Emperor of Rome

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Author : Robert Fabbri
Detail : “The final, thrilling instalment within the epic Emperor of Rome series from the bestselling author, Henry M. Robert Fabbri.

Rome, AD 68. Emperor of Rome is tasked with the not possible. ought to he quell the revolt in Judaea, as Emperor of Rome the emperor has tutored, or should he resort to the impossible and sabotage his own campaign? If his conquest succeeds, he risks changing into the only real object of the mad emperor’s jealousy. If he fails, then his penalisation are going to be severe. The fate of his men and his beloved son, Titus, all continue the balance.

But unknown to Emperor of Rome, Emperor of Rome has committed suicide, catapulting Rome into political turmoil. Sabinus, Vespasian’s brother, is caught between the belligerent factions of Aulus Vitellius, a cruel opportunist, and therefore the noble Marcus Salvius Otho, World Health Organization finds himself severely outnumbered. Seeing no aid on the horizon, Sabinus should trust wit, and wit alone, to confirm the security of his family.

With a contested throne and a military at his disposal, currently might finally be Vespasian’s time – to ascend, to conquer, to realize what multitudinous prophecies have expected and take hold of Rome itself. can Emperor of Rome, at long last, be the one to wear the purple?

The Emperor and Rome : Space, Representation, and Ritual


Author - Björn C. Ewald
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 365
ISBN - 0521519535

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Detail - This book explores ancient Rome under the impact of monarchy and as one of the structures which shaped the monarchy itself.

Nero Caesar Augustus : Emperor of Rome


Author - David Shotter
Publisher - Routledge
Pages - 272
ISBN - 131786591X

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Detail - Propelled to power by the age of 17 by an ambitious mother, self-indulgent to the point of criminality, inadequate, paranoid and the perpetrator of heinous crimes including matricide and fratricide, and deposed and killed by 31, Nero is one of Rome’s most infamous Emperors. But has history treated him fairly? Or is the popular view of Nero as a capricious and depraved individual a travesty of the truth and a gross injustice to Rome's fifth emperor? This new biography will look at Nero’s life with fresh eyes. While showing the man 'warts and all', it also caste a critical eye on the 'libels' which were perpetrated on him, such as claiming he was a madman, many of which were most probably made up to suit the needs of the Flavians, who had overthrown his dynasty.

Nero, Emperor of Rome :

Roman emperors

Author - Arthur Edward Pearse Brome Weigall
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 319

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Detail -

Tiberius Caesar : Emperor of Rome


Author - George Philip Baker
Publisher - Cooper Square Pub
Pages - 322

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Detail - This astute and fair-minded biography of the reign of Tiberius Caesar (42 BC - 37 AD), second emperor of Rome, balances the portrait of an upright soldier-statesman - austere, just, and capable - with the infamy of the murderous tyrant known for his vices and depraved appetites.

The Roman Emperor Gaius "Caligula" and His Hellenistic Aspirations :

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Geoff W. Adams
Publisher - Universal-Publishers
Pages - 306
ISBN - 1599424231

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Detail - The Roman Emperor Gaius 'Caligula' and his Hellenistic Aspirations examines one of the most notorious of Roman Emperors in light of his rather unconventional upbringing in the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire. The study has sought to use the ancient evidence in order to reassess the context in which the young Gaius Caligula was raised particularly in relation to the influence of his father, Germanicus.

The Last Emperor of Rome :


Author - Robert Steven Habermann
Publisher - Outskirts Press
Pages - 204
ISBN - 9781478790013

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Detail - The Last Emperor of Rome, a tale of love, betrayal, and turmoil, takes place during the final thirty-five years of the Western Roman Empire. It was a time of palace intrigue, assassinations, barbarian invasions, declining institutions, struggling political alliances, and a general breakdown of the imperial system of government which had ruled much of Europe and North Africa for the previous five hundred years. Before his entry onto the national stage, little is known about Emperor Julius Valerius Majorian, the major historical character of this novel. Therefore, the author invented much of the storyline, including the Emperor's early life, his family, and his career in the Imperial Legions. The story begins in 461 AD as Emperor Majorian is confined to a cell in a Roman prison and reflects upon his life. His thoughts take him from his childhood in Gaul to his career in the Roman Legions, his marriages and family, his dealings with men such as Count Flavius Ricimer, Master General Flavius Aetius and Senator Gaius Gallipolis, and ultimately onto his rise to political prominence in the waning Roman world. As Majorian sinks deeper into despair, he tries to make sense of the consequences of his actions. Come ride along with the Imperial Legions of Aetius and Ricimer as they battle the armies of the Huns, the Visigoths, and the Vandals. Attend a Roman wedding. Take part in conversations about immigration, slavery, Roman law, and the rise of Christianity. And witness the coronation of a Roman emperor. A well-conceived and imaginative novel of the late antiquity period, The Last Emperor of Rome delves into the political, religious, and military turmoil of this frantic time. Although it was the end of a way of life, the events portrayed in this novel opened the door to something new and powerful. The reverberations are still felt today.

The Untold History of the Roman Emperors :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Michael Kerrigan
Publisher - Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC
Pages - 256
ISBN - 1502619105

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Detail - The Caesars were the rulers of the Roman Empire, a Republic so large it encompassed parts of Asia and Northern Africa. From Caligula to Claudius, each emperor wielded immense power – for good or for evil, depending on their temperament – over the Roman army and their citizens. This book highlights the lives of some of the more memorable Caesars of Rome and the true history that exist beneath the legends.

Augustus : First Emperor of Rome

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Adrian Goldsworthy
Publisher - Yale University Press
Pages - 625
ISBN - 0300210078

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Detail - The acclaimed historian and author of Caesar presents “a first-rate popular biography” of Rome’s first emperor, written “with a storyteller’s brio” (Washington Post). The story of Augustus’ life is filled with drama and contradiction, risky gambles and unexpected success. He began as a teenage warlord whose only claim to power was as the grand-nephew and heir of the murdered Julius Caesar. Mark Antony dubbed him “a boy who owes everything to a name,” but he soon outmaneuvered a host of more experienced politicians to become the last man standing in 30 BC. Over the next half century, Augustus created a new system of government—the Principate or rule of an emperor—which brought peace and stability to the vast Roman Empire. In this highly anticipated biography, Goldsworthy puts his deep knowledge of ancient sources to full use, recounting the events of Augustus’ long life in greater detail than ever before. Goldsworthy pins down the man behind the myths: a consummate manipulator, propagandist, and showman, both generous and ruthless. Under Augustus’ rule the empire prospered, yet his success was constantly under threat and his life was intensely unpredictable.

The Emperor in the Roman World (31 BC-AD 337) :


Author - Fergus Millar
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 673
ISBN - 9780801480492

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Detail -

Roman Emperors : A Captivating Guide to Augustus, Tiberius, Nero, Constantine the Great, and Justinian I


Author - Captivating History
Publisher - Captivating History
Pages - 254
ISBN - 9781647486822

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Detail - The life of Augustus is historically important because his leadership marked out a new era in the story of the Roman world, an era that would see the expansion of the Roman Empire across the Mediterranean and beyond.

The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome :


Author - Roger Michael Kean
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 320

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Detail - Well-detailed, chronological outline of Roman emperors, including color maps and historical contexts.

Chronicle of the Roman Emperors : The Reign-by-reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome


Author - Chris Scarre
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 240
ISBN - 9780500289891

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Detail - Offers profiles of the Roman emperors, from Augustus to Constantine, and looks at the most important events during this period in Roman history.

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