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The Infinite Thread

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The Infinite Thread : Healing Relationships Beyond Loss


Author - Alexandra Kennedy
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Pages - 224
ISBN - 1451643667

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Detail - The loss we feel when a loved one dies is profound, often accompanied by regret for all that we didn’t say or do. Such regret can hinder emotional growth and create wounds that affect all other aspects of our lives. But loss doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a connection with a loved one. In fact, it can open the doors to a unique relationship that offers intimacy, healing, and renewal. In The Infinite Thread, author Alexandra Kennedy helps us deal with loss in a powerful new way: by using active imagination, letters, and inner dialogue to re-create and heal past relationships. In doing so, we also amend the often-strained ties with those still living. The Infinite Thread strips away the veils of mystery surrounding death and transcends preconceptions about death and dying. Rich with opportunities for reflection, it brings enormous comfort to anyone who has ever lost a loved one or been faced with their own mortality.

Infinite Thread :

Author - Edward Drobinski
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 266
ISBN - 9781546434061

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Detail - Between the dates of 3-22-17 and approximately 4-22-17 a number of writers, poets, and artists happened to converge on a Goodreads thread, which has been herein recorded. The book is offered to readers for at least five reasons; 1) Yeztruly thought it might be of interest to non-artists to obtain an inside view of the realities involved in the creative process. 2) Of possible further interest to those lay people already somewhat familiar may well be the interaction, non-conformity, and out-and-out antagonism prevalent in the pretentious practitioners populating the poorer phony pits of the artistic world. 3) Ultimately it is about people pursuing their beautiful dreams to which we all relate with differing specifics filled in on the dotted line. Some wish to be poets. Some wish to write prose. Some wish to perform. Some wish to paint. Some wish to cash in on the other's work. And some would like nothing more than to troll anyone present, and be recognized as the best troll. The ambition of the latter is usually a prescription for unhappiness; as in this wide world of aspiring trolls only one can be the best. 4) It was a copy job and took little time to do. 5) Yeztruly figured he could probably stiff the suckers for enough money to keep him high for a month.

The Common Thread: : A Story of Science, Politics, Ethics, and the Human Genome


Author - Georgina Ferry, John Sulston
Publisher - Joseph Henry Press
Pages - 324
ISBN - 0309084091

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Detail - The world was agog when scientists made the astounding announcement that they had successfully sequenced the human genome. Few contributed so directly to this feat as John Sulston. This is his personal account of one of the largest international scientific operations ever undertaken. It was a momentous occasion when British scientist John Sulston embarked on the greatest scientific endeavor of our times: the sequencing of the Human Genome. In The Common Thread, Sulston takes us behind the scenes for an in-depth look at the controversial story behind the headlines. The accomplishments and the setbacks-along with the politics, personalities, and ethics-that shaped the research are frankly explored by a central figure key to the project. From the beginning, Sulston fervently proclaimed his belief in the free and open exchange of the scientific information that would emerge from the project. Guided by these principles, The Human Genome Project was structured so that all the findings were public, encouraging an unparalleled international collaboration among scientists and researchers. Then, in May 1998, Craig Venter announced that he was quitting the Human Genome Project-with plans to head up a commercial venture launched to bring out the complete sequence three years hence, but marketed in a proprietary database. Venter's intentions, clearly anathema to Sulston and the global network of scientists working on the Project, marked the beginning of a dramatic struggle to keep the human genome in the public domain. More than the story of human health versus corporate wealth, this is an exploration of the very nature of a scientific quest for discovery. Infused with Sulston's own enthusiasm and excitement, the tale unfolds to reveal the scientists who painstakingly turn the key that will unlock the riddle of the human genome. We are privy to the joy and exuberance of success as well as the stark disappointments posed by inevitable failures. It is truly a wild and wonderful ride. The Common Thread is at once a compelling history and an impassioned call for ethical responsibility in scientific research. As the boundaries between science and big business increasingly blur, and researchers race to patent medical discoveries, the international community needs to find a common protocol for the protection of the wider human interest. This extraordinary enterprise is a glimpse of our shared human heritage, offering hope for future research and a fresh outlook on our understanding of ourselves.

