Letters From The Lost

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Letters to the Lost :

Young Adult Fiction

Author - Brigid Kemmerer
Publisher - Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages - 304
ISBN - 1681190095

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Detail - Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother, a world-traveling photojournalist. Even after her mother's death, she leaves letters at her grave. It's the only way Juliet can cope. Declan Murphy isn't the sort of guy you want to cross. In the midst of his court-ordered community service at the local cemetery, he's trying to escape the demons of his past. When Declan reads a haunting letter left beside a grave, he can't resist writing back. Soon, he's opening up to a perfect stranger, and their connection is immediate. But neither Declan nor Juliet knows that they're not actually strangers. When life at school interferes with their secret life of letters, sparks will fly as Juliet and Declan discover truths that might tear them apart.

Letters to the Lost :


Author - Iona Grey
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Pages - 560
ISBN - 1471139840

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Detail - Winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2016 1943, in the ruins of Blitzed London… Stella Thorne and Dan Rosinski meet by chance and fall in love by accident. Theirs is a reluctant, unstoppable affair in which all the odds are stacked against them: she is newly married, and he is an American bomber pilot whose chance of survival is just one in five. … He promised to love her forever Seventy years later Dan makes one final attempt to find the girl he has never forgotten, and sends a letter to the house where they shared a brief yet perfect happiness. But Stella has gone, and the letter is opened by Jess, a young girl hiding from problems of her own. And as Jess reads Dan's words, she is captivated by the story of a love affair that burned so bright and dimmed too soon. Can she help Dan find Stella before it is too late? Now forever is finally running out. 'A wonderful story' Rosamunde Pilcher 'An epic story of love and loss that will break your heart' Santa Montefiore 'A beautiful, tender story from a naturally gifted storyteller. A wonderful debut novel and a real weepy!' Lucinda Riley 'A captivating and deliciously romantic tale of life-lasting love that will tear your heart in two' Rachel Hore 'I fell completely in love with this novel. Letters to the Lost is extraordinary - vivid, compelling and beautifully told. It will stay with me for a long time' Miranda Dickinson 'A beautifully woven tale of love and loss that breaks your heart and rebuilds it. I couldn't put it down. It was big juicy read that reminded me of books that I loved in the past that wrapped you up, held you tight and didn't put you down until you were left devastated that the book had ended yet totally satisfied' Liz Fenwick 'A warm, compelling and beautifully crafted love story, Letters to the Lost is elegantly written and extremely well-researched, and the wonderfully satisfying ending made me sob' Susan Elliot Wright 'This novel is Romantic with a capital 'R', a story to lose yourself in. It sweeps you up into the lives of its characters and makes you hope that sometimes lost loves can be found' Kate Lord Brown 'Letters to the Lost is sweeping, wonderful and truly, truly romantic' Julie Cohen 'Letters to the Lost pulsates with life, offering a vibrant love story that transcends time and the heartbreak of war. Settle in somewhere comfortable; you are in for an enthralling read' Kate Alcott 'Letters to the Lost is a powerful debut, one of those rare books that grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go. A heart-wrenching, smile-through-the-tears story of love lost and re-found - you won't be able to put it down' Lauren Willig 'A true epic: in character, writing, emotion. You live their lives with them' Vanessa Lafaye, author of Summertime 'A moving period love story' Sunday Mirror 'A beautiful love story' Prima 'A touching story that swept me along to its end' Woman & Home 'Tender, heart-rending and utterly compelling' Good Housekeeping 'A beautiful story that gets under your skin' Sun

Letters from the Lost : A Memoir of Discovery


Author - Helen Waldstein Wilkes
Publisher - Athabasca University Press
Pages - 280
ISBN - 1897425538

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Detail - On March 15, 1939, as Hitler's army rolled into Prague, Helen Waldstein's father snatched the last exit visa from a distracted clerk and fled with wife and child. Only letters from the rest of their family could follow as the Nazis closed in. Through the war years, letters kept coming to the southern Ontario farm where Helen's small family learned to speak English, to be Canadian farmers, and to forget they were Jewish. Helen did not notice when the letters stopped coming, but they surfaced intermittently until she couldn't ignore them anymore. Reading the letters changed everything. As her past refused to keep silent, Helen followed the trail of letters back to Europe to find living witnesses of what the letters related. She has here interwoven their stories and her own in an engrossing narrative of suffering and rescue, survivor guilt and overcoming obstacles to intergenerational dialogue about a traumatic past.

Eloise : Letters to a Lost Child

Family & Relationships

Author - Loïse Lavallée
Publisher - Insomniac Press
Pages - 170
ISBN - 1897415958

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Detail - On May 7, 1978 a drunk driver ran down a mother and her two children. Lo-se Lavall(r)e's life was changed forever. She and her four-year-old son were not badly hurt, but her seven-month-old daughter was severely injured. Both of elo-se's legs were broken, her back was broken and a vertebra in her neck was crushed. Two months after the accident, during another long and painful surgery, oxygen was cut off to elo-se's brain and she suffered severe brain damage. elo-se would never walk, talk or see again. For the next twelve years elo-se needed constant medical attention, numerous corrective surgeries and help in every aspect of daily life."

