Tiger In A Cage

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Tiger in a Cage :


Author - Allie Cresswell
Publisher -
Pages - 292
ISBN - 9781499610185

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Detail - Who knows what secrets are trapped, like caged tigers, behind our neighbours' doors?When Molly and Stan move into a new housing development, Molly becomes a one-woman social committee, throwing herself into a frantic round of communal do-gooding and pot-luck suppers. She is blinded to what goes on behind those respectable facades by her desire to make the neighbourhood, and the neighbours, into all she has dreamed, all she needs them to be.Twenty years later, Molly looks back on the ruin of the Combe Close years, at the waste and destruction wrought by the escaping tigers: adultery, betrayal, tragedy, desertion, death. But now Molly has her own guilty secret, her own pet tiger, and it is all she can do to keep it in its cage.

The Tiger Rising :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - Kate DiCamillo
Publisher - Candlewick Press (MA)
Pages - 116
ISBN - 9780763652708

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Detail - Rob, who passes the time in his rural Florida community by wood carving, is drawn by his spunky but angry friend Sistine into a plan to free a caged tiger.

Coming Out Of Cage : Journey of a Tiger Mom


Author - E. Way
Publisher - WestBow Press
Pages - 80
ISBN - 149086654X

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Detail - This book is written for all parents, especially Chinese and Asian parents who come from a cultural background that holds education in the highest regard. Many of us parents are willing to put in a lot of our time, resources, and energy to provide the best educational opportunities for our children in hopes that they will excel academically and be successful in life. We may think we are making sacrifices, but too often, despite our good intentions, we end up stressing out and hurting our children! Loving our children means wanting the best for them and doing everything we can to help them attain their goals. The problem is that we don’t necessarily know what is best for our children, or what their goals are. What we think is best for them may not be their best; and the goals we set for them may not be their goals. To better understand our children, we need to build a safe, secure and trusting relationship with them, so that they could communicate their needs and thoughts with us with ease and confidence. Often times, our children may not feel our love, because they think we are treating them like projects that need to be improved. With the pressure from parents, peers, schools, society, culture, and the pressure from within themselves, many of our children develop problems like aggression, addiction, anxiety, anger, depression, low self-worth, poor grades, sleep disorders, eating disorders, weight problems, etc.

Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage : Take Charge of Your Health (Full Color Version)

Author - Dr Felix Liao Dds, Felix Liao
Publisher -
Pages -
ISBN - 9781944177836

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Detail - *This is the FULL COLOR VERSION of the original "Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage" book.* Included are full color images of educational slides, graphics, and patient case studies. Do you, or someone you know, live with snoring, teeth grinding, poor sleep, aches and pains, chronic fatigue, moodiness, and other seemingly inexplicable symptoms? Your whole body suffers oxygen deficiency from a clogged airway and poor sleep when your mouth is structurally impaired. Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage is the first book EVER to connect the dots between your mouth structure and total health. "Six-foot tiger" is the vicious medical, dental, mood, and financial consequences of a "three-foot cage" - a mouth that's too small for the tongue. Dr. Liao shows you if Impaired Mouth is the start of a domino effect of your (or your patients') persistent, escalating, and costly symptoms. Actual cases illustrate how Holistic Mouth Solutions(TM) can effectively redevelop "three-foot cages" by combining innovative Whole Health approaches with stem-cell-activating oral appliances to produce unexpected and even life-changing improvements. "An Impaired Mouth is the start of a domino effect leading to medical, dental, mental, and financial troubles. Pay attention." - Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation "Dr. Liao's 6FT3FC shows ingenious ways to solve snoring, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, chronic pain, and fatigue with his novel-yet-sensible Holistic Mouth Solutions." - Steven Y. Park, MD, Author of Sleep Interrupted "A must read for all dentists, medical doctors, and patients." - Simon Yu, MD, Author of Accidental Cure

Tiger Cage : An Untold Story


Author - D. E. Bordenkircher, S. A. Bordenkircher
Publisher - Abby Pub
Pages - 244
ISBN - 9780966177145

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Detail -

Financial Development and Growth in India : A Growing Tiger in a Cage?

Business & Economics

Author - Hiroko Oura
Publisher - International Monetary Fund
Pages - 30
ISBN - 145191394X

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Detail - This paper examines the efficiency of the different segments of India''s financial system using firm-level data on corporate financing patterns. Firms are increasingly relying on external funds to finance their investment in most recent years. Empirical analyses indicate that (1) the financial system in India is not channeling funds into industries with higher external finance dependence; (2) the debt financing system does not allocate funds according to firms'' external finance dependence, while equity financing system does; and (3) firms in an industry that are more dependent on external finance grow more slowly.

The Tiger's Cage :


Author - Linda J. White
Publisher -
Pages - 330
ISBN - 9780991221202

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Detail - FBI Special Agent Tom Donovan is about to nail Angel Ramos, the drug lord he's been chasing, when Ramos does the unthinkable--he kidnaps Tom's eighteen-year-old son, Kenny. Past and present collide as Tom desperately searches for his son. Meanwhile, Kenny clings to a fragile faith to survive.

The Cage : The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers

Sri Lanka

Author - Gordon Weiss
Publisher - Random House
Pages - 384
ISBN - 009954847X

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Detail - In just four months in 2009, Sri Lanka's 26 year-old desperate civil war came to a brutal and bloody end on a desolate stretch of beach in the island's north east. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed when the government decimated the guerilla organisation, the Tamil Tigers. Gordon Weiss witnessed the conflict at first hand as a UN spokesman in Colombo. His devastating account unravels the compelling history that led up to that final horrific episode, peeling back the Sri Lankan government's cloak of silence to reveal the truth of those tragic events.

The Tiger's Cage :


Author - Margaret Way
Publisher -
Pages - 187
ISBN - 9780373027842

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Detail -

The Tiger, the Brahmin & the Jackal :


Author - Kath Lock
Publisher - Magic Bean
Pages - 32
ISBN - 9781863740784

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Detail - A tiger convinces a Brahmin to free him from a trap. Of course, he really plans to have the Brahmin for his next meal - but a wily jackal has other ideas. The treacherous tiger, the trusting Brahmin and the quick-witted jackal hold the reader in suspense right to the clever conclusion of this tale from India.

Tiger in a Cage : The Memoir of Wu Tek Ying

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Alma Wu, Betty Orbach, Carol W. Hazelwood
Publisher - Xlibris Corporation
Pages - 248
ISBN - 9781462818914

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Detail - Wu Tek Ying's memoir illuminates the customs of China during the turbulent years of 1914-1952. Love affairs, arranged marriages, warlords, jealousy, imprudent marriages and China's changing political scene affect Tek Ying's life. The threat of Communism forced Tek Ying to flee to Hong Kong.

PM Plus: The Brahmin and the ungrateful tiger :


Author - Alan Horsfield
Publisher - Nelson Australia
Pages - 32
ISBN - 9780170099271

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Detail - When a brahmin priest rescues a tiger from a cage, he is shocked when the tiger threatens to eat him. The tiger argues that there is no reason why he shouldn't eat the brahmin, because he says that humans are the most ungrateful creatures on earth. The tiger agrees to spare him if the brahmin can find a witness who doesn't believe that all humans are ungrateful.