The Paradoxes Of Love

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The Paradoxes of Love :

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Publisher - The Golden Sufi Center
Pages - 179
ISBN - 0963457462

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Detail - The work of The Golden Sufi Center is to make available the teachings of the Sufi path. The heart's relationship to God is one of the greatest mysteries, for He is both far and near, both awesome and intimate. As he looks at this union's many paradoxes,

The Paradox of Love :


Author - Pascal Bruckner
Publisher - Princeton University Press
Pages - 266
ISBN - 0691149143

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Detail - Drawing on history, politics, psychology and pop culture, the author traces the roots of sexual liberation to explain love's supreme paradox, and concludes that love's messiness, surprises and paradoxes are not merely the sources of its pain--but also of its pleasure.

The Paradox of Love : A Jungian Look at the Dynamics of Life's Greatest Mystery


Author - J. Pittman McGehee
Publisher - Bright Sky Publishing
Pages - 112
ISBN - 9781936474097

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Detail - The Paradox of Love addresses both the healing and wounding nature of the greatest of contradictions. The human longing for love is fraught with what Jung called the "incalculable paradoxes of love." In this book of essays, McGehee studies the interpersonal and the intrapsychic dynamics of love, as well as its light and dark sides.

Thomas Hardy and Paradoxes of Love :

Literary Criticism

Author - Hillel Matthew Daleski
Publisher - University of Missouri Press
Pages - 222
ISBN - 9780826211255

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Detail - Emphasizing the vast changes in literary criticism that have occurred during the last thirty years, H. M. Daleski reexamines Thomas Hardy's novels in the novelist's own terms, presenting a revisionary account of his treatment of gender. He also shows that Hardy was not as sexist as is asserted in much feminist criticism and that his female characters are sympathetically portrayed as the centers of his fictional worlds. By carefully analyzing the novels, Daleski refutes the generally accepted reason for Hardy's abandonment of fiction at the height of his powers, claiming that he drove himself to a dead end in Jude the Obscure. The typical Hardy plot places a female protagonist in a love triangle with two male protagonists who are portrayed as polar opposites. The woman contradicting a general view of her as victim is always granted the freedom of choice of a marriage partner. She invariably makes the wrong choice, which leads to a bad marriage and disastrous sexual relationships. As this scenario is played out in most of Hardy's novels, the men are presented as distinct types, the types being depicted with rich diversity and with steadily greater psychological depth. Hardy's rendering of sexuality in both his male and his female characters is marked by its originality and profundity. In his intuitions about sexual relations, Daleski maintains Hardy was not outdone by writers such as Lawrence and Joyce. Daleski studies Hardy within his Victorian context, but he also shows that Hardy, both in his depiction of sexuality and in his technical innovations, was in advance of his time. In these respects Hardy deserves to be regarded as a forerunner of the great modernists. In Thomas Hardy and Paradoxes of Love, Daleski offers acute and thoughtful analyses of Hardy's major novels. Avoiding critical jargon, the author has made his book accessible to all readers with an interest in Hardy and his novels, as well as in the study of gender in English literature.

The Love Paradox :

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Karl Galik
Publisher - Xulon Press
Pages - 180
ISBN - 1619045052

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Detail - This book transforms! It surprises you. It intrigues you. Most of all it frees you! This is your invitation to value your self the way God values you, then discover the delightful impact it has on everyone else. You will experience how a Biblical love of self enhances your relationships. At first, The Love Paradox may seem absurd, but on reflection, it will actually produce a deep sense of satisfaction. Come on! Take the journey from what seems ridiculous to what is profoundly true. Lead others by loving your self. Join in the conversation at to explore the relationship between your personal well-being and its influence on your mission. Rev. Dr. Karl Galik Karl is a nationally recognized speaker, author and leadership coach specializing in the connection between personal well-being and success in life. His universal message has impacted a wide range of people including medical professionals, entrepreneurs, clergy and stay-at-home parents. He is a pastor with a Master's of Divinity and 29 years of pastoral experience. He has a second Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership. Karl has been married to Marilouise for over 35 years. Together they have three married children and four grandchildren.

