The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook

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The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook :

Author - Donna Ashton
Publisher -
Pages - 120
ISBN - 9781936426140

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Detail - Donna Ashton is a veteran Waldorf homeschooling mom and mentor who has helped over 3000 families homeschool with confidence and clarity. Donna Ashton?s The Waldorf Home School Handbook is a simple step-by-step guide to creating and understanding a Waldorf-inspired homeschool plan. Within the pages of this comprehensive homeschooling guide parents will find information, lesson plans, curriculum, helpful hints, behind the scenes reasons why, rhythm, rituals, and helping you fit homeschooling into your life. Join Donna as she guides you through the Waldorf method and reveals how to educate your children in a nurturing and creative environment.

Rhythm & Waldorf Homeschool Planning :

Family & Relationships

Author - Melisa Nielsen
Publisher -
Pages - 214
ISBN - 1365816710

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Detail - Compiling this book made me smile. It is full of several years of parenting. As I edited this together, I relived some of the years when my children were younger. The wisdom I share here is real. It is palpable. Breathe it in. Take what resonates and set aside the rest to ponder. I hope this volume gives you tools and peace as you walk this journey. I have written to you, the mom in the trenches from experience in my own trenches. These are moments to savor and moments to learn and grow from. This mom thing isn't easy but it is worth it.

The Fox Diaries : The Year the Foxes Came to Our Garden

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Valarie Budayr
Publisher -
Pages - 75
ISBN - 9781936426188

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Detail - Chronicles a magical year in the lives of a Tennessee family when a vixen fox raised her four kits in their yard.

The Homeschooling Handbook : From Preschool to High School : a Parent's Guide

Home schooling

Author - Mary Griffith
Publisher - Prima Lifestyles
Pages - 291
ISBN - 9780761501923

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Detail - As many as two million parents now educate their children at home, and many more are considering the idea. This non-ideological book examines the pros and cons, discusses how to handle regulations, and shows how to design and implement a productive learning atmosphere at home for students of all ages.

Heaven on Earth : A Handbook for Parents of Young Children

Family & Relationships

Author - Sharifa Oppenheimer
Publisher - SteinerBooks
Pages - 256
ISBN - 0880109955

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Detail - As we see a shift of old forms that were once the foundations of our daily lives, parents--who must prepare the next generation to meet the changing world--have more questions today than ever before. Although our cultural values and family structures may change, it is the atmosphere in the home that continues to form the foundation of a child's life. In Heaven on Earth, parent and educator Sharifa Oppenheimer reveals how parents can make the home environment warm, lively, loving, and consistent with their highest ideals. Heaven on Earth balances a theoretical understanding of child development with practical ideas, resources, and tips that can transform family life. Readers will learn how to create the regular life rhythms needed to establish a foundation for learning; how to design indoor play environments that allow children the broadest development of skills; and how to create outdoor play spaces that encourage vigorous movement and a wide sensory palette. Through art, storytelling, and the festival celebrations, this book is an invaluable guide to building a "family culture" based on the guiding principle of love--a culture that supports children and encourages the free development of each unique soul. Sharifa Oppenheimer offers a gift from the heart. Heaven on Earth is a practical, inspiring resource that brings the author's informed, intuitive understanding of young children into the heart of the home. "Sharifa Oppenhiemer has given the world a great gift in the pages of this book. The important child-development information is exquisitely combined with the best 'How-to's' I have seen in any book for parents. Her book, is a ready guide that insures joyful, enthusiastic children who learn easily and contribute to their families and society for a lifetime. I have delighted in every page and feel this is absolutely A must read for parents, grandparents, teachers, and perhaps everyone who will ever touch the life of a child." --Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., biologist and international educational consultant to 32 countries and author of Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head and Awakening the Child Heart, Handbook for Global Parenting "This delightful book will be a wonderful resource for parents. They will certainly appreciate its warm, friendly, personal, and reassuring tone. I would have loved such a book when I was a young mother! For those whose children already attend Waldorf programs, it provides a helpful resource for creating a bridge between home and kindergarten. For others, this lovely book offers wonderful glimpses into the wise and nurturing practices of Waldorf early childhood education. In a world where childhood is increasingly 'media'ted and 'adult'erated, this book offers much-needed support for the protection of childhood. " --Susan Howard, chairperson, Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America and coordinator, International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education "Being a parent is a challenging assignment, but with the help of Sharifa Oppenheimer's book, Heaven on Earth, our work immediately becomes easier. This book is both heartfelt and practical. It offers sound parenting principles with down-to-earth examples of how to raise children with both insight and grace." --Jack Petrash, director, Nova Institute, and author, Navigating the Terrain of Childhood: A Guidebook for Meaningful Parenting and Heartfelt Discipline

