The Right Way To Do Wrong

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The Right Way to Do Wrong : An ExposT of Successful Criminals

Social Science

Author - Harry Houdini
Publisher - Cosimo, Inc.
Pages - 104
ISBN - 1602060789

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Detail - The legendary Harry Houdini started the tradition of magicians debunking charlatans and revealing secrets of the trade that continues today through the likes Penn and Teller or James "The Amazing" Randi. But Houdini went even further here, in this delightful 1906 novelty: he revealed the working secrets of thieves, swindlers, and con artists. Culled from his conversations with "the chiefs of police and the most famous detectives in the world," Houdini's tales of the tricks of the trade of beggars, pickpockets, and burglars are instructive and amusing. The master showman was also a surprisingly entertaining writer-and this is one of his most enjoyable books, one that will enthrall readers of true crime as well as fans of Houdini himself. Hungarian-American magician and professional skeptic EHRICH WEISS (1874-1926)-aka Harry Houdini, "Handcuff King and Jail Breaker"-also wrote Magical Rope Ties and Escapes (1920) and A Magician Among the Spirits (1924).

The Right Way to Do Wrong : A Unique Selection of Writings by History's Greatest Escape Artist


Author - Harry Houdini
Publisher - Melville House
Pages - 112
ISBN - 1612191673

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Detail - One of the most intriguing and recognized figures of the twentieth century conducts a masterclass in subversion Originally published in 1906, The Right Way to Do Wrong was a masterclass in subversion conducted by the world’s greatest illusionist. It collected Hou­dini’s findings, from interviews with criminals and police officers, on the most surefire ways to commit crime and get away with it. This volume presents the best of those writings alongside little-known articles by Houdini on his own brand of deception: magic. Revealing the secrets of his signature tricks, including handcuff and rope escapes, and debunking the methods of his rivals, he proves himself to be just as clever and nimble a writer as he was a magician—and surprisingly free with trade secrets! All of which makes this unique selection of works both the ultimate anti-etiquette guide and proof that things are not always as they seem. In an exclusive introduction to this volume, Teller—magician, comedian, and silent sidekick of Penn Jillette—speaks up about the greatest magician of modern times. From the Trade Paperback edition.

There's No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing :

Author - Christopher Gilbert
Publisher -
Pages - 250
ISBN - 9780997930313

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Detail - In today's rapidly-changing, global society, people are wondering what it means to make honest decisions, and hold themselves and others accountable in their personal, professional, and family lives. They want to know how they can become:- more authentic in their relationships- more transparent in their organizations- better able to identify the reality behind increasingly outrageous "alternative truths"The truth is, we have only two choices when it comes to an honest world- we can either continue down our current path of increasingly situational ethics that treat some more fairly than others and where honesty in our connections and relationships is the luck of the draw. Or, we can believe we have the capacity to create a world that operates on an integrity practiced by everyone for everyone. Dr. Gilbert firmly advocates the latter!In There's No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing, you'll find answers to these concerns and more as Gilbert invites readers into an accessible and inspirational conversation about our ethical choice-making. With an abundance of personal stories, humorous anecdotes, and universally experienced ethical dilemmas, Gilbert has written a truly unique and powerful guide to help us all accelerate our own moral progress and become an increasingly positive force for change in our families, communities, businesses, and the world.Drwaing upon decades of research, training and ethics consulting experience, There's No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing offers valuable tools in anyone's quest to make consistently right choices in our spheres of influence and fulfill our two-fold moral purpose.

Houdini on Magic :


Author - Morris N. Young
Publisher - Courier Corporation
Pages - 280
ISBN - 0486203840

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Detail - Written by the master magician himself, this fascinating work reveals the secrets behind how Houdini escaped numerous death-defying stunts and exposed a variety of fake spiritualists. He also gives instructions for 44 eye-catching stage tricks, as well as other fascinating material. 155 illustrations.

A Magician Among the Spirits :

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Harry Houdini
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 354
ISBN - 1108027482

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Detail - Harry Houdini (1874-1926), whose real name was Erik Weisz, was one of the most famous magicians and escapologists of all time. He was highly sceptical of the many claims made concerning psychic and paranormal phenomena, which were very popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He attended hundreds of séances for the purposes of his study, and never experienced one he believed genuine. In this book, published in 1924, he described the mediums and psychics whom he revealed as fraudulent, exposing the tricks which had convinced many notable scientists and academics. These included spirit writing, table rapping, spirit manifestations, and levitation. Among those he revealed as frauds was the famous medium Mina Crandon, and his exposures led to a public split with his former friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a firm believer. The book is a fascinating account of superstition and gullibility.

