My Name Is Monster

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Author : Katie Hale
Detail : “After the illness has killed off her oldsters, and also the bombs have fallen on the last safe cities, Monster emerges from the Arctic vault that has unbroken her alive. once she washes abreast of the coast of Scotland, everybody she is aware of is dead, and she or he believes she is alone in AN empty world. Monster begins the long walk south, scavenging and learning the contours of this acquainted land created new. Slowly, piece by piece, she begins to construct a life. Until, one day, she finds a girl: another survivor, feral, and prepared to be educated all that Monster is aware of. however the teachings the woman learns don’t seem to be continuously those Monster means that to show . . .

Inspired by character and Frankenstein, My Name Is Monster may be a novel regarding power, regarding the items that society leaves imprinted on U.S.A. once the foundations now”

My Name Is Monster :


Author - Katie Hale
Publisher - Canongate Books
Pages - 320
ISBN - 1786896370

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Detail - After the Sickness has killed off her parents, and the bombs have fallen on the last safe cities, Monster emerges from the Arctic vault which has kept her alive. When she washes up on the coast of Scotland, everyone she knows is dead, and she believes she is alone in an empty world. Monster begins the long walk south, scavenging and learning the contours of this familiar land made new. Slowly, piece by piece, she begins to rebuild a life. Until, one day, she finds a girl: another survivor, feral, and ready to be taught all that Monster knows. But the lessons the girl learns are not always those Monster means to teach . . . Inspired by Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein, My Name Is Monster is a novel about power, about the things that society leaves imprinted on us when the rules no longer apply, and about the strength and the danger of a mother’s love.

Mein Name ist Monster : Roman


Author - Katie Hale
Publisher - S. Fischer Verlag
Pages - 384
ISBN - 3104911401

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Detail - »Ich habe beschlossen, sie Monster zu nennen. Sie soll eine Kämpferin werden, sie soll überleben, und so wird mein Name mit ihr überleben. Ich werde ihr beibringen, wie man das Land bestellt. Ich werde ihr meine Sprache beibringen, damit sie mich und die Welt versteht. Ich werde ihre Mutter sein und sie mein Monster.« Während ihre Eltern starben und die letzten sicheren Städte zerstört wurden, hat eine junge Frau im Saatguttresor im arktischen Spitzbergen ausgeharrt und die Welt gemieden. Doch dort kann sie nicht bleiben. Auf ihrer Reise nach Süden wird sie an die Küste Schottlands angespült – und trifft auf ein verwildertes Mädchen. Für die beiden letzten Überlebenden einer versunkenen Welt ist es die Hoffnung auf einen Neuanfang. Doch wie soll man seinen Weg fortsetzen, wenn es kein Zuhause mehr gibt? Wie soll man ohne Wurzeln wieder wachsen? Wie neues Leben säen einzig unter Frauen?

The Last Man :


Author - Mary Shelley
Publisher - Courier Corporation
Pages - 352
ISBN - 0486118398

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Detail - This apocalyptic tale by the author of Frankenstein envisions a future world devastated by plague. Misunderstood by contemporary readers, Mary Shelley's 1826 precursor to the science fiction novel has reemerged to critical acclaim.

The Heavens :


Author - Sandra Newman
Publisher - Grove Press
Pages - 233
ISBN - 080214683X

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Detail - New York, late summer, 2000. A party in a spacious Manhattan apartment, hosted by a wealthy young activist. Dozens of idealistic twenty-somethings have impassioned conversations over takeout dumplings and champagne. The evening shines with the heady optimism of a progressive new millennium. A young man, Ben, meets a young woman, Kate—and they begin to fall in love. Kate lives with her head in the clouds, so at first Ben isn’t that concerned when she tells him about the recurring dream she’s had since childhood. In the dream, she’s transported to the past, where she lives a second life as Emilia, the mistress of a nobleman in Elizabethan England. But for Kate, the dream becomes increasingly real, to the point where it threatens to overwhelm her life. And soon she’s waking from it to find the world changed—pictures on her wall she doesn’t recognize, new buildings in the neighborhood that have sprung up overnight. As Kate tries to make sense of what’s happening, Ben worries the woman he’s fallen in love with is losing her grip on reality. Both intoxicating and thought-provoking, The Heavens is a powerful reminder of the consequences of our actions, a poignant testament to how the people we love are destined to change, and a masterful exploration of the power of dreams.

A Monster Calls : Englische Lektüre Ab Dem 6. Lernjahr, Oberstufe (B2)

Author - Patrick Ness
Publisher - Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH
Pages - 239
ISBN - 3125781558

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Detail -

Being Monsters : A Poetic Tool Book for Children

Author - Micah Davis
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 28
ISBN - 9781974283927

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Detail - Our differences are what make the world a beautiful place. Diversity brings us together. Being Monsters encourages and empowers young children to see the best in themselves. Monsters aren't always scary; they are just simply unique. Even in a world of people from diverse backgrounds, races, cultures, and personalities, we often find that we are more similