The Healing Of Nations And The Hidden Sources Of Their Strife

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The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of their Strife :


Author - Edward Carpenter
Publisher - Routledge
Pages - 270
ISBN - 1317291514

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Detail - Originally published in 1915 in the middle of World War I, Carpenter explores the effects that the war was having on society and humankind as a whole from first-hand experience. In particular, papers focus on the differences between Germany and England, the causes of the war and suggestions for restoration and recovery when the war has ended. Carpenter details all of this in a realistic way drawing on matters such as class to put forward his anti-war stance as well as philosophical approaches to coping with tragedy. This title will be of interest to students of history, sociology and politics.

Healing of Nations & the Hidden Sources of Their Strife 1915 :

Political Science

Author - Edward Carpenter
Publisher - Kessinger Publishing
Pages - 272
ISBN - 9780766145856

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Detail - The notes and studies found in this work were made during the earlier period of World War I and were collected for publication. They do not pretend to be any sort of complete record in their embrace of the subject, rather they are scattered thoughts suggested by the large and tangled drama witnessed at the time. Carpenter stated there would come a time of recovery and reconstruction on a wide and extended scale over Europe and a large part of the world, thus he gives some suggestions toward the future healing of the nations.

Edward Carpenter 1844-1929 : Prophet of Human Fellowship

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Chushichi Tsuzuki
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 260
ISBN - 9780521019590

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Detail - This is the first full-scale biography of Edward Carpenter, an 'eminent Victorian' who played an intriguing role in the revival of Socialism in Britain in the late nineteenth century. 'A worthy heir of Carlyle and Ruskin', as Tolstoy called him, Carpenter tackled boldly the problems of alienation under the pressures of commercial civilisation, and developed a strongly personalised brand of Socialism which inspired both the Labour Party and its enemies, Syndicalism and Anarchism. A homosexual, he grappled with the problems of sexual alienation above all, and emerged as the foremost advocate of the homosexual cause at a time when it was a social 'taboo'. This study, based upon letters and many other personal documents, reveals much of Carpenter's personal life which has hitherto remained obscure, including his 'comradeship' with some of his working-men friends and his influence upon such notable literary figures as Siegfried Sassoon, E. M. Forster and D. H. Lawrence.

Contemporary British Literature :

Author - John Matthews Manly, Edith Rickert
Publisher - Ardent Media
Pages - 196

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Detail -

Foundations of World Unity :

Author - ʻAbduʼl-Bahá
Publisher -
Pages -

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Detail -

Isaiah (Understanding the Bible Commentary Series) :


Author - John Goldingay
Publisher - Baker Books
Pages - 416
ISBN - 1441238379

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Detail - The book of Isaiah depicts for its readers what happens when Isaiah volunteers to become Yahweh's gofer--when he acts and speaks on Yahweh's behalf with Yahweh's authority. In this careful and insightful commentary on Isaiah, Goldingay unfolds the voices and messages of those prophetic actions and experiences. While doing this he points out that three attributes of Yahweh come into distinctive focus in Isaiah: Yahweh's majesty and authority, Yahweh's passion in anger and compassion, and Yahweh's insight and capacity to formulate a plan and put it into effect. Goldingay also examines the way Isaiah thinks about the people of God and the relationship between the vision of who they could be, the reality of who they were, the calamity of that contrast, and ultimately the promise Yahweh offers to them.

All These Things Added (Annotated with Biography about James Allen) :


Author - James Allen
Publisher - Golgotha Press
Pages - 60
ISBN - 1610426517

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Detail - In seeking for pleasures here and rewards hereafter men have destroyed (in their hearts) the Temple of Righteousness, and have wandered from the Kingdom of Heaven. By ceasing to seek for earthly pleasures and heavenly rewards, the Temple of Righteousness is restored and the Kingdom of Heaven is found. This truth is for those who are ready to receive it; and this book also is for those whose souls have been prepared for the acceptance of its teaching. This version of the classic book includes a biography about the life and times of James Allen.

Exclusion & Embrace : A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation


Author - Miroslav Volf
Publisher - Abingdon Press
Pages - 336
ISBN - 1426712332

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Detail - Life at the end of the twentieth century presents us with a disturbing reality. Otherness, the simple fact of being different in some way, has come to be defined as in and of itself evil. Miroslav Volf contends that if the healing word of the gospel is to be heard today, Christian theology must find ways of speaking that address the hatred of the other. Reaching back to the New Testament metaphor of salvation as reconciliation, Volf proposes the idea of embrace as a theological response to the problem of exclusion. Increasingly we see that exclusion has become the primary sin, skewing our perceptions of reality and causing us to react out of fear and anger to all those who are not within our (ever-narrowing) circle. In light of this, Christians must learn that salvation comes, not only as we are reconciled to God, and not only as we "learn to live with one another", but as we take the dangerous and costly step of opening ourselves to the other, of enfolding him or her in the same embrace with which we have been enfolded by God.

