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Sissi: A Eterna Imperatriz :

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Israel Foguel
Publisher - Clube de Autores
Pages - 90

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Detail - Sissi é o título dado ao filme austríaco do gênero romance histórico-biográfico produzido no ano de 1955, o qual retrata os primeiros anos da imperatriz Isabel da Áustria e teve como realizador e roteirista Ernst Marischka. O filme adapta ao cinema o romance homônimo de Marie Blank-Eismann, cuja edição em livro se deu em duas partes publicadas em 1952 pela Titania-Verlag, editora em Stuttgart. O romance Sissi já havia sido publicado na revista Blütenregen (Chuva de Flores) em 1933 como romance ilustrado, cuja publicação foi feita em partes de continuação integrantes do romance. A trilogia Sissi com Romy Schneider e Karlheinz Böhm pertence às produções cinematográficas em língua alemã de maior sucesso e aos filmes de maior êxito nos cinemas alemães e austríacos. O número de espectadores que viram o filme oscila entre 20 e 25 milhões. Neste livro o autor falar sobre o sucesso da trilogia e as tristezas e alegrias na vida da atriz Romy Schnider.

Excavations at Sissi : Preliminary Report on the 2007- 2008 Campaigns

Social Science

Author - Jan Driessen
Publisher - Presses universitaires de Louvain
Pages - 194
ISBN - 2875581708

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Detail - During 2007 and 2008, the Belgian School at Athens undertook its first ever excavation on Crete, at the Minoan site of Sissi on the north coast of the island. Located at a few kilometres from the palatial site of Malia, the Sissi settlement presents aique test caSe to examine the relationship between a palace site and its hinterland during the Bronze Age (2600-1250BC). This volume gives some preliminary results of the two first excavation campaigns as well as an introduction on earlier explorations at Sissi, a report on the topography and some of the techniques used during the work. There is also a report on the Late Minoan pottery.

Sissi : The tragic empress - The story of Elizabeth of Austria - international Edition

Emperors' spouses

Author - Ludwig Merkle
Publisher - Stiebner Verlag GmbH
Pages - 112
ISBN - 3830708300

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Detail - Sissi -- ihre Träume, ihr Schicksal. Welch ein Leben. Blutjung mit Kaiser Franz vermählt, als Kaiserin gefeiert und verehrt. Es folgt die Trennung von Franz Joseph und die Emanzipation zur rebellischen Individualistin, die sich fortan nur noch ihrer Schönheit, dem Reiten und dem Reisen widmet... bis sie 1898 einem Attentat zum Opfer fällt. Dieser opulent ausgestattete Band ist populär und amüsant geschrieben -- eine reichhaltig illustrierte Biographie, die mehr ist als nur die verherrlichende Sissi-Darstellung bisheriger Werke. Text auf Englisch, Bildunterschriften auch auf Japanisch.

Sissi’s World : The Empress Elisabeth in Memory and Myth

Literary Criticism

Author - Maura E. Hametz, Heidi Schlipphacke
Publisher - Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages - 408
ISBN - 1501313460

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Detail - Sissi's World offers a transdisciplinary approach to the study of the Habsburg Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It investigates the myths, legends, and representations across literature, art, film, and other media of one of the most popular, revered, and misunderstood female figures in European cultural history. Sissi's World explores the cultural foundations for the endurance of the Sissi legends and the continuing fascination with the beautiful empress: a Bavarian duchess born in 1837, the longest-serving Austrian empress, and the queen of Hungary who died in 1898 at the hands of a crazed anarchist. Despite the continuing fascination with "the beloved Sissi," the Habsburg empress, her impact, and legacy have received scant attention from scholars. This collection will go beyond the popular biographical accounts, recountings of her mythic beauty, and scattered studies of her well-known eccentricities to offer transdisciplinary cultural perspectives across art, film, fashion, history, literature, and media.

The Sissi Principles : Sales, Investments, Salaries, Services and Inheritances


Author - Dr. Jesse R. McGuire Sr.
Publisher - AuthorHouse
Pages - 212
ISBN - 1463484801

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Detail - The SISSI Principles is an informative exposition introducing the five primary principles used to amass monetary wealth in the world today: Sales, Investments, Salaries, Services, and Inheritances. Our target audiences are those who have become victims of either secular wealth-building or religious wealth-promising scams. This book suggests that these scams and those who perpetrate them, pervade the whole of both contemporary secular and religious society, and further suggests that these same perpetrators became wealthy by using one or more of The SISSI Principles. Finally, this work suggests that everyone who will take the initiative to implement at least one of these concepts can become monetarily wealthy through their personal implementation of The SISSI Principles.