Practical Wisdom : The Right Way to Do the Right Thing


Author - Barry Schwartz, Kenneth Sharpe
Publisher - Riverhead Trade (Paperbacks)
Pages - 324
ISBN - 9781594485435

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Detail - The author of the best-selling The Paradox of Choice and a political economist identify what they term a loss of common-sense wisdom that has coincided with a collapsing economy, failing schools and other setbacks, offering recommendations for practical solutions. Reprint.

How to Read a Book : The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

Language Arts & Disciplines

Author - Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Pages - 448
ISBN - 1476790159

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Detail - Analyzes the art of reading and suggests ways to approach literary works, offering techniques for reading in specific literary genres ranging from fiction, poetry, and plays to scientific and philosophical works.

How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong :


Author - Leslie Vernick
Publisher - WaterBrook
Pages - 224
ISBN - 0307565106

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Detail - Experience the Blessings of an Imperfect Marriage. We all–at one time or another–have the opportunity to act right when our spouse acts wrong. There are no perfect marriages or perfect spouses. We know that having a good marriage requires effort and hard work. Yet we often don’t know how to continue to love when we are angry, hurt, scared, or just plain irritated. Nor are we sure what that kind of love is supposed to look like. Should we be patient? Forgive and forget? Do something else entirely? Acting right when your spouse acts wrong will not necessarily guarantee a more satisfying marital relationship, nor will it automatically make your spouse change his or her ways–although both could occur. It will, however, help you see how God is stretching you in the midst of your marital difficulties, teach you to respond wisely when wronged, and lead you into a deeper relationship with Christ as you yield your will to his plan for your life and learn to be more like him. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Beyond the Grave revised edition : The Right Way and the Wrong Way of Leaving Money To Your Children (and Others)

Business & Economics

Author - Gerald M. Condon
Publisher - Harper Collins
Pages - 480
ISBN - 0060936312

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Detail - This expert, one-of-a-kind handbook shows you how to: Ensure that your inheritance instructions will he carried out -- the way you want them to be Protect your child's inheritance from creditors, ex-spouses, addictions, tax troubles, mismanagement, squandering, and other risks of loss Prevent family conflict that can arise when parents die and children divide the "family money" Leave more money to your children and grandchildren, and less to the IRS -- and understand the hidden cost of a "death tax" repeal

How Not to be Wrong : The Power of Mathematical Thinking

Business & Economics

Author - Jordan Ellenberg
Publisher - Penguin
Pages - 480
ISBN - 0143127535

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Detail - "Using the mathematician's method of analyzing life and exposing the hard-won insights of the academic community to the layman, minus the jargon ... Ellenberg pulls from history as well as from the latest theoretical developments to provide those not trained in math with the knowledge they need"--

How to win friends & influence people :


Author - Dale Carnegie
Publisher - Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd
Pages - 224
ISBN - 9352613937

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Detail - -

The Wrong Way to Save Your Life : Essays

Literary Collections

Author - Megan Stielstra
Publisher - Harper Perennial
Pages - 320
ISBN - 9780062429209

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Detail - From an important new American writer comes this powerful collection of personal essays on fear, creativity, art, faith, academia, the Internet, and justice. In this poignant and inciting collection of literary essays, Megan Stielstra tells stories to ward off fears both personal and universal as she grapples toward a better way to live. In her titular piece “The Wrong Way To Save Your Life,” she answers the question of what has value in our lives—a question no longer rhetorical when the apartment above her family’s goes up in flames. “Here is My Heart” sheds light on Megan’s close relationship with her father, whose continued insistence on climbing mountains despite a series of heart attacks leads the author to dissect deer hearts in a poetic attempt to interrogate her own feelings about mortality. Whether she's imagining the implications of open-carry laws on college campuses, recounting the story of going underwater on the mortgage of her first home, or revealing the unexpected pains and joys of marriage and motherhood, Stielstra's work informs, impels, enlightens, and embraces us all. The result is something beautiful—this story, her courage, and, potentially, our own. Intellectually fierce and viscerally intimate, Megan Stielstra's voice is witty, wise, warm, and above all, achingly human. “Stielstra is a masterful essayist.”—Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist and Hunger