Tigers In Disguise Wisdom For Living From Korean Folktales

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Tigers in Disguise! Wisdom for Living from Korean Folktales :

Author - Dongho Lee
Publisher - Darakwon Press
Pages -

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Detail - Korea – the “Land of the Morning Calm” – has folklore second to none. Korea’s symbol is the tiger, who appears in Korean folklore in many disguises, from a mother to an old man offering hospitality. Indeed, a familiar figure in Korean folklore is the ordinary person who is alarmed to discover that a person in the same room is really a tiger in disguise! Stories of that kind have entertained and instructed Koreans for thousands of years. And the stories still have much to teach people today, no matter where one lives. Here are thirty-five Korean folktales, retold for a modern, Western audience. They reflect the unique – and sometimes cynical – viewpoints of people in one of the world’s oldest civilizations. But one need not be familiar with Korea already to enjoy and learn from these stories. From Alaska to Zanzibar, human nature and behavior are pretty much the same. So readers everywhere will find useful knowledge in these ancient tales ... such as how to recognize a tiger in disguise! Stories retold here have been changed in certain ways to appeal to a modern, Western audience caught up in today’s business culture. For a guide to sources of original stories in English translation, please see the list of readings at the end of the book. You will meet some new personalities here. You also will encounter, in Korean costume, some old friends you have known under different names for many years, including one beloved figure from American folklore whom you probably never expected to find in the Land of the Morning Calm! And never far away is a tiger in disguise! So as you read this book, on the subway or bus or wherever, you may find yourself wondering: is that a tiger in disguise sitting next to you?

Clowns & Tricksters : An Encyclopedia of Tradition and Culture

Performing Arts

Author - Kimberly A. Christen
Publisher - Abc-Clio Incorporated
Pages - 271

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Detail - Dizzying in its scope, Clowns and Tricksters tracks the trickster figure across scores of cultures and thousands of years. Entries highlight mythological and fictional beings from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Pacific. Each article describes the Trickster and its antics, while giving a full account of the cultural setting. Includes: -- More than 200 A-to-Z, cross-referenced entries -- Entry list by culture -- General bibliography -- Illustrations

Eastern World :

East Asia

Author -
Publisher -
Pages -

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Detail -

KOREAN FOLK TALES : 53 children's stories from the Korean Penninsula


Author - Anon E. Mouse
Publisher - Abela Publishing Ltd
Pages - 238
ISBN - 8822813634

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Detail - In this volume of Korean Folk Tales, you will find 53 stories from the ancient Korean kingdoms of Silla and Balhae. Herein you will find stories like Charan, The Story Of Chang To-Ryong, A Story Of The Fox, Cheung Puk-Chang, The Seer, Yun Se-Pyong, The Wizard, The Wild-Cat Woman and many, many more. These stories have their roots in the equally ancient eastern religions of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism and have been translated from an old manuscript of Korean Folklore and translated by James S. Gale in 1912. Some are what many call the Absurdities of Asia, some are gruesome and unlovely. The thirteen short stories by Yi Ryuk are taken from a reprint of old Korean writings issued in 1911. Three anonymous stories are also added, “The Geomancer,” “Im, the Hunter,” and “The Man who lost his Legs,” Korea’s very own Sinbad. So sit back and relax with a cup of something hot and enjoy these very unique tales from the Korean Peninsula.

Elder Tales : Stories of Wisdom and Courage from Around the World

Social Science

Author - Dan Keding
Publisher - Greenwood Publishing Group
Pages - 188
ISBN - 0313096066

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Detail - Arranged by story type, these are tales that can be used in the classroom and library. They will prove a springboard for cultural comparisons and discussion of how wisdom is shared between generations and how elders contribute to and are perceived by societies around the globe.

Korean Folk-tales :

Juvenile Fiction

Author -
Publisher - Oxford University Press, USA
Pages - 133
ISBN - 9780195216738

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Detail - A collection of twenty traditional Korean legends and folktales.

Journey to the West :


Author - Anthony C. Yu
Publisher - University of Chicago Press
Pages - 464
ISBN - 9780226971537

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Detail - The Journey to the West, volume 3, comprises the third twenty-five chapters of Anthony C. Yu's four-volume translation of Hsi-yu Chi, one of the most beloved classics of Chinese literature. The fantastic tale recounts the sixteen-year pilgrimage of the monk Hsüan-tsang (596-664), one of China's most illustrious religious heroes, who journeyed to India with four animal disciples in quest of Buddhist scriptures. For nearly a thousand years, his exploits were celebrated and embellished in various accounts, culminating in the hundred-chapter Journey to the West, which combines religious allegory with romance, fantasy, humor, and satire.

The Oxford Companion to World Mythology :

Social Science

Author - David Leeming
Publisher - Oxford University Press
Pages - 469
ISBN - 0195156692

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Detail - Consists of nearly two thousand entries covering all aspects of mythology, including Greek, Roman, Native American, Indian, Japanese, Sumerian, and Egyptian.

Identity and Marginality : Rethinking Christianity in North East Asia


Author - Werner Ustorf, Toshiko Murayama
Publisher - Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
Pages - 250
ISBN - 9783631358597

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Detail - The rethinking of Christianity has a long tradition in Asia. This volume explores current theological trends and shifts in the perception of Christianity, mainly in China, Japan and Korea. The contributions come from east and west alike and address the question of the emergent shape of Christianity in the light of the experience of marginality and the search for identity. The theologies that play on the streets (for example Korean folklore and the Minjung Congregation Movement, the Buraku of Japan, the Confucian Christ in China and its so-called Culture Christians) are represented as well as programmatic theological discourses struggling with globalization and hegemonic images of Christ. Some of the contributors such as Kim Yong-Bock and R.S. Sugirtharajah are themselves exponents of new ways of Christian thought.

Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines [2 volumes] :

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Patricia Monaghan
Publisher - ABC-CLIO
Pages - 641
ISBN - 0313349908

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Detail - This two-volume set provides a comprehensive guide to the vast array of feminine divine figures found throughout the world. • Coverage of thousands of goddesses describe their myths and images, as well as how they were honored by their worshipers • Organization by region permits in-depth study of specific religious traditions • Includes 40 line drawings by renowned mythic artist Hrana Janto, based on original works from various cultures • Extensive bibliographies on each of the 30 cultures represented draw from the fields of classics, anthropology, folklore, literature, and psychology

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon : Portrait of the Ang Lee Film

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon (Motion picture)

Author - Huiling Wang
Publisher -
Pages - 144
ISBN - 9780571209163

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Detail - The hugely acclaimed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an epic love story-cum-action drama set against the breathtaking landscapes of ancient China. Illustrated with more than 80 full colour photographs, this lavish companion book includes the entire screenplay, essays and commentaries about the production by director Ang Lee and screenwriter James Schamus, and contributions from cast and crew, as well as scholars David Bordwell and Richard Corliss.

Encyclopedia of Korean Folk Literature : Encyclopedia of Korean Folklore and Traditional Culture Vol. III

Folk literature, Korean

Author - The National Folk Museum of Korea (South Korea)
Publisher - 길잡이미디어
Pages - 410
ISBN - 8928900840

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