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The Miracle In The Middle

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The Miracle in the Middle : Finding God's Voice in the Void


Author - Charlotte Gambill
Publisher - Thomas Nelson
Pages - 208
ISBN - 071801121X

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Detail - Find strength in the struggle, passion to persist, wisdom when you're weary, and joy for the journey. If you've ever been on a long trip with small children you've no doubt heard, "Are we there yet?" Maybe you've even said those exact words or felt that same way as you have journeyed with God. Midway is where these feelings of frustration and impatience are most commonly felt. It's also where our hidden doubts find their voice. Where most beginnings start with energy and expectation for all that is ahead, and endings bring the joy of completion as you arrive at your desired destination, the middle is very different. This midpoint can too quickly become a low point, as energy is lacking and enthusiasm wanes. Yet how well you handle the middle reveals what is in the middle of you. The disciples found—in the middle of a lake—a revelation of Jesus that they had never seen on the shore. In the middle is where new navigational skills are found. It's also where some of the most significant lessons are learned. Join Charlotte Gambill in this compelling, story-driven message that shows through biblical teaching and life application how those who persist through the middle will find that miracles await them on the other side.

The Cambridge Companion to Miracles :


Author - Graham H. Twelftree
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 338
ISBN - 0521899869

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Detail - Provides a comparative study of miracles in the major world religions and explores the value of miracles in religious belief.

The Miracle In The Spider :

Publisher - A9 GROUP
Pages -

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Detail - Some readers may think that the subject of this book is not one that interests them very much. They may tell themselves both that a book about a little insect has nothing in it for them, and that the busy pace of their lives leaves them no time for such a book. Then again, these same people may feel that a book on economic or political research, or perhaps a novel, would be more attractive and "useful." Or they may think that books on other subjects will be of greater interest to them. Whereas the fact is that this book the reader is holding will be a great deal more "useful" than many he has hitherto read, and has much more to offer him. Because this book is not a biology text written to give detailed information about this tiny animal called the spider. The book may have the spider as its subject, but its true importance lies in the truth about life it reveals and the message it has to give.

The Miracle of Life :

Health & Fitness

Author - Jan de Vries
Publisher - Random House
Pages - 128
ISBN - 1780571909

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Detail - In this controversial book Jan de Vries considers modern miracles as well as the 'miracle of Lourdes'. He discusses witch doctors and what he has personally witnessed in the Far East. He warns against exorcism and talks of the many 'possessed' people he has treated. He also shares with his readers some of the mysterious ways that alternative medicine has worked 'miracles' for thousands of patients.

A Miracle in the Middle of a Valley :

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Samuel Richardson
Publisher -
Pages - 48
ISBN - 9781524627379

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Detail - I am Pastor Samuel Richardson, born on May 9, 1927, in Ocala, Florida. I have one brother, Elijah Richardson, and a sister, Rosetta Richardson. I am just a meager servant of God that is not worthy of the gift that God has given me. I am not an educated man. I have never known my parents, and sometimes I feel that I am all alone in this world. I sometimes wonder why I have been given the gift of prophecy and healing when I sometimes feel that I am not equipped to minister this precious gift. I feel that if I were more educated, people would accept what I have to say. There have been times that I did not tell a person what God had told me to tell them because I felt inadequate and could not approach that person because of their status. Later I realized that I could have saved them from pain and hurt if I had been confident enough to approach them. I know that this is a way that Satan tries to push me off track, but through fasting and praying, I press on. I do realize that God gives his gift to whomever he desires, and it requires no special skills to receive his precious mercy, love, and gifts. I am writing this book with the hope that it will encourage others to press forward and do God's will no matter how inadequate they might feel. Now at the age of ninety, I still regret not being educated and having family as others. I often wonder where my uncle, cousins, nieces, and nephews are and why I do not have family to attend a family reunion. It sometimes makes me feel empty and very sad. "I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase" (1 Corinthians 3:6).

Stepping Stones to Recovery for Young People : Experience the Miracle of 12 Step Recovery

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Lisa D.
Publisher - Hazelden Publishing
Pages - 223
ISBN - 9781568385112

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Detail - A guide and collection of readings for young people involved in a twelve-step recovery program for an addiction. Includes personal accounts of former drinkers and drug users.

One Leg in the Grave Revisited :


Author - Carmen Fracchia, Kees Zimmerman, Jan L. de Jong, Catrien Santing
Publisher - Barkhuis
Pages - 156
ISBN - 9491431234

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Detail - The Miracle of the Transplantation of the Black Leg, a posthumous miracle performed by the saints Cosmas and Damian, is best known from the Golden Legend of Jacobus the Voragine (1265). From the early Middle Ages on, artists have been particularly inspired by De Voragine's description of this miracle. Their works can be found in churches, monasteries, and musea, mainly in Italy, Spain, and Southern France. These artful representations have fascinated Kees Zimmerman, retired trauma surgeon, inspiring him to travel through Southern Europe exploring them. In this way he has gathered an impressive collection of photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art and religious objects. This book offers over 80 reproductions of representations of the Miracle of the Black Leg, quite a number of which have never been published before. Articles by art historians (De Jong, Fracchia), medievalists (Santing), and an Introduction by Zimmerman himself, shed light on different aspects of the legend. This book will therefore be of interest for art historians and medievalists, as well as those who wish to investigate the relationship between medicine and religion in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. It offers, moreover, a wealth of beautiful pictures to be savored by all art lovers.

