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Learning To Lead Second Edition

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Learning to Lead, Second Edition : Effective Leadership Skills for Teachers of Young Children


Author - Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan
Publisher - Redleaf Press
Pages - 176
ISBN - 1605540919

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Detail - Learning to Lead combines theory and practice with important topics such as human development, diversity, anti-bias, and social change. New to this edition is information on leadership connections in school-age care and nurturing leadership in children. Each chapter is designed to prompt self-evaluation and personal leadership development.

How to Lead : The Second Edition of Leadership for Learning

Author - Matt Bromley
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 224
ISBN - 9781981361878

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Detail - PRAISE FOR THE FIRST EDITION:"Outstanding. Five Stars." | "Great. Five Stars." | "Very well written." | "Sensible, pragmatic guidance on how schools can become successful. Leaders in schools up and down the country will refer to this book as a handbook for success." | "Readable and engaging. It manages to draw you in almost immediately and you find yourself reading on and on," | "A one-stop shop for senior leaders. It is practical, hands-on, and written in a fluent, friendly style which makes it easy and enjoyable to read." | "It makes sense of what is a difficult and complex job and cuts through some complex ideas and issues and makes them accessible." ABOUT THE SECOND EDITION - UPDATED AND EXPANDED FOR 2018:Countless books have been written on the subject of school leadership: some claim to know the philosophy of school leadership; others promise to share the secret of school leadership. Many of these books have value; they contain nuggets of useful information based on detailed research. But most are theoretical; they are not practical. Once read, they are rarely again consulted. As good as they are, school leaders do not turn to them when they need ideas or inspiration.'How to Lead: The second edition of Leadership for Learning' is different; it is a practical handbook for busy senior leaders, a book of ideas which can be put into immediate practice and which can be dipped into when help and advice are needed most. Its author is different, too: he is not a university professor writing an academic research paper on leadership theory; he is an experienced senior leader who's worked in a range of schools and colleges - as well as in leadership roles in the private sector. He has been an assistant headteacher, a deputy headteacher, a headteacher, and a director of education. He has, at one time or another, managed every aspect of a school. He has managed the process of school improvement and self-evaluation, the curriculum and timetable, teaching, learning and assessment, pastoral care, administration, finance and the site. He has helped schools and colleges on the journey towards 'outstanding': one school became a beacon of good practice in teaching and learning; another became the highest achieving comprehensive school in its authority and one of the top five most improved schools in the country. Throughout his leadership career, he's seen examples of good and bad practice and has learnt valuable lessons from each. This book is his means of sharing his lessons in leadership...ABOUT THE AUTHORMatt Bromley is an education author and journalist with over eighteen years' experience in teaching and leadership. He is a consultant, speaker and trainer, and a school governor. Find out more at www.bromleyeducation.co.uk | Follow him on Twitter: @mj_bromleyPUBLISHED BYSpark Books UK | @SparkBooksUkA member of the Autus Group Limiteed

Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition :

Technology & Engineering

Author - Rogers, Patricia L.
Publisher - IGI Global
Pages - 2612
ISBN - 1605661996

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Detail - Offers comprehensive coverage of the issues, concepts, trends, and technologies of distance learning.

Lead with Me : A Principal's Guide to Teacher Leadership


Author - Anita Pankake, Chuey Abrego
Publisher - Taylor & Francis
Pages - 172
ISBN - 1317664337

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Detail - Lead With Me, 2nd Edition provides courageous principals with the tools for partnering with teachers in the student learning and improvement process. This practical guide explains the skills teacher leaders need and offers advice for principals who wish to engage teachers in learning these skills. Packed with stories and examples from educators in the field, this second edition explores how to: Build mutual trust and accountability with teachers and faculty Encourage and facilitate professional development Carefully manage the distribution of power and authority by involving faculty members in decision-making. The revised second edition provides a variety of helpful tools—PowerPoint presentations, reflection questions, activities for professional learning sessions, and annotated lists of additional resources—that can be downloaded as eResources: www.routledge.com/books/details/9781138785588.

Resolving Environmental Conflicts, Second Edition :


Author - Chris Maser, Carol A. Pollio
Publisher - CRC Press
Pages - 271
ISBN - 1439856494

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Detail - True progress toward an ecologically sound environment and a socially just culture will be initially expensive in money and effort. The longer we wait, however, the more disastrous the environmental condition will become, the more disputes will arise as a result of our declining quality of life, and the more expensive and difficult the necessary social changes will be. The second edition of a bestseller, Resolving Environmental Conflicts demonstrates how to practice the type of conflict resolution that not only settles a dispute but also heals the people. Once the consultants and mediators leave, the work must go on. This second edition covers the basic transformative concepts vital for resolving environmental conflicts. It includes discussions of the inviolate biophysical principles, how the English language is changing, as well as the critical principles of social behavior. It also examines new dynamics in making decisions along with the effects of the younger generations shifting their interests from nature-oriented interest to technologically oriented interests and their subsequent lack of understanding the importance of the natural environment to a sustainable society. No biological shortcuts, technological quick fixes, or political rhetoric can mend what is broken. Dramatic, fundamental change is necessary if we are really concerned with bettering the quality of life. It is not a question of can we change or can't we, but one of will we change or won't we. Change is a choice, a choice of individuals reflected in the collective of society and mirrored in the landscape throughout the generations. Considerably more than a "how to" directive, this book examines the "whys" of the mediation process and broadens the knowledge base by providing the philosophical underpinnings of "a new environmental responsibility."

