the-art of the research within the mentioned domains, as well as with some practical tools and approaches that are currently used by OHS professionals in a global context.