Violence Against The Press

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Violence against the press : policing the public sphere in U.S. history

Language Arts & Disciplines

Author - John C. Nerone
Publisher - Oxford University Press, USA
Pages - 306
ISBN - 9780195086980

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Detail - The most comprehensive study of violence against U.S. journalists from the American Revolution to the present, this text takes an innovative approach to free speech issues, tracing violence against the press throughout American history to discuss the changing structures and cultures of the media and their relation to the public sphere. Maintaining that violence has been an integral part of the culture of public expression in this country since earliest times, this provocative survey presents and elucidates the notion that violent reactions to writers and publishers, rather than occurring sporadically, have been systematic and recurring, indicative of a long and consistent process of cultural evolution. Disputing claims that anti-press violence is a marginal aspect of American society carried out by fringe elements of the population, the author sheds light on decades of such incidents of aggression, from colonial printers to Salman Rushdie, and, through lively and insightful prose, constructs the argument that this phenomenon points to an underlying and profound theme in the history of American cultural identity. With a detailed taxonomy of the various forms of anti-press violence, and historical analyses of such conflicts during the American Revolution, early Republic, Civil War, and other periods, Violence Against the Press adds a significant new dimension to existing historical accounts of anti-media violence, and promises to be a major contribution to the timeless debate of the press's role in society.

Violence Against Latina Immigrants : Citizenship, Inequality, and Community

Social Science

Author - Roberta Villalon
Publisher - NYU Press
Pages - 226
ISBN - 9780814788264

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Detail - Caught between violent partners and the bureaucratic complications of the US Immigration system, many immigrant women are particularly vulnerable to abuse. For two years, Roberta Villalón volunteered at a nonprofit group that offers free legal services to mostly undocumented immigrants who had been victims of abuse. Her innovative study of Latina survivors of domestic violence explores the complexities at the intersection of immigration, citizenship, and violence, and shows how inequality is perpetuated even through the well-intentioned delivery of vital services. Through archival research, participant observation, and personal interviews, Violence Against Latina Immigrants provides insight into the many obstacles faced by battered immigrant women of color, bringing their stories and voices to the fore. Ultimately, Villalón proposes an active policy advocacy agenda and suggests possible changes to gender violence-based immigration laws, revealing the complexities of the lives of Latina immigrants as they confront issues of citizenship, gender violence, and social inequalities.

The Road to Hell : State Violence Against Children in Postwar New Zealand


Author - Elizabeth Stanley
Publisher -
Pages - 280
ISBN - 9781869408541

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Detail - From the 1950s to the 1980s, the New Zealand government took more than 100,000 children from experiences of strife, neglect, poverty or family violence and placed them under state care in residential facilities. In homes like Epuni and Kingslea, Kohitere and Allendale, the state took over as parent. The state failed. Within institutions, children faced abysmal conditions, limited education and social isolation. They endured physical, sexual and psychological violence, as well as secure cells, knock-out sedatives and electro-convulsive therapy. This book tells the story of 105 New Zealanders who experienced this mass institutionalisation. Informed by thousands of pages of Child Welfare accounts, letters, health reports, legal statements as well as interviews, Stanley tells the children s story: growing up in homes characterized by violence and neglect; removal into the State s care network; daily life in the institutions; violence and punishment; and the legacy of this treatment for victims today. The state masqueraded as a good parent, but its violence and negligence made things worse for children. This book is a moving account of the experiences of those placed into state care, and a powerful call for redress and change."

Understanding Violence Against Women :

Social Science

Author - Panel on Research on Violence Against Women, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council, Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Publisher - National Academies Press
Pages - 240
ISBN - 0309054257

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Detail - Violence against women is one factor in the growing wave of alarm about violence in American society. High-profile cases such as the O.J. Simpson trial call attention to the thousands of lesser-known but no less tragic situations in which women's lives are shattered by beatings or sexual assault. The search for solutions has highlighted not only what we know about violence against women but also what we do not know. How can we achieve the best understanding of this problem and its complex ramifications? What research efforts will yield the greatest benefit? What are the questions that must be answered? Understanding Violence Against Women presents a comprehensive overview of current knowledge and identifies four areas with the greatest potential return from a research investment by increasing the understanding of and responding to domestic violence and rape: What interventions are designed to do, whom they are reaching, and how to reach the many victims who do not seek help. Factors that put people at risk of violence and that precipitate violence, including characteristics of offenders. The scope of domestic violence and sexual assault in America and its conequences to individuals, families, and society, including costs. How to structure the study of violence against women to yield more useful knowledge. Despite the news coverage and talk shows, the real fundamental nature of violence against women remains unexplored and often misunderstood. Understanding Violence Against Women provides direction for increasing knowledge that can help ameliorate this national problem.

