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The Day I Found You :


Author - Pedro Chagas Freitas
Publisher - Oneworld Publications
Pages -
ISBN - 1786072041

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Detail - The restaurant is crowded and noisy. The man sits by the window, watching the grey sky, bored, as he is every Monday morning. Suddenly he turns and she's there, standing in front of him. Years have passed since he last saw her, since the day he left, without an explanation, without a reason. Yet only now does he realize he never stopped loving her, even for a second. When she tries to run away from him, too shocked by the sudden onslaught of emotions, he stops her. And as they embrace, surrounded by passersby, they promise to hold on, to make mistakes again. To love each other. Deeply and forever. With his intimate, almost whispered style, Pedro Chagas Freitas takes the reader on a journey to explore the deepest layers of their feelings and to discover the truth about love; the kind of love that touches, grabs and thrills you, that discovers and conceals, that wounds and heals, that seizes you and sets you free.

Under the Frangipani :


Author - Mia Couto
Publisher - Serpents Tail
Pages - 150
ISBN - 9781846686764

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Detail - Detective and mystery stories. Suspense fiction. A police inspector is investigating a strange murder, a case in which all the suspects are eager to claim responsibility for the act. Set in a former Portuguese fort which stored slaves and ivory, Under the Frangipani combines fable and allegory, dreams and myths with an earthy humour. The dead meet the living, language is invented, reality is constantly changing. In a story which is partly a thriller, partly an exploration of language itself, Mia Couto surprises and delights, and shows just why he is one of the most important African writers of today."

It So Happen : Caribbean Short Stories

Antiques & Collectibles

Author - Timothy O. Callender, Timothy Callender
Publisher - CreateSpace
Pages - 132
ISBN - 9781451522600

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Detail - Caribbean short stories that will amuse and enlighten. These stories became topics for household conversations when they were first read on radio and Rediffusion by the late Frank Collymore and the late Alfred Pragnell. This is Barbadian and Caribbean dialect at its best. The visitor to the islands in the sun will enjoy this book. It will make the holiday that more memorable for these stories are so funny and true to life. Those who are students of language and culture will find in it a wealth of material... a must on any West Indian reading list.

Absence of the Hero : Uncollected Stories and Essays, Vol. 2: 1946-1992


Author - Charles Bukowski
Publisher - City Lights Publishers
Pages - 300
ISBN - 9780872865310

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Detail - Everyone's favorite Dirty Old Man returns with more boozy tales of extraordinary madness

Building Parent Engagement in Schools :


Author - Larry Ferlazzo, Lorie A. Hammond
Publisher - ABC-CLIO
Pages - 87
ISBN - 1586833421

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Detail - This work is a report on the positive impact of parental involvement on their child's academics and on the school at large. * Includes four specific real-life examples of parental involvement initiatives: home visits, the use of technology, school/community gardens, and community organizing * Offers bibliographic listings for additional print and online resources * Presents a comprehensive index

Do You QuantumThink? : New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Dianne Collins
Publisher - SelectBooks
Pages - 382
ISBN - 159079074X

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Detail - Part science, philosophy, spirituality, this book draws on a wide spectrum of sources, from the sciences to the insights of the world's greatest spiritual leaders.

Run, Hide, Repeat : A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Pauline Dakin
Publisher - Penguin
Pages - 320
ISBN - 0735233233

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Detail - An unforgettable family tale of deception and betrayal, love and forgiveness Pauline Dakin spent her childhood on the run. Without warning, her mother twice uprooted her and her brother, moving thousands of miles away from family and friends. Disturbing events interrupt their outwardly normal life: break-ins, car thefts, even physical attacks on a family friend. Many years later, her mother finally revealed they'd been running from the Mafia and were receiving protection from a covert anti-organized crime task force. But the truth was even more bizarre. Gradually, Dakin's fears give way to suspicion. She puts her journalistic training to work and discovers that the Mafia threat was actually an elaborate web of lies. As she revisits her past, Dakin uncovers the human capacity for betrayal and deception, and the power of love to forgive. Run, Hide, Repeat is a memoir of a childhood steeped in unexplained fear and menace. Gripping and suspenseful, it moves from Dakin's uneasy acceptance of her family's dire situation to bewildered anger. As compelling and twisted as a thriller, Run Hide Repeat is an unforgettable portrait of a family under threat, and the resilience of family bonds.

Sai Baba Gita : The Way to Self-realization and Liberation in this Age

Spiritual life

Author - Al Drucker
Publisher - Sai Towers Publishing
Pages - 352
ISBN - 8186822852

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Detail - Contains Discourses Of Baba, Daily Delivered On The Bhagawad Gita For 34 Consecutive Days In Augustseptember Of 1984. The Sanskrit Words And The Terminology Of Indian Philosophy Have Been Edited Out And Helpful Commentary Added. Baba Gives Rare Insights Into Krishna'S Gita, With Directions For Our Troubled Times.

