Murder Mile

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Author : Lynda La Plante
Detail : “Prime Suspect meets Ashes to Ashes as we tend to see Jane Tennison beginning out on her police career . . .

The fourth within the Sunday Times bestselling Jane Tennison thrillers, MURDER MILE is ready at the peak of the ‘Winter of Discontent’. will Jane Tennison uncover a serial killer?

February, 1979, ‘The Winter of Discontent’. Economic chaos has crystal rectifier to widespread strikes across UK.

Jane Tennison, currently a Detective Sergeant, has been announce to Peckham law enforcement agency, one in every of London’s toughest areas. because the rubbish on the streets begins to gather, therefore will the murder count: 2 bodies in as several days.

There are not any suspects and also the manner of death is totally different in every case. the sole link between the 2 victims is that the location of the bodies, found among a brief distance of every different close to Rye Lane in Peckham. 3 days later another murder happens within the same space. Press headlines scream that a manslayer is loose on ‘Murder Mile’ which police incompetence is hampering the investigation.

Jane is below huge pressure to catch the killer before they strike once more.Working long hours with very little sleep, what she uncovers leaves her skeptical her own mind.

‘La Plante excels in her ability to choose out the shocking however plausible details that offer her portrayal of existence in a very station house a rare ring of authenticity’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Classic Lynda, a superb read’ Martina Cole on HIDDEN KILLERS”

Murder Mile High :


Author - Lora Roberts
Publisher - Belgrave House
Pages - 233
ISBN - 1610843118

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Detail - The very day Liz Sullivan, freelance writer, returns to Denver to visit her estranged family, her ex-husband’s body is dumped at her parents’ door. Since Liz had once tried to kill her extremely abusive husband, the police think she’s their killer. Liz finds it necessary to do some dangerous sleuthing, if she doesn’t want to find herself in prison again—or dead. 3rd Liz Sullilvan Mystery by Lora Roberts; originally pulished by Fawcett

The Murder Mile : A Crime Mystery which Will Keep You Hooked


Author - Lesley Mcevoy
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 294
ISBN - 9781912986309

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Detail - Forensic Psychologist, Jo McCready is assisting DCI Callum Ferguson on a murder inquiry, when one of her patients is found brutally murdered. Jo was the last person to see Martha Scott alive. She was helping Martha unlock a repressed memory. But during the session, Jo unlocked more than she bargained for. An alter personality introduced himself as the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper - and thanked Jo for setting him free to kill again. As Ferguson's team race to find Martha's killer, a series of copycat killings begin, replicating 'The Autumn of Terror' in 1888. But if Jack is just a figment of Martha's damaged mind, who killed her? As the body count rises, Jo must construct a profile to stop the murderer recreating the terror of the most infamous serial killer of all time. But not everyone is on Jo's side. The Police Intelligence Unit have their own profiler, Liz Taylor-Caine, who resents Jo's involvement as a contributing expert in the case. Suspicion about Jo's involvement in the killings increases when someone close to the team becomes one of Jack's victims. And as the anniversary of the final and most gruesome of all the killings looms, Jo discovers that the killer has one murder on his mind that is far closer to home...

Murder Mile :


Author - Lynda La Plante
Publisher - Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
Pages - 400
ISBN - 1785764691

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Detail - Prime Suspect meets Ashes to Ashes as we see Jane Tennison starting out on her police career . . . The fourth in the Sunday Times bestselling Jane Tennison thrillers, MURDER MILE is set at the height of the 'Winter of Discontent'. Can Jane Tennison uncover a serial killer? February, 1979, 'The Winter of Discontent'. Economic chaos has led to widespread strikes across Britain. Jane Tennison, now a Detective Sergeant, has been posted to Peckham CID, one of London's toughest areas. As the rubbish on the streets begins to pile up, so does the murder count: two bodies in as many days. There are no suspects and the manner of death is different in each case. The only link between the two victims is the location of the bodies, found within a short distance of each other near Rye Lane in Peckham. Three days later another murder occurs in the same area. Press headlines scream that a serial killer is loose on 'Murder Mile' and that police incompetence is hampering the investigation. Jane is under immense pressure to catch the killer before they strike again.Working long hours with little sleep, what she uncovers leaves her doubting her own mind. 'La Plante excels in her ability to pick out the surprising but plausible details that give her portrayal of everyday life in a police station a rare ring of authenticity' Sunday Telegraph 'Classic Lynda, a fabulous read' Martina Cole on HIDDEN KILLERS

The Murder Mile :

Detective and mystery comic books, strips, etc

Author - Paul Collicutt
Publisher - Selfmadehero
Pages - 112
ISBN - 9781906838621

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Detail - Set mainly in America, with a backdrop of the 1954 race to break the four-minute mile, 'The Murder Mile' is hardboiled detective fiction that follows the investigation into the murder of a fictional athlete attempting to break the world record.

Down and Out on Murder Mile : A Novel


Author - Tony O'Neill
Publisher - Harper Collins
Pages - 288
ISBN - 0061980498

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Detail - After exhausting their resources in the slums of Los Angeles, a junkie and his wife settle in London's "murder mile," the city's most violent and criminally corrupt section. Persevering past failed treatments, persistent temptation, urban ennui, and his wife's ruinous death wish, the nameless narrator fights to reclaim his life. In prose that could peel paint from a car, Tony O'Neill re-creates the painfully comic, often tragic days of a recovering heroin addict.