Excavations at Sissi : Preliminary report on the 2009-2010 campaigns. II

Excavations (Archaeology)

Author -
Publisher - Presses univ. de Louvain
Pages - 229
ISBN - 2875580035

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Detail - Since 2007, the Belgian School at Athens has undertaken excavations on the Kefali or Buffo hill, east of the village of Sissi, on the north coast of Crete where a Minoan site was occupied approximately between 2500 and 1200 BC. This volume is the follow-up of an earlier one on the 2007-2008 excavations (published as 'Aegis 1') and presents a preliminary report on the excavations carried out in 2009 and 2010. It concentrates on the different zones examined within the cemetery and settlement. There are also reports on the Late Minoan pottery, site conservation and environmental analysis as well as a paper on the use of GIS at Sissi.

Excavations at Sissi III : Preliminary Report on the 2011 Campaign


Author - Frank Carpentier, Isabelle Crevecoeur, Maud Devolder, Jan Driessen, Simon Jusseret, Charlotte Langohr, Quentin Letesson, Aurore Schmitt, Ilse Schoep, Sylviane Déderix, Florence Gaignerot-Driesse, Florence Liard, Rena Veropoulidou, Christina Tsoraki, Maria Anastasiadou
Publisher - Presses universitaires de Louvain
Pages - 224
ISBN - 2875585347

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Detail - Between 2007 and 2011, the Belgian School at Athens undertook excavations on the Kefali or Buff o hill, east of the village of Sissi, on the north coast of Crete, only a few kilometres east of Malia. The project has revealed the remains of a settlement and cemetery, used during different phases of the Bronze Age (2500-1200 B.C.). This volume details the results of the 2011 campaign, the last in our first 5-year programme. The work in the different zones is described and reports on Late Minoan pottery, petrographic analysis, shells and ground stone tools are attached.

Sissi My Story - My Life with My Loving Owners :

Author - Ester (EsterSonia ) Ricci, EsterSonia
Publisher -
Pages - 78
ISBN - 1445212153

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Detail - Sissi the foxy, tells her life like a Princess,at home with her loving owners.

Achilleion Corfu : A Guided Tour in the Majestic Palace of "Sissi"

Achilleion Site (Greece)

Author - George Kritikos, Nikos Poulis, Carolyn Simpson, T. (M. Toubis) Spiropoulos, John Palogiannidis
Publisher -
Pages - 80

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Detail -

Sissi : The Last Empress

Author - Danny Saunders
Publisher - CreateSpace
Pages - 308
ISBN - 9781511733069

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Detail - Nothing preordained Elisabeth of Wittelsbach, known as "Sissi", to become Empress of Austria at the age of seventeen. It was, in fact, despite herself that the young Bavarian duchess, who had always been somewhat rebellious and untamed, was courted by the Emperor of Austria, one of Europe's most powerful men, whom she finally accepted to marry. Attempting by all means to get away from the Imperial Court, this Hungarian queen of legendary beauty will carry the weight of the Crown of the Habsburgs throughout her adult life. Sissi does not adapt well to the strict etiquette of the imperial life, and the several moments she spends away from her husband are difficult. A romantic liaison with an enemy count will serve as a rare source of comfort for the empress. An unhappy sovereign, Sissi is nevertheless idolized by her people and becomes the main unifying actor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Alone at the head of a kingdom and hounded by her admirers, she will die a tragic death at the hands of a fanatic.

Screening War : Perspectives on German Suffering


Author - Paul Cooke, Marc Silberman
Publisher - Camden House
Pages - 304
ISBN - 1571134379

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Detail - Re-examines German cinema's representation of the Germans as victims during the Second World War and its aftermath.

Sissi, A Cadelinha Barulhenta (livro Fantoche) :

Author - Kate Thomson, Barry Green
Publisher -
Pages - 16
ISBN - 9788541000949

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Detail - Era uma vez uma cachorrinha chamada Sissi. Ela estava sempre feliz, o problema era que quando Sissi estava feliz, ela não conseguia parar de latir! 'Au-au!'