The Miracle of Me : A Memoir

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Alice Snow
Publisher - iUniverse
Pages - 236
ISBN - 9781450201216

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Detail - The Miracle of Me is funny, romantic, and ultimately heartbreakinga winning offbeat mix of Six Feet Under and Eat Pray Love. While growing up in the eccentric family of undertakers, Alice Snow learned firsthand about death and impact on the living. As a young woman, she traveled the world, boarding with Dutch nuns who were entranced by the novelty of stove-top popcorn and witnessing the crushing poverty of Bolivia firsthand. Through these journeys, she learned that no oppression, grief or suffering could permanently crush the human spirit, or deny human beings of their power of hope. Love swept into her life and changed it forever, when she met Floyd, a handsome pilot who spoke to her soul. Their lifelong romance broke all of the rules and sustained them both through tremendous difficultiesincluding the challenge of facing their own mortality. Alice Snow has been living with a brain tumor the past fifteen years. Her doctor told her many times, she was at deaths door, but she never believed them. She held fast to the belief that her life was meant to serve a higher purposethe purpose of inspiring others to lead their best lives through service, spirituality, and recognition of lifes precious gifts. This faith has been the key to her miraculous survival, and she is in a unique position to impart this powerful, positive message to her readers.

The Miracle of Petrochemicals : Olefins Industry : an In-depth Look at Steam-crackers

Business & Economics

Author - Fahad H. Falqi
Publisher - Universal-Publishers
Pages - 142
ISBN - 1599429152

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Detail - The purpose of this book is to provide readers with a thorough introduction to the essential design and operation aspects of olefins plants. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop the knowledge of the readers who are interested to know more about olefins plants employing steam-cracking technology. The author has gathered and developed this book based on extensive experience in many olefins projects as well as olefins operating plants. Included with this book are valuable materials provided by some contributions representing top and reputable olefins licensors and olefins equipment manufacturers for readers to gain insight information and content about steam-cracker plants. The contributors are Linde, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company (CP-Chem), TSKE, Graham, NATCO, SNM, and YJ-TMC. An effort has been made to include essential and useful material for readers in the form of guidelines and suggestions (G&S) as well as design and operation checklists gathered and based on the author's extensive experience in many steam-cracker plants.

The Miracle of Independence :


Author - Robert M. Riffle
Publisher - Xulon Press
Pages - 309
ISBN - 1606471538

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Detail - The Miracle of Independence is a general survey of American History from a Christian perspective. It covers the events beginning with the Age of Exploration to the Second Great Awakening. This manuscript reveals that America would have never existed nor survived without divine intervention. The hand of God is seen in the formation of this country from the time Columbus set sail with three caravels across a large uncharted ocean. God's presence is revealed with the founding of the original thirteen colonies and in the zeal of the God fearing people who inhabited these colonies. God's miraculous power manifested itself when the forces of darkness seemed overwhelming. This was true in the early years of settlement, during the War of Independence, and in the post war era. Against great odds America survived, grew, and developed into the greatest of all nations that ever existed, due to the miraculous power of an ever present and loving God. Robert M. Riffle was born in 1941 in McClellandtown, Pennsylvania. He attended the public schools of German Township, Fayette County, and he graduated from German Township High School in 1959. He received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Waynesburg College, nowWaynesburg University in 1963. He later took graduate courses in history, political science, and English at West Virginia University. He taught history for seven years in the Albert Gallatin Area School District in Fayette County, Pennsylvania prior to moving to southern California. He taught history and social studies in San Diego County for twenty-four years and retired from the San Diego Unified School District. He is presently employed by Palomar College in San Marcos, California as a tutor in history, political science, and economics.

The Miracle of the Breath : Mastering Fear, Healing Illness, and Experiencing the Divine

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Andy Caponigro
Publisher - New World Library
Pages - 336
ISBN - 9781577317968

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Detail - "Take a Deep Breath." "Just breathe." These are common calming mantras, but what do they really mean? Though every second of life is governed by breath, few people pay heed to this important facet of good health. The Miracle of the Breath explores the importance of breath not only to physical well-being but also as a powerful conduit of divine energy. Replete with stories and case studies of people healed from asthma, arthritis, anxiety attacks, and other physical and mental traumas through proper breath work, the book also examines the concept of breath as a spiritual life force. Drawing on methods of observing and controlling the breath developed by ancient masters in India, China, and Tibet, it includes meditations and practice techniques to help readers improve their emotional and spiritual health.

The Miracle of You : You are so much more then you ever thought you were!

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Elaine L Wilson
Publisher - BalboaPress
Pages - 226
ISBN - 1452583013

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Detail - The Miracle of You Born of the stars themselves, your soul is destined for immortality. You are nature’s greatest joy and God’s greatest miracle. In this absorbing work, Elaine Wilson connects you with how you came to be and with all you can become. Be reminded of the impact of joy on your life and the gratification you experience when you know you are on the pathway to all the affirmations life can bring to you. The Miracle of You includes compelling, real-life stories of those who have achieved because they believed. It proposes ways you can do the same. Be energized and filled with happiness and hope as you enjoy the power-filled message. Live the life proclaimed by the universe to be yours! You are the miracle about which this book was written!