The Golden Mile to Murder :


Author - Sally Spencer
Publisher - Severn House/ORIM
Pages - 248
ISBN - 1448300525

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Detail - When a bobby’s killed in Blackpool, Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend takes a ride through England’s wild side to get to the bottom of a mystery. The investigation into the brutal murder of a Blackpool policeman during holiday season was never going to be easy, but the case is not Chief Inspector Woodend’s only problem. His new boss, DS Ainsworth, is just waiting for an opportunity to stick a knife in his back; and his invaluable assistant, Bob Rutter, has been replaced by a sergeant more intent on advancing her own career than helping him. Then, it appears, the Blackpool police seem to think it might be better if the killer were never found . . . “Should give the reader a shiver or two.” —Publishers Weekly “Unique settings and psychological details supplement Woodend’s usual antics: a surefire series addition.” —Library Journal

Little House on the Peace Line : Living and Working as a Pacifist on Belfast's Murder Mile

Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Author - Tony Macaulay
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 210
ISBN - 9780856409929

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Detail - A memoir of managing a charity on Belfast's Murder Mile during the height of the Troubles. Although the subject matter is serious, Tony tells his story with humor and warmth.

Club Seventy Seven :

Author - Peter Knowles
Publisher -
Pages - 111
ISBN - 1445749424

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Detail - Town End Cafe, aka Club 77 was not a club as such, in fact it wasn't a club at all; but a back street cafe. The 77 came from the address of the cafe 'No77', the club was actually a gang of young teenagers who rode motorcycles and dressed the same, leather jackets, ice blue denim jeans, motorcycle boots with white fisherman's socks turned down over the tops and white crash helmets with the number 77 on the side.We met at the cafe not to do anything special, just to hang around and brag about girls and bikes.The table and chairs had all seen better days, they had all been damaged at some time, even patched up and repaired they still bared the scars of many an inconsiderate customer, especially us.

Tennison : A Jane Tennison Thriller


Author - Lynda La Plante
Publisher - Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
Pages - 624
ISBN - 1785764497

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Detail - 1973. After leaving the Metropolitan Police Training Academy, 22 year-old Jane Tennison is placed on a probationary exercise in Hackney, London where criminality thrives. At first she struggles to deal with the shocking situations she faces, receiving no help or sympathy from her superiors. Jane feels out of her depth in this male-dominated, chauvinistic environment. Then she is given her first murder case . . .

Murder Mile :


Author - Tony Black
Publisher - Random House
Pages - 400
ISBN - 1409023605

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Detail - In a cold, windswept field on the outskirts of Edinburgh, lies the brutally mutilated body of a young woman. As DI Rob Brennan looks at the tangled mass of limbs and blood, he feels his heart freeze. Like Fiona Gow five years earlier, this girl has been strangled with her own stockings, sexually mutilated and her eyes have been gouged out. Is this the work of an Edinburgh Ripper? The press certainly think so. Rob Brennan is determined to uncover the truth - however painful that might be. But truth is hard to come by in a world of police rivalries, media hysteria and copycat crime.

Imagined Differences : Hatred and the Construction of Identity

Social Science

Author - Günther Schlee
Publisher - LIT Verlag Münster
Pages - 280
ISBN - 9783825839567

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Detail - This book addresses key concepts of modern anthropology like "difference" and "identity" in the light of ethnographic evidence from various local settings stretching from Morocco to Indonesia. As the antagonistic and destructive aspects of social identification are also discussed, the book is a contribution to conflict theory, it provides elements of orientation in a world marked by a proliferation of ethnic movements and of nationalisms which become more narrow and more aggressive.

Once a Grenadier : The Grenadier Guards, 1945–1995


Author - Oliver Lindsay
Publisher - Pen and Sword
Pages - 352
ISBN - 1473816874

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Detail - 'An eminent writer has said that regiments great in history have this in common with mortals- through old in glory and honour, they have yet the vigour of youth. To none may the remark be more truthful applied then the Grenadier Guards...' Thus wrote Chichester and Burges-Short in 1900 and, judging by the Regiment's history over the last fifty years, the words ring as true as ever. For this history of Grenadier Guards is indeed a microcosm of all the proud endeavours of the British Army. There are few places of significance where the Regiment has not served: after the round-up of Nazis in 1945 in Germany and Austria, Grenadiers saw action in Palestine and in the jungles of Malaya, and subsequently served during emergencies in Cyprus, the Cameroons, British Guiana, Belize, Northern Ireland, the Gulf and with the United Nations, to indicate but some of the over seas postings which included the Falklands and Hong Kong. Grenadier have also been responsible for the protection of British Sovereigns and the great ceremonial events in London, including the funerals of King George VI and Winston Churchill. Oliver Lindsay has produced a rigorous work of history-his fourth book- rich in quotation after interviewing Grenadiers, serving and retired, of all generations. Drawing on their accounts as well as his own experiences - for he was a regular soldier for thirty-five years- he has written a book of extraordinary interest. Unique among such historians, he tells of the experiences of wives in such places as war-torn Germany in 1945. Tripoli and Cyprus. The story of Grenadiers who served with the Guards parachute Company and in the SAS is included. Five years in the writing, this comprehensive record included coverage of training, tactics, the pronounced changes in the armed forces and the views and anecdotes of the Non Commissioned Officers and Guardsmen. Profusely illustrated and with 14 detailed maps, this is a dedicated history of the senior infantry Regiment in the British Army and what is probably the most famous Regiment in the world.

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