Letters From A Lost Generation : First World War Letters of Vera Brittain and Four Friends

Literary Collections

Author - Mark Bostridge, Alan Bishop
Publisher - Hachette UK
Pages - 448
ISBN - 0349007713

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Detail - Nothing in the papers, not the most vivid and heart-rending descriptions, have made me realise war like your letters' Vera Brittain to Roland Leighton, 17 April 1915. This selection of letters, written between 1913 & 1918, between Vera Brittain and four young men - her fiance Roland Leighton, her brother Edward and their close friends Victor Richardson & Geoffrey Thurlow present a remarkable and profoundly moving portrait of five young people caught up in the cataclysm of total war. Roland, 'Monseigneur', is the 'leader' & his letters most clearly trace the path leading from idealism to disillusionment. Edward, ' Immaculate of the Trenches', was orderly & controlled, down even to his attire. Geoffrey, the 'non-militarist at heart' had not rushed to enlist but put aside his objections to the war for patriotism's sake. Victor on the other hand, possessed a very sweet character and was known as 'Father Confessor'. An important historical testimony telling a powerful story of idealism, disillusionment and personal tragedy.

Letters from a Lost Uncle :


Author - Mervyn Peake
Publisher - Methuen Publishing
Pages - 128
ISBN - 9780413777133

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Detail - Lost in the frozen polar wastes, an explorer writes a journal of his extraordinary exploits, preparing to send it to the nepheew he has never seen.

Dear Charlie : letters to a lost daughter


Author - Reg Thompson
Publisher -
Pages - 318
ISBN - 9780719563485

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Detail - On 3rd December 2005, 13-year-old Charlotte Thompson and her school friend were killed by a train at Elsenham station in Essex. They were crossing the tracks to catch a train to Cambridge, there was no footbridge at the station. Charlie's father began writing letters to his lost daughter, this volume contains some of them.

Letters from the Lost Generation : Gerald and Sara Murphy and Friends


Author - Linda Patterson Miller
Publisher -
Pages - 378
ISBN - 9780813025360

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Detail - "Excellent. This is a fine, and unusual, collection of literary Americana."--Atlantic "Fine comic moments of truth."--New York Times Book Review "An invaluable source of literary history."--Publishers Weekly This is the story of one of the most famous literary "sets" of the twentieth century. Gerald and Sara Murphy were at the center of a group including Ernest Hemingway and his wives, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos, Archibald MacLeish, Dorothy Parker, Alexander Woollcott, Robert Benchley, Phillip Barry, and many others. They personified the jazz age and the lost generation. The Murphys have been viewed primarily as cult/pop figures. In this book Miller shows, through a sequential interweaving of letters from several correspondents, that they actually were the nucleus without which the group as we know it would not have stayed together. Miller allows the individual correspondents to tell their own stories, providing new insights into their lives and this era. It is the best sort of eavesdropping. Gerald and Sara Murphy married on December 30, 1915. Both families were moneyed and cosmopolitan. Their attraction to each other was in part based on their desire to escape the routine and predictable social rounds in which their families were immersed. Against their families' wishes, they and their three children left for Europe in 1921. They remained in France for over a decade, and quite naturally socialized with the expatriate set. They were, in part, models for Dick and Nicole Diver in Tender Is the Night. MacLeish wrote poems about them, their friends paid tribute to them and relied on them day to day and in correspondence, and their own letters are worth reading for their liveliness and because they so well preserve a record of the twenties and thirties. Miller provides nearly every extant letter between the Murphys and their friends during those decades. Most of them have not been published previously, and of course, they have never been presented collectively. Together, they constitute an epistolary "novel" of peculiar power and authenticity about a remarkable era. Linda Patterson Miller is associate professor of English at Pennsylvania State University at Ogontz.

Letters from the Lost Soul : A Five Year Voyage of Discovery and Adventure

Sports & Recreation

Author - Bob Bitchin
Publisher - Sheridan House, Inc.
Pages - 96
ISBN - 9781574091816

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Detail - Bob Bitchin founded the wildly successful Lattitudes & Attitudes magazine.

Letters Lost :

Author - Stephanie Smallshaw
Publisher -
Pages - 200
ISBN - 9781475022247

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Detail - Several letters, all written by main character Charlotte Powers, are combined together in order of date. They are all addressed to her seventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Michaels.

Love Letters, Lost :

Antiques & Collectibles

Author - Babbette Hines
Publisher - Princeton Architectural Press
Pages - 192
ISBN - 9781568984780

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Detail - "Love Letters, Lost" is a collection of amorous letters whose fates were, alas, scattered to the wind. Salvaged from flea markets, garage sales, swap meets, and Internet auctions, they are paired with vintage photos of love-struck couples holding hands, laughing, smiling, dancing, and otherwise mugging for the camera.

The Lost Letters : Absolutely heartbreaking wartime fiction about love and family secrets


Author - Sarah Mitchell
Publisher - Bookouture
Pages -
ISBN - 1786814528

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Detail -