Food Democracy : Critical Lessons in Food, Communication, Design, Art and Theoretical Practice


Author - Oliver Vodeb
Publisher - Intellect (UK)
Pages - 200
ISBN - 9781783207961

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Detail - In a world where privatization and capitalism dominate the global economy, the essays in this book ask how to make socially responsive communication, design, and art that counters the role of the food industry as a machine of consumption. Food Democracy brings together contributions from leading international scholars and activists, critical case studies of emancipatory food practices, and reflections on possible models for responsive communication, design, and art. A section of visual communication works, creative writings, and accounts of participatory art for social and environmental change, which were curated by the Memefest Festival of Socially Responsive Communication and Art on the theme of "Food Democracy," are also included here. The beautifully designed book also includes a unique and delicious compilation of socially engaged cooking recipes by the academic and activist community.

The Desire of Ages :


Author - Ellen Gould White
Publisher - Jazzybee Verlag
Pages - 486
ISBN - 384969903X

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Detail - The author treats the life and work of Christ and his disciples in this volume from the standpoint of a believer to believers, and as a Christian to Christians. The Desire of Ages is more than a biography of the life of Christ: it is the story of the ife or lives, revealing the breadth, height, and depth, of the Father's love, in the gift of his only Son for the fallen race. The scenes and incidents in connection with the Saviour's birth in Bethlehem of Judea, the appearance of the angels to the shepherds; his mother his first human teacher; Christ's baptism; the Great Teacher; in Gethsemane; in Pilate's judgment-hall; Calvary; in Joseph's new tomb; the resurrection and ascension are dwelt upon in such a way as to enable the reader to obtain a new glimpse of the divine character revealed in the earthly life of Christ. The Desire of Ages is a book for parents, educators, Sunday-school officers, teachers, and students. It is an invaluable reference book, and should be in every home and library.

Above Life's Turmoil :


Author - James Allen
Publisher - Cosimo, Inc.
Pages - 88
ISBN - 1602061637

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Detail - In 20 short pieces with the general aim of pointing the reader toward "those heights of self-knowledge and self-conquest which...rise above the turbulence of the world," James Allen-one of the most popular writers in the fields of inspiration at the turn of the 20th century-makes his case in this 1910 work for shutting out the noisier, baser aspects of life in order to focus on the enlightenment of the self. Included are essays on true happiness, integrity, belief, mental attitude, and the use of reason. As practical as he is spiritual, Allen once again shows how true salvation can, and must, come from within. British author and pop philosopher JAMES ALLEN (1864-1912) retired from the business world to pursue a life of writing and contemplation. Best known for As a Man Thinketh, he authored many other books about the power of thought including The Way of Peace, The Mastery of Destiny, and Entering the Kingdom.

The Drama of Love and Death : Carpenter's Sociology

Social Science

Author - Edward Carpenter
Publisher - 谷月社
Pages -

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Detail - Love and Death move through this world of ours like things apart—underrunning it truly, and everywhere present, yet seeming to belong to some other mode of existence. When Death comes, breaking into the circle of our friends, words fail us, our mental machinery ceases to operate, all our little stores of wit and wisdom, our maxims, our mottoes, accumulated from daily experience, evaporate and are of no avail. These things do not seem to touch or illuminate in any effective way the strange vast Presence whose wings darken the world for us. And with Love, though in an opposite sense, it is the same. Words are of no use, all our philosophy fails—whether to account for the pain, or to fortify against the glamour, or to describe the glory of the experience. These figures, Love and Death, move through the world, like closest friends indeed, never far separate, and together dominating it in a kind of triumphant superiority; and yet like bitterest enemies, dogging each other’s footsteps, undoing each other’s work, fighting for the bodies and souls of mankind. Is it possible that at length and after ages we may attain to liberate ourselves from their overlordship—to dominate them and make them our ministers and attendants? Can we wrest them from their seeming tyranny over the human race, and from their hostility to each other? Can we persuade them to lay aside their disguise and appear to us for what they no doubt are—even the angels and messengers of a new order of existence? It is a great and difficult enterprise. Yet it is one, I think, which we of this generation cannot avoid. We can no longer turn our faces away from Death, and make as if we did not perceive his presence or hear his challenge. This age, which is learning to look the facts of Nature steadily in the face, and seethrough them, must also learn to face this ultimate fact and look through it. And it will surely—and perhaps only—be by allying ourselves to Love that we shall be able to do so—that we shall succeed in our endeavor.