In Tune with the Infinite :


Author - Ralph Waldo Trine
Publisher - Courier Corporation
Pages - 224
ISBN - 0486782891

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Detail - Learn who you are by discovering your relationship to the higher powers. New Thought author Ralph Waldo Trine's groundbreaking bestseller explores the basic principle of all religions, promoting wisdom, health, and prosperity.

The Sonic Thread : Sound As a Pathway to Spirituality


Author - Cynthia Snodgrass
Publisher - Cosimo, Inc.
Pages - 219
ISBN - 1616406143

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Detail - SEVERAL YEARS AGO, Cynthia Snodgrass set out to do a research project to investigate the use of music in spiritual cultures other than her own. What she found was a dazzling array of sacred sounds and spiritual practices that ended up changing her life. The Sonic Thread is a delightful telling of that journey. The author shares extensive research and stories that reveal sound to be a universal and transformational spiritual path. From the transcendent flight of Gregorian chant, to the mesmerizing shaman's drum, to ecstatic Sufi trance, music and sound affect consciousness, providing pathways to original wisdom. Within these lovely, insightful narratives are exercises and information that help us use sound and music to deepen our spirituality, expand global awareness, and open up to spiritual traditions beyond our own

Delphi in a Nutshell :


Author - Ray Lischner
Publisher - "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Pages - 561
ISBN - 1565926595

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Detail - " Inprise/Borland's Delphi " may be the best Windows Rapid Application Development tool currently available. It offers full support for COM and ActiveX, an object-oriented widget library called the Visual Component Library, and an extensible and customizable rapid application development environment. Delphi in a Nutshell is the comprehensive reference to the programming language for this powerful RAD development tool. "Delphi in a Nutshell" begins with an introduction to Delphi Pascal and a clear discussion of the Delphi object model. It then covers RTTI, the key to Delphi's development environment, which is often poorly documented in other sources such as Delphi's official help files. The book also includes a chapter on concurrent programming in Delphi and the creation of multithreaded applications. The bulk of the book is a complete ordered reference to the Delphi language set. Each reference item includes : the syntax, using standard code conventions. A description. A list of arguments, if any, accepted by the function or procedure. Tips and tricks of usage-practical information on using the language feature in real programs. A brief example. A cross-reference to related keywords. Regardless of how much experience you have with Delphi, this is the book you'll pick up again and again as your standard reference. you'll also use it to master the finer points of the language and to troubleshoot problems. "Delphi in a Nutshell" is the one indispensable reference for Delphi programmers.

Helen in Egypt: Poetry :

Literary Criticism

Author - Hilda Doolittle
Publisher - New Directions Publishing
Pages - 304
ISBN - 0811222586

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Detail - A fifty-line fragment by the poet Stesichorus of Sicily (c. 640-555 B.C.), what survives of his Pallinode, tells us almost all we know of this other Helen, and from it H. D. wove her book-length poem. The fabulous beauty of Helen of Troy is legendary. But some say that Helen was never in Troy, that she had been conveyed by Zeus to Egypt, and that Greeks and Trojans alike fought for an illusion. A fifty-line fragment by the poet Stesichorus of Sicily (c. 640-555 B.C.), what survives of his Pallinode, tells us almost all we know of this other Helen, and from it H. D. wove her book-length poem. Yet Helen in Egypt is not a simple retelling of the Egyptian legend but a recreation of the many myths surrounding Helen, Paris, Achilles, Theseus, and other figures of Greek tradition, fused with the mysteries of Egyptian hermeticism.