Learning Apache Kafka - Second Edition :


Author - Nishant Garg
Publisher - Packt Publishing Ltd
Pages - 112
ISBN - 1784390275

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Detail - This book is for readers who want to know more about Apache Kafka at a hands-on level; the key audience is those with software development experience but no prior exposure to Apache Kafka or similar technologies. It is also useful for enterprise application developers and big data enthusiasts who have worked with other publisher-subscriber-based systems and want to explore Apache Kafka as a futuristic solution.

Gracious Space, Second Edition : Working Together Better

Interpersonal relations

Author - Patricia Hughes, Bill Grace
Publisher - CEL publications
Pages - 105
ISBN - 9780975544013

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Detail - Gracious Space is an environment in which creative thinking and learning can occur. It inspires an attitude of openness, curiosity, and discovery. It is a safe place, but one that also invites diverse opinions and can hold conflict. It sounds simple, but often is hard to do.

CliffsNotes Praxis II: Principles of Learning andTeaching, Second Edition :

Study Aids

Author - Diane E Kern
Publisher - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages - 288
ISBN - 0544183517

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Detail - A new edition of the bestselling test-prep guide Covers early childhood, grades K-6, grades 5-9, and grades 7-12 Each test area includes a self-assessment test, subject reviews, and two practice tests, for a total of twelve tests in this test-prep guide The only test-prep product that includes all Principles of Learning and Teaching tests

Leadership Skills :

Electronic books

Author - Diane E. Rossiter
Publisher - Infobase Publishing
Pages - 129
ISBN - 0816072434

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Detail - Understanding the role of a leader in the work environment can make the work experience more rewarding and satisfying. By establishing the importance of leaders in almost any group dynamic, Leadership Skills, Second Edition helps students understand the qualities of all successful leaders, such as courteousness, compassion, decisiveness, and willingness to give and receive criticism. The book also distills the essence of what leadership is into points that are easy to learn and cultivate, providing practical advice that may be useful in many settings. For example, it outlines how to lead a project through to successful completion.

Strategy Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities, Second Edition :


Author - Robert Reid, Torri Ortiz Lienemann, Jessica L. Hagaman
Publisher - Guilford Publications
Pages - 308
ISBN - 1462512216

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Detail - Filling an important need for K-12 educators, this highly practical book provides a step-by-step guide to cognitive strategy instruction, one of the most effective instructional techniques for struggling learners. The authors present well-validated strategies that target self-regulated learning and study skills as well as performance in specific content areas, such as writing, reading, and math. Detailed classroom examples illustrate how to teach the strategies systematically and monitor student outcomes. More than 20 reproducible worksheets, checklists, and other tools are included; purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print these materials in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. New to This Edition *Chapter on lesson planning, including extensive sample lessons for two strategies. *Chapter on handwriting and spelling. *New material on response to intervention and on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). *Expanded coverage of working memory. *Additional strategies throughout the content-area chapters.

Handbook of Ecotoxicology, Second Edition :


Author - David J. Hoffman, Barnett A. Rattner, G. Allen Burton, Jr., John Cairns, Jr.
Publisher - CRC Press
Pages - 1312
ISBN - 142003250X

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Detail - Handbook of Ecotoxicology, Second Edition focuses on toxic substances and how they affect ecosystems worldwide. It presents methods for quantifying and measuring ecotoxicological effects in the field and in the lab, as well as methods for estimating, predicting, and modeling in ecotoxicology studies. Completely revised and updated with 18 new chapters, this second edition includes contributions from over 75 international experts. Also, a Technical Review Board reviewed all manuscripts for accuracy and currency. This authoritative work is the definitive reference for students, researchers, consultants, and other professionals in the environmental sciences, toxicology, chemistry, biology, and ecology - in academia, industry, and government.

Learning to Lead : A Workbook on Becoming a Leader


Author - Warren G. Bennis
Publisher - Basic Books (AZ)
Pages - 186
ISBN - 9780201311402

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Detail - Leading an organization is different from managing it. Managers want to be efficient. Leaders want to be effective. If you want to develop your leadership skills, the first step is Learning to Lead. Over his distinguished career Warren Bennis—“master practitioner, researcher, and theoretician all in one” (Tom Peters)—has shown how leaders are made, not born. Here he writes in partnership with Joan Goldsmith, a management development expert known for her “team approach,… basic humanity, and love of life” (Peter Schneider, President of Walt Disney Feature Animation). Together they help managers build themselves into leaders.Using wisdom from the world’s best leaders, helpful self-assessments, and dozens of one-day skill-building exercises, Learning to Lead invites you to discover the joy of leadership. Learn to see beyond leadership myths, translate failures into springboards for renewed creativity, and communicate your vision for your organization. Never has the inspiring art of leadership been presented in such a practical form.