Not My Blood

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Not My Blood :


Author - Barbara Cleverly
Publisher - Soho Crime
Pages - 345
ISBN - 9781616952938

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Detail - It's 1933 London and Scotland Yard detective Joe Sandilands receives a phone call from a boy saying he is his nephew, a teacher at his school has been murdered and he is responsible. Joe gets assigned to the case and finds that over the history of the school a large number of boys from wealthy families have disappeared and none of the families have followed up on their son's whereabouts.

Love is Not Native to My Blood :


Author - Brian Day
Publisher - Guernica Editions
Pages - 76
ISBN - 9781550711233

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Detail - Rooted in the body and rich in the imagery of dreams, Brian Day's poems press toward the realm where the sensuous and the sacred fuse. Detailing the anxieties and intricacies of solitude, they engage with fairies and fairy tales, with Norse, Greek, and far-ranging mythologies. Queer and reflective, lyric and narrative, these poems offer a seductive meditation on the processes of creation and the occasions of revelation.

Because It Is My Blood :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - Gabrielle Zevin
Publisher - Macmillan
Pages - 368
ISBN - 0374380740

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Detail - In 2083, seventeen-year-old Anya Balanchine seeks a way to make Balanchine Chocolate legitimate, and although a trip to Mexico gives her new insights and ideas, escaping her mobster family's legacy of violence may prove impossible.

Those of My Blood : Creating Noble Families in Medieval Francia


Author - Constance Brittain Bouchard
Publisher - University of Pennsylvania Press
Pages - 264
ISBN - 081220140X

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Detail - For those who ruled medieval society, the family was the crucial social unit, made up of those from whom property and authority were inherited and those to whom it passed. One's kin could be one's closest political and military allies or one's fiercest enemies. While the general term used to describe family members was consanguinei mei, "those of my blood," not all of those relations-parents, siblings, children, distant cousins, maternal relatives, paternal ancestors, and so on-counted as true family in any given time, place, or circumstance. In the early and high Middle Ages, the "family" was a very different group than it is in modern society, and the ways in which medieval men and women conceptualized and structured the family unit changed markedly over time. Focusing on the Frankish realm between the eighth and twelfth centuries, Constance Brittain Bouchard outlines the operative definitions of "family" in this period when there existed various and flexible ways by which individuals were or were not incorporated into the family group. Even in medieval patriarchal society, women of the aristocracy, who were considered outsiders by their husbands and their husbands' siblings and elders, were never completely marginalized and paradoxically represented the very essence of "family" to their male children. Bouchard also engages in the ongoing scholarly debate about the nobility around the year 1000, arguing that there was no clear point of transition from amorphous family units to agnatically structured kindred. Instead, she points out that great noble families always privileged the male line of descent, even if most did not establish father-son inheritance until the eleventh or twelfth century. Those of My Blood clarifies the complex meanings of medieval family structure and family consciousness and shows the many ways in which negotiations of power within the noble family can help explain early medieval politics.

Africa in My Blood : An Autobiography in Letters : the Early Years

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Jane Goodall
Publisher - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
Pages - 386

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Detail - The woman who devoted her life to studying chimps in Africa looks back on her life, from her early love of animals to her years in the bush observing primates, often sacrificing life's more stable pleasures

Ayahuasca in My Blood : 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Peter Gorman, Johan Fremin, Morgan Maher
Publisher - Johan Fremin
Pages - 248
ISBN - 1452882908

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Detail - Finally, after 25 years of incubation, Peter Gorman's book is out. Ayahuasca in My Blood - 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming concerns his longstanding relationship with the Amazonian visionary medicine. Here's what people have said about it: "Unlike many writing about ayahuasca, Peter Gorman knows this plant and these forests long and well. Explorer, ethnobotanist, writer and raconteur - Gorman is uniquely qualified to tell this incredible tale. A wild mixture of adventure, horror, spirituality, tenderness, and insight, Ayahuasca in My Blood is most highly recommended!" -- Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D, President, Amazon Conservation Team and author of Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice. "Long before ayahuasca tourism became a pastime for rich gringos, Peter Gorman was knocking around Iquitos and the Amazon. He's traveled the rivers and quaffed the brew with the best (and the worst) of them and been way, way beyond the chrysanthemum on many a dark jungle night. This is the intensely personal story of an old-school jungle rat for whom ayahuasca is not just a hobby, but a life-long quest." -- Dennis McKenna, Ph.D, noted ethnopharmacologist, co-author of The Invisible Landscape, co-founder of the Institute of Natural Products Research and founding board member of the Heffter Research Institute. "I have known and traveled with Peter for almost a decade and was present for a number of the events he included in this book as well as many others. Don Julio was the most powerful man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Further, as a trained scientist I believe the plant medicine truly offers a doorway to a rich world that needs to be understood in our postmodern lives. This is destined to become a must read for anyone who is serious about understanding the world of the shaman." -- Lynn Chilson - CEO Chilson Enterprises, Inc.

Blood of My Blood :


Author - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Anne Blythe Meriwether
Publisher -
Pages - 170
ISBN - 9780813024431

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Detail - Thought to be lost forever, the first novel of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Yearling portrays the life of a young artist caught in a destructive relationship with her overprotective mother. (General Fiction)

Game :


Author - Barry Lyga
Publisher - Random House
Pages - 528
ISBN - 1473508029

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Detail - Jasper Dent has a special talent. He knows how killers think. Because his father is America’s most notorious serial killer. And he taught Jasper every trick he knows. A series of gruesome murders in New York gives Jasper the chance to prove that he’s not his father’s son. It’s time to hunt a killer. But the game has just begun...

Blood of My Blood : The Dilemma of the Italian-Americans

Social Science

Author - Richard Gambino
Publisher - Guernica Editions
Pages - 388
ISBN - 9781550711011

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Detail - Richard Gambino, PhD, is the author of Vendetta. He lives in New York.

It's in My Blood :


Author - Shawneda
Publisher - SC Creations
Pages -
ISBN - 1452426406

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Detail - A daughter betrayed.A mother twisted by fear.A father left in the dark.What happens when you have nowhere else to go and home is where the hurt is? Will faith be enough to heal the pain?A portion of the proceeds donated to Aniz Inc & Balm in Gilead Inc.

Shed My Blood :

Author - Victor Mochere
Publisher -
Pages -
ISBN - 1312527943

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Detail -

Brooklyn In My Blood :

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Tom Potenza
Publisher - BookBaby
Pages - 143
ISBN - 1624885217

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Detail - Memoirs of growing up and growing old with a lot of laughter and love.