London Rules : Jackson Lamb Thriller 5

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Author:Mick Herron
Isbn 10 : 1473657407
Isbn 13 :9781473657403


‘The UK’s new spy master’ Sunday Times

London Rules won’t be written down, however everybody is aware of rule one.

Cover your arse.

Regent’s Park’s initial table, Claude Whelan, is learning this the exhausting manner. Tasked with protective a beleaguered prime minister, he is facing attack from all directions himself: from the showboating MP WHO musical organization the Brexit vote, and currently has his sights assault variety Ten; from the showboat’s spouse, a tabloid journalist, who’s crucifying Whelan in print; and particularly from his own deputy, girl Di Taverner, who’s alert for Claude’s each stumble.

Meanwhile, the country’s being rocked by AN apparently random string of terror attacks, and someone’s making an attempt to kill Roddy Ho.

Over at Slough House, the crew ar battling personal problems: pent-up grief, numerous addictions, retail dysfunction, and also the ill-natured suspicion that their newest colleague could be a mental case. however conjointly, they are near to discover their greatest strength – that of constructing a foul state of affairs abundant, much worse.

It’s a sensible job Jackson Lamb is aware of the principles. as a result of those things are not planning to break themselves.

Praise for Mickey Herron

‘The new spy master’ Evening customary

‘Herron is spy fiction’s nice humourist, combining absurd things with sparklingly funny dialogue and chic, humorous prose’ the days

‘Herron attracts his readers therefore absolutely into the planet of Slough House that the incautious would possibly realize themselves slippery between the pages and reworked from reader to spook’ Irish Times

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