The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book :

Author - Lisa Hildreth
Publisher - SteinerBooks
Pages -
ISBN - 1621511553

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Detail -

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook : A Creative and Stress-Free Approach to Homeschooling


Author -
Publisher - Thomas Nelson Publishers
Pages - 300
ISBN - 9780785281757

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Detail - A creative and stress-free approach to homeschooling.

The Power of Grammar : A Phenomenological Approach

Author - Anne Greer
Publisher -
Pages - 172
ISBN - 9781936367740

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Detail - Grammar is the basic structure of our language and is difficult to teach creatively in any language -- especially English. And yet beautiful, artistic work requires structure and grammar is essential for powerful, clear writing.Anne Greer, an experienced language arts teacher, here offers a wonderful survey of English-language grammar teaching, drawn from a colloquium of Waldorf language arts teachers. Her lively interchanges with the teachers, sharing their experiences in their classrooms, demonstrate ways to make any language truly living.Teachers and parents will appreciate the numerous examples, depth of investigation and creative approaches this book presents.

Waldorf Early Childhood Education : An Introductory Reader

Early childhood education

Author - Shannon Honigblum
Publisher -
Pages - 256
ISBN - 9781936849376

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Detail - This comprehensive collection of essays addresses all the key aspects of Waldorf early years education: its history, the developing child, the rhythm of the day, activities, language, storytelling and puppetry and the young child and the spiritual world.There are contributions from many experienced educators, including: Susan Howard, Joan Almon, Helmut von K�gelgen, Freya Jaffke, Ingeborg Sch�ttner, Kimberly Lewis, Stephan Spitalny, Nancy Foster, Susan Weber, Daniel Udo de Haes and Bronja Zahlingen.This is a revised, newly edited edition of two previously available publications, 'An Overview of the Waldorf Kindergarten', and 'A Deeper Understanding of the Waldorf Kindergarten', with the addition of other relevant contributions.

Sage Homeschooling : Wild and Free

Author - Rachel Rainbolt
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 234
ISBN - 9781978234475

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Detail - Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free offers a natural learning path, for gentle parents who dream of living fully in joy and connection with their children while giving them all they need to be successful, with eight secrets to living a fulfilling unschooling life. In this inspirational and secular guide, you will learn how to: deschool, shaking off all the educational programming that weighs you down maintain your relationship focus on connection beyond the early years trust in your children and their natural learning journey embrace the freedom that fosters meaningful productivity and independence utilize collaboration in respectful partnership to achieve self-directed growth fully realize the environment as a valuable tool for playful learning live a fun lifestyle of learning through rich, adventurous experiences set your compass for growth and success in all the ways that matter most If you are ready to take the leap into a lifestyle of passionate learning with clarity and confidence, then read this book! "Our job as parents is not to educate our children but to provide environmental contexts that optimize their ability to educate themselves. In this upbeat, fun-to-read book about her family's unschooling practices, Rachel Rainbolt provides a multitude of great ideas about how to do just that." Peter Gray, Research Professor of Psychology at Boston College and author of Free to Learn.

Covering Home : Lessons on the Art of Fathering from the Game of Baseball

Family & Relationships

Author - Jack Petrash
Publisher - Gryphon House, Inc.
Pages - 128
ISBN - 9781589040137

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Detail - The first book on fathering that mothers will love, and fathers will actually read!

A Handbook for Steiner-Waldorf Class Teachers :

Waldorf method of education

Author - Kevin Avison
Publisher -
Pages - 144
ISBN - 9781782502494

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Detail - "First published in 1995 by Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship" -- Title page verso.