Philosophical Transactions, Giving Some Accompt of the Present Undertakings, Studies and Labors of the Ingenious in Many Considerable Parts of the World :

Author - John Martyn (Londres), James Allestry (Londres), Henry Oldenburg
Publisher -
Pages -

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Detail -

The Voice of the Infinite in the Small : Re-visioning the Insect-human Connection


Author - Joanne Elizabeth Lauck
Publisher - Shambhala Publications
Pages - 309
ISBN - 9781570629594

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Detail - According to environmental educator Joanne Lauck, insects are intelligent, honorable, ingenious beings who are worthy of our love. Really. The persistent belief that insects are our adversaries still encourages the destructive use of pesticides forty years after Rachel Carson made their deadly effects known in "Silent Spring". Is there a way we can actually coexist happily with insects? Lauck says yes! First we must understand that the problem - as well as the solution - lies within us. Drawing on natural science, myth, Native American wisdom, and touching and funny anecdotes, she reveals the roots of our hostility and shows how we can stop the war on bugs and live in harmony with them, healing an inner aspect of ourselves in the process. The author challenges the reader to view insects as "glittering, glimmering mirrors of divinity" - as creatures that deserve our respect and protection. "The Voice of the Infinite in The Small" was first published in a much longer edition. The author has revised the book extensively to update it and make it even more accessible in this, its first widely distributed edition.

Mathematics in India :


Author - Kim Plofker
Publisher - Princeton University Press
Pages - 360
ISBN - 9781400834075

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Detail - Based on extensive research in Sanskrit sources, Mathematics in India chronicles the development of mathematical techniques and texts in South Asia from antiquity to the early modern period. Kim Plofker reexamines the few facts about Indian mathematics that have become common knowledge--such as the Indian origin of Arabic numerals--and she sets them in a larger textual and cultural framework. The book details aspects of the subject that have been largely passed over in the past, including the relationships between Indian mathematics and astronomy, and their cross-fertilizations with Islamic scientific traditions. Plofker shows that Indian mathematics appears not as a disconnected set of discoveries, but as a lively, diverse, yet strongly unified discipline, intimately linked to other Indian forms of learning. Far more than in other areas of the history of mathematics, the literature on Indian mathematics reveals huge discrepancies between what researchers generally agree on and what general readers pick up from popular ideas. This book explains with candor the chief controversies causing these discrepancies--both the flaws in many popular claims, and the uncertainties underlying many scholarly conclusions. Supplementing the main narrative are biographical resources for dozens of Indian mathematicians; a guide to key features of Sanskrit for the non-Indologist; and illustrations of manuscripts, inscriptions, and artifacts. Mathematics in India provides a rich and complex understanding of the Indian mathematical tradition. **Author's note: The concept of "computational positivism" in Indian mathematical science, mentioned on p. 120, is due to Prof. Roddam Narasimha and is explored in more detail in some of his works, including "The Indian half of Needham's question: some thoughts on axioms, models, algorithms, and computational positivism" (Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 28, 2003, 1-13).

The Lost Thread : The Democracy of Modern Fiction


Author - Jacques Rancière
Publisher - Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages - 192
ISBN - 1472596021

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Detail - In The Lost Thread, Rancière debunks the notion of Flaubert, Baudelaire, Conrad, Woolf and Keats as reactionary producers of bourgeois mythologies, and instead foregrounds the egalitarian and democratic impulses of modernist literature. Contrary to the canonical interpretation of the relation between modernism and capitalism via the commodification of everyday life, Rancière proposes a radical rethinking of our received ideas regarding the politics of aesthetics in the modern era. Through a complex and original stitching together of form and content, modernists strove to depict by embodying new forms and regimes of material and everyday life. Rancière articulates this substantial change in the politics of representation by explaining the shattering of the sacrosanct hierarchies of the genres and life-forms of classical literature. In the midst of the 19th century, poets, novelists and playwrights challenged the narrative staples of noble means and moral ends, and introduced an entirely new "structure of feeling�?. In this work, Ranciere continues his project of outlining an egalitarian "distribution of the sensible�? as the compelling linkage between politics and aesthetics in the modern age. The Lost Thread not only advances Rancière's commended work on aesthetics, it also offers the reader in depth analyses of the writers in question.

The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals :


Author - Ken Henderson
Publisher - Addison-Wesley Professional
Pages - 1021
ISBN - 9780201700473

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Detail - bull; Contains the most depth and breadth of coverage of any book on SQL Server architecture, internals, and tuning bull; Will be a key reference for anyone working with SQL Server, no matter what their skill level bull; The latest book in the bestselling series of Guru's Guides from Ken Henderson