Paradox Love :


Author - Dorothy E. Gravelle
Publisher - CreateSpace
Pages - 248
ISBN - 9781502383327

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Detail - Grace and Luke are among the lucky few who find love early in life. At seventeen, both are equally certain that their love will last a lifetime. But when that love is cut short by forces beyond their control, Grace must answer the question of just how far she is willing to go to get back to Luke. But this is not the typical romantic tale. And just when you think you know where the story is going, you find yourself drawn into a whole new reality, where the fate of an entire world rests upon the choices of this one girl. Prepare to experience the adventure not only through the eyes of these two lovers, but also through the intertwined experiences of a group of remarkable dogs, as Grace's journey becomes so much more than her singular quest to return to the one she loves.

Paradoxes in Mathematics :


Author - Stanley J. Farlow
Publisher - Courier Corporation
Pages - 192
ISBN - 048649716X

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Detail - Compiled by a prominent educator and author, this volume presents an intriguing mix of mathematical paradoxes — phenomena with surprising outcomes that can be resolved mathematically. Students and puzzle enthusiasts will get plenty of enjoyment mixed with a bit of painless mathematical instruction from 30 conundrums, including The Birthday Paradox, Aristotle's Magic Wheel, and A Greek Tragedy.

My Dog: The Paradox : A Lovable Discourse about Man's Best Friend


Author - The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman
Publisher - Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pages - 32
ISBN - 1449437710

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Detail - This eponymous comic became an instant hit when it went live on The and was liked on Facebook by 700,000 fans. Now fans will have a keepsake book of this comic to give and to keep. In My Dog: The Paradox, Inman discusses the canine penchant for rolling in horse droppings, chasing large animals four times their size, and acting recklessly enthusiastic through the entirety of their impulsive, lovable lives. Hilarious and heartfelt, My Dog: The Paradox eloquently illustrates the complicated relationship between man and dog. We will never know why dogs fear hair dryers, or being baited into staring contests with cats, but as Inman explains, perhaps we love dogs so much “because their lives aren’t lengthy, logical, or deliberate, but an explosive paradox composed of fur, teeth, and enthusiasm.”

Wanderlust : A Love Affair with Five Continents

Large print books

Author - Elisabeth Eaves
Publisher -
Pages - 396
ISBN - 1459614526

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Detail - This book documents the impulses that drive Elisabeth Eaves' insatiable hunger for the rush of the unfamiliar. She is both restless vagabond and astute observer as she crisscrosses five continents, chasing the exotic in both culture and romance. She loses herself in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, rekindles old love and new passion in Cairo, and finds an intinerant brotherhood of raucous men in the land Down Under. Like the random possessions she leaves in her wake, from Australia to Yemen, she also leaves behind a string of lovers. But this is about more than just sensual conquest; it is also a journey of self-discovery, in which her pursuit ultimately guides her home - back cover.

Marilyn : The Passion and the Paradox

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Lois Banner
Publisher - A&C Black
Pages - 528
ISBN - 1408833301

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Detail - Marilyn Monroe died on 5th August, 1962. Since then, the appetite for information about Monroe has proved insatiable. Lois Banner's new biography is revelatory. Banner had access to material no one else has seen, from a trove of personal papers to facts and anecdotes about her childhood and her death. Banner traces the eleven foster homes Marilyn went to, uncovering the sexual abuse she suffered and her bisexuality. She is also the first biographer to read Monroe's psychiatric records, revealing a woman deeply rooted in paradox. No biographer before has attempted to analyse - much less realise - most of these aspects of her personality. Lois Banner has.

The Romantic Paradox : Love, Violence and the Uses of Romance, 1760-1830

Literary Criticism

Author - J. Labbe
Publisher - Springer
Pages - 211
ISBN - 0230596762

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Detail - Why are there so few 'happily ever afters' in the Romantic-period verse romance? Why do so many poets utilise the romance and its parts to such devastating effect? Why is gender so often the first victim? The Romantic Paradox investigates the prevalence of death in the poetic romances of the Della Cruscans, Coleridge, Keats, Mary Robinson, Felicia Hemans, Letitia Landon, and Byron, and posits that understanding the romance and its violent tendencies is vital to understanding Romanticism itself.

Happiness Paradox :


Author - Ziyad Marar
Publisher - Reaktion Books
Pages - 207
ISBN - 9781861891822

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Detail - The Happiness Paradox examines the modern obsession with the pursuit of happiness.