Killarney Blues :

Author - Colin O'Sullivan
Publisher - Betimes Books
Pages - 248
ISBN - 9780992655242

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Detail - Picturesque Killarney might seem the perfect place to enjoy the rare gift of sun but the town has got the blues. Bernard Dunphy, eccentric jarvey and guitarist, is pining for his unrequited love and has to contend with an ailing mother and an ailing horse. His troubled friend Jack gets embroiled in a violent crime. A trio of girlfriends becomes entangled in the terrible webs of their own making. The novel fluctuates between darkness and light as the protagonists struggle with their inner demons. Can friendship, love and music save their sinking souls? "Colin O'Sullivan writes with a style and a swagger all his own. His voice - unique, strong, startlingly expressive - both comes from and adds to Ireland's long and lovely literary lineage. Like many of that island's sons and daughters, O'Sullivan sends language out on a gleeful spree, exuberant, defiant, ever-ready for a party. Only a soul of stone could resist joining in." - Niall Griffiths

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken : Transform Your Life with the Power of Authenticity


Author - Mike Robbins
Publisher - John Wiley & Sons
Pages - 256
ISBN - 9780470455081

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Detail - Praise for Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken "Mike's book is a wonderful expression of authenticity in action—clear, honest, instructive, and a passionate call to be your true Divine Self." —Cheryl Richardson, New York Times best-selling author, Take Time for Your Life "Mike Robbins provides a clear guide for intelligently and compassionately coming face-to-face with yourself and loving the person you meet. His five principles of authenticity teach us how to embrace and celebrate all aspects of who we are and what it means to be a spiritual being having a human incarnation." —Michael Bernard Beckwith, author, Spiritual Liberation "Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken is an empowering and refreshing book about how to be successful, real, and fulfilled in life. I highly recommend it." —Gay Hendricks, New York Times best-selling author, Five Wishes "Mike Robbins has written a powerful, down-to-earth, and insightful book on one of the most important aspects of happiness and fulfillment in life—authenticity. Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken will give you tools and techniques to enhance your life and relationships in a profound way." —Marci Shimoff, New York Times best-selling author, Happy for No Reason "Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken reminds us that God created each one of us for a unique purpose.?We live in a world where the lines between fake and real have blurred. This powerful book teaches you how to access and express the realness you crave in your work, your relationships, and yourself." —Jon Gordon, author, The Energy Bus

Livro O Grande Grimório do Papa Honório :

Author - Papa Honório
Publisher - Livropostal
Pages -

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Detail - Este GRANDE GRIMORIO Impresso a partir de um manuscrito de 1522, traz em seu conteúdo dividido em 4 partes ou 4 livros distintos o que de mais forte existe na magia negra CONTEÚDO DA PRESENTE OBRA O PRIMEIRO LIVRO: orações e oferendas, composição da vara fulminante para dominar os espíritos infernais, invocações mágicas, o círculo kabalístico, invocação, orações, apelações a Lúcifer. O SEGUNDO LIVRO: Sanctum Regnum das Clavículas e o verdadeiro modo de formular os pactos, oração para proteger-se contra os maus espíritos, composição da tinta para se escrever os pactos, o espelho mágico de Salomão para ver e adivinhar todas as coisas. O TERCEIRO LIVRO: Segredos mágicos; A arte de falar com os mortos, composição de morte ou a pedra filosofal, para ganhar todas as vezes que se jogue na loteria, para falar com os espíritos na vigília de São João, para tornar-se invisível, para fazer uma liga que trazendo consigo se ande sete léguas por hora, para enfeitiçar as armas de fogo, modo de fazer uma varinha adivinhatória, para fazer ver às moças solteiras e viúvas os maridos que terão (ver durante o sonho), para que os solteiros e os viúvos vejam em sonho a mulher com a qual se casarão, para fazer um cavalo (burro) cair como se estivesse morto, para ter sorte em todo gênero de jogos, segredo da galinha preta para conseguir riqueza e poder, dias fastos e nefastos, para tornar-se insensível à tortura, para fazer alguém dançar completamente nua, para se tornar favorável aos juízes, para ser impenetrável por armas brancas, fórmula de um ungüento para viajar dez milhas por hora, para evitar a concepção, para descobrir se uma mulher pode ter filhos, para ser bem sucedido em todo empreendimento, para fazer uma mulher revelar seus segredos, para ver e fazer o sobrenatural, para fazer tudo em um apartamento parecer escuro, cola para colar cristais, cola para reparar vasos de porcelana, os segredos do amor, malefício da figura de cera, crenças populares e muitos outros. O QUARTO LIVRO: exorcismos e instruções aos religiosos; preceito, oração a São Cipriano, exorcismo para livrar as pessoas dos maus espíritos, exorcismo para livrar a casa de espíritos tentadores, exorcismo contra coriscos e furacões, bem como os famosos responsos ao revés

Midnight Soul :

Imaginary places

Author - Kristen Ashley
Publisher -
Pages - 532
ISBN - 9780692736944

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Detail - Against his will, Noctorno Hawthorne, an undercover vice cop, finds himself embroiled in magic, mayhem and parallel universes. Too late, he meets an amazing woman only to find she's destined for his identical twin in another world. And things aren't going real great there. Noc is recruited to help save that world. What he doesn't know is his destined love resides there. Franka Drakkar wears a mask. A mask she never takes off to protect herself in a world of malice, intrigue and danger. When Franka meets Noc and he discovers her secrets, convinced she carries a midnight soul, having shielded herself from forming bonds with anyone, she struggles with accepting his tenderness and care. When Noc meets Franka, over wine and whiskey, her mask slips and Noc knows it's her-only her-and he has to find a way to get her to come home with him. And then make her want to stay.