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Teatro Neolatino Em Portugal No Contexto Da Europa 450 Anos De Diogo De Teive

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Andreas Friz’s Letter on Tragedies (ca. 1741-1744) : An eighteenth-century Jesuit contribution to theatre poetics


Author - Nienke Tjoelker
Publisher - BRILL
Pages - 308
ISBN - 9004283749

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Detail - In Andreas Friz’s Letter on tragedies Nienke Tjoelker presents an edition with translation and extensive introduction of Andreas Friz' Epistola de tragediis (ca. 1741-1744), an eighteenth century Jesuit theatre poetics.

Mosaics of Meaning : Studies in Portuguese Emblematics

Language Arts & Disciplines

Author - Luís Gomes
Publisher - Librairie Droz
Pages - 186
ISBN - 9780852618424

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Detail - This volume examines, in English, the role of emblems in the Portuguese-speaking world, their distinctive qualities and their links with the wider European tradition. Luâis Gomes brings together studies ranging over a wide corpus of material, in both Portugal and Brazil, from manuscripts to printed books to the famous azulejos.

Humanistica Lovaniensia : Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, 2009

Foreign Language Study

Author - Dirk Sacr', Jan Papy, Lambert Isebaert
Publisher - Leuven University Press
Pages - 400
ISBN - 9058677664

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Detail - Volume 58

Les grands intermédiaires culturels de la République des Lettres :

16e siècle

Author - Christiane Berkvens-Stevelinck, Hans Bots
Publisher - Honoré Champion
Pages - 454
ISBN - 9782745312334

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Detail - La correspondance entre représentants de la république des Lettres a permis une transmission culturelle entre des interlocuteurs issus de pays, de milieux, d'espaces religieux, philosophiques et linguistiques différents. Quatorze études portent chacune sur un correspondant : Erasme, Nicolas Fabri de Peiresc, les frères Pierre et Jacques Dupuy, Hugo Grotius, Pierre Bayle...

Dictionary of Renaissance Latin from prose sources :


Author - René Hoven, Laurent Grailet, Coen Maas, Karin Renard-Jadoul
Publisher - Brill Academic Pub
Pages - 683

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Detail - This second edition of Rene Hoven's "Dictionary of Renaissance Latin from Prose Sources" (with the collaboration of Laurent Grailet) includes substantial revisions and is expanded to almost 11,000 entries. This work is based on the studying of texts from more than 230 authors belonging to a wide variety of genres: from literature to science and medicine, collections of correspondence, travelogues, scholarly works, art, historiography, law, rhetoric, philosophy, theology, questions related to the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, as well as Neo-Latin translations of ancient Greek works. This time an English translation has been added to each headword.