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This Land Is Our Land : A History of American Immigration

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Linda Barnett Osborne
Publisher - Abrams
Pages - 144
ISBN - 1613129270

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Detail - American attitudes toward immigrants are paradoxical. On the one hand, we see our country as a haven for the poor and oppressed; anyone, no matter his or her background, can find freedom here and achieve the “American Dream.” On the other hand, depending on prevailing economic conditions, fluctuating feelings about race and ethnicity, and fear of foreign political and labor agitation, we set boundaries and restrictions on who may come to this country and whether they may stay as citizens. This book explores the way government policy and popular responses to immigrant groups evolved throughout U.S. history, particularly between 1800 and 1965. The book concludes with a summary of events up to contemporary times, as immigration again becomes a hot-button issue. Includes an author’s note, bibliography, and index.

This Land Is Our Land : Immigrants and Power in Miami

Social Science

Author - Alex Stepick, Guillermo Grenier, Max Castro, Marvin Dunn
Publisher - Univ of California Press
Pages - 208
ISBN - 9780520936461

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Detail - For those opposed to immigration, Miami is a nightmare. Miami is the de facto capital of Latin America; it is a city where immigrants dominate, Spanish is ubiquitous, and Denny's is an ethnic restaurant. Are Miami's immigrants representative of a trend that is undermining American culture and identity? Drawing from in-depth fieldwork in the city and looking closely at recent events such as the Elián González case, This Land Is Our Land examines interactions between immigrants and established Americans in Miami to address fundamental questions of American identity and multiculturalism. Rather than focusing on questions of assimilation, as many other studies have, this book concentrates on interethnic relations to provide an entirely new perspective on the changes wrought by immigration in the United States. A balanced analysis of Miami's evolution over the last forty years, This Land Is Our Land is also a powerful demonstration that immigration in America is not simply an "us versus them" phenomenon.

This Land Is Our Land : How We Lost the Right to Roam and How to Take It Back

Political Science

Author - Ken Ilgunas
Publisher - Penguin
Pages - 304
ISBN - 0735217858

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Detail - Private property is everywhere. Almost anywhere you walk in the United States, you will spot “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” signs on trees and fence posts. In America, there are more than a billion acres of grassland pasture, cropland, and forest, and miles and miles of coastlines that are mostly closed off to the public. Meanwhile, America’s public lands are threatened by extremist groups and right-wing think tanks who call for our public lands to be sold to the highest bidder and closed off to everyone else. If these groups get their way, public property may become private, precious green spaces may be developed, and the common good may be sacrificed for the benefit of the wealthy few. Ken Ilgunas, lifelong traveler, hitchhiker, and roamer, takes readers back to the nineteenth century, when Americans were allowed to journey undisturbed across the country. Today, though, America finds itself as an outlier in the Western world as a number of European countries have created sophisticated legal systems that protect landowners and give citizens generous roaming rights to their countries' green spaces. Inspired by the United States' history of roaming, and taking guidance from present-day Europe, Ilgunas calls into question our entrenched understanding of private property and provocatively proposes something unheard of: opening up American private property for public recreation. He imagines a future in which folks everywhere will have the right to walk safely, explore freely, and roam boldly—from California to the New York island, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters.

America : My Land, Your Land, Our Land

Juvenile Fiction

Author - W. Nikola-Lisa
Publisher -
Pages - 32
ISBN - 9781880000373

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Detail - Rhythmic text and illustrations by fourteen different African-, Hispanic-, Asian-, and Native-American artists evoke the characteristics of the landscape of the United States.

This Land is Our Land : A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults

Literary Criticism

Author - Alethea Helbig, Agnes Perkins
Publisher - Greenwood Publishing Group
Pages - 401
ISBN - 9780313287428

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Detail - Reviews over 500 titles

This Land Is Our Land! :

Political Science

Author - James J. Dobranich, Sr.
Publisher - AuthorHouse
Pages - 144
ISBN - 1420879235

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Detail - In normal conversation and in today''s world, "RACE" or racial conversation is almost taboo. In a free society and with our 1st Amendant rights, Speech is oft cited as having the right to speak freely on any subject without fear of retribution. Today, this is no longer the case. If one is to speak about another race within our society we are now tempered in our speech, lest we are held out as a bigot or worse as a raciest! With this in mind and whenever possible, the subject of this book has been placed/written in an Historical frame of content. The essence of this book is a retort to those who, frequently, claim a bigger role in the founding and building of this country, the United States of America, while disparaging aginst the accomplishments, the trials and tribulations of the Founders of this Nation. Our Historical evolution, however, from the Pilgrams, the Declaration of Independance and the subsequent Revolution, this nation faced innumerable problems and hardships, each of which were overcome by the Founders, the Pioneers of this Nation-the White Race. In short the essance of my book is to reclaim our National Heritage as documented by Fact. Other races, along the way have, in some measure played a role in its evolutionary period but, without question--This Land is Our Land!