No Safe Place : Violence Against Women and Children

Social Science

Author - Connie Guberman, Margie Wolfe
Publisher - Canadian Scholars Press
Pages - 165

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Detail - Rape, abuse and sexual assault are facts of everyday life. In No Safe Place, women expose a frightening picture of violence against women and children and force us to question the values and attitudes that form the our society.

Violence Against Women in Medieval Texts :

Literary Criticism

Author - Anna Roberts
Publisher - University Press of Florida
Pages - 262
ISBN - 9780813064949

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Detail - This volume brings together specialists from different areas of medieval literary study to focus on the role of habits of thought in shaping attitudes toward women during the Middle Ages. The essays range from Old English literature to the Spanish Inquisition and encompass such genres as romance, chronicles, hagiography, and legal documents.

Violence Against Children : Physical Child Abuse in the United States

Author - David Gil, PROFESSOR DAVID G. GIL
Publisher -
Pages - 232
ISBN - 9780674187900

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Detail - For this volume Gil examines and interprets a series of nationwide studies of child abuse that were initiated in 1965 in an attempt to unravel the context of social and cultural forces with which violent behavior against children is associated. With an approach that is epidemiologic, social, and cultural, rather than clinical and psychological, he compiles findings from press and public-opinion surveys, from analyses of nearly 13,000 incidents of child abuse reported through legal channels across the country during 1967 and 1968, and from a comprehensive study of more than 1300 incidents reported in a representative sample of cities and counties.

Women, male violence, and the law :

Family & Relationships

Author - Julie Stubbs
Publisher - Institute of Criminology, Sydney
Pages - 262

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Detail - Is there currently effective State response to domestic violence? Has the feminist struggle of the last decade made the law more responsive to women's needs and interests? Can this struggle succeed? And for which women? In what situations? What are the possibilities and limits of the law in the context of domestic violence?These issues are addressed by expert lawyers, social scientists, educators and policy makers.

Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea :

Social Science

Author - Margaret Jolly, Christine Stewart, Carolyn Brewer
Publisher - ANU E Press
Pages - 280
ISBN - 1921862866

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Detail - This collection builds on previous works on gender violence in the Pacific, but goes beyond some previous approaches to ‘domestic violence’ or ‘violence against women’ in analysing the dynamic processes of ‘engendering’ violence in PNG. ‘Engendering’ refers not just to the sex of individual actors, but to gender as a crucial relation in collective life and the massive social transformations ongoing in PNG: conversion to Christianity, the development of extractive industries, the implanting of introduced models of justice and the law and the spread of HIV. Hence the collection examines issues of ‘troubled masculinities’ as much as ‘battered women’ and tries to move beyond the black and white binaries of blaming either tradition or modernity as the primary cause of gender violence. It relates original scholarly research in the villages and towns of PNG to questions of policy and practice and reveals the complexities and contestations in the local translation of concepts of human rights. It will interest undergraduate and graduate students in gender studies and Pacific studies and those working on the policy and practice of combating gender violence in PNG and elsewhere.

In a Day's Work : The Hidden Story of Sexual Violence Against America's Most Vulnerable Workers

Sex crimes

Author - Bernice Yeung
Publisher -
Pages - 272
ISBN - 9781620973158

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Detail - Apple orchards in bucolic Washington state. Office parks in Southern California under cover of night. The home of an elderly man in Miami. These are some of the workplaces where female workers have suffered brutal sexual assault and shocking harassment at the hands of their employers, often with little or no official recourse. In this harrowing yet often inspiring tale, investigative journalist Bernice Yeung exposes the epidemic of sexual violence levied against women farmworkers, domestic workers, and janitorial workers and charts their quest for justice in the workplace.

Male Peer Support and Violence Against Women : The History and Verification of a Theory

Family & Relationships

Author - Walter S. DeKeseredy, Martin D. Schwartz
Publisher - UPNE
Pages - 203
ISBN - 1555538339

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Detail - An important and timely reassessment of a crucial theory in male violence against women

Intersectionality in the Human Rights Legal Framework on Violence against Women : At the Centre or the Margins?


Author - Lorena Sosa
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 306
ISBN - 1107172241

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Detail - This book theoretically explores intersectionality within human rights norms on violence against women and the derived duties for States.