This Land Is Their Land : Reports from a Divided Nation

Social Science

Author - Barbara Ehrenreich
Publisher - Metropolitan Books
Pages - 256
ISBN - 1429936711

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Detail - America in the 'aughts—hilariously skewered, brilliantly dissected, and darkly diagnosed by the bestselling social critic hailed as "the soul mate"* of Jonathan Swift Barbara Ehrenreich's first book of satirical commentary, The Worst Years of Our Lives, about the Reagan era, was received with bestselling acclaim. The one problem was the title: couldn't some prophetic fact-checker have seen that the worst years of our lives—far worse—were still to come? Here they are, the 2000s, and in This Land Is Their Land, Ehrenreich subjects them to the most biting and incisive satire of her career. Taking the measure of what we are left with after the cruelest decade in memory, Ehrenreich finds lurid extremes all around. While members of the moneyed elite can buy congressmen, many in the working class can barely buy lunch. While a wealthy minority obsessively consumes cosmetic surgery, the poor often go without health care for their children. And while the corporate C-suites are now nests of criminality, the less fortunate are fed a diet of morality, marriage, and abstinence. Ehrenreich's antidotes are as sardonic as they are spot-on: pet insurance for your kids; Salvation Army fashions for those who can no longer afford Wal-Mart; and boundless rage against those who have given us a nation scarred by deepening inequality, corroded by distrust, and shamed by its official cruelty. Full of wit and generosity, these reports from a divided nation show once again that Ehrenreich is, as Molly Ivins said, "good for the soul." —*The Times (London)

Enriqueta Vasquez and the Chicano Movement : Writings from El Grito Del Norte

Chicano movement

Author - Lorena Oropeza
Publisher - Arte Publico Press
Pages - 288
ISBN - 9781611920413

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Detail - Gathers columns from the Chicano newspaper "El Grito del Norte," where the author's fierce but hopeful voice of protest combined anger and humor to stir her fellow Chicanos to action as she drew upon her own experiences as a Chicana.

This Land is My Land : We left but a mystery grave


Author - Clifford D. Cope
Publisher - AuthorHouse
Pages - 344
ISBN - 9781449069797

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Detail - This Land is My Land is a historical fictional story about the life and adventures of the soldiers, artisans, and clergy under the leadership of Hidalgo Don Hernando De Soto beginning in the year of 1538 and coming to a tiring end in 1542. The theme illustrates the difficulty of men and women in the first exploration of La Florida and its damaging effects to new lands and the indigenous people who had founded the land many years earlier. It elaborates how exploration is irresistible to human beings and will always have its good and bad outcomes. They begin with about seven hundred and fifty men and women of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, mostly Portuguese and Spaniard. The route of exploration went through Cuba, 10 states and Mexico ending with about two hundred and twenty-six survivors. The protagonist is the gold and land-seeking explorer and Adelantado Don Hernando De Soto searching for new lands and riches to aid in his own as well as his countries profits. After his death, Luis de Moscoso follows him as the leader to get the remaining explorers safely to the city of Mexico. It does not demonstrate a one sided wrongdoing but the unethical and unfair actions that come about when differently cultivated humans meet. It is not a heartwarming story of great adventures, which leads to a Thanksgiving. It describes the four-year march across the interior of today’s southeastern United States based on information the author gathered from translations of four of the original notes and writing of the original company.

The Complete Concordance to Shakespere: Being a Verbal Index to All the Passages in the Dramatic Works of the Poet :

Author - Hary-Cowden Clarke
Publisher -
Pages - 860

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Detail -

Losing Your Land : Dispossession in the Great Lakes

Political Science

Author - An Ansoms
Publisher - Boydell & Brewer Ltd
Pages - 232
ISBN - 1847011055

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Detail - Examines a fresh aspect of one of the highest profile issues facing Africa today - land-grabbing - and shows just how widespread the impact of small-scale dispossession is, how it coalesces with local power dynamics, resulting in the disruption of people's lives and threatening their continuing welfare and stability.

This Land is Our Land : The American Dream

United States

Author - Sandra Sanders Breuer
Publisher -
Pages - 160

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Detail - Plays, short stories, nonfiction, photoessays and poetry provide an awareness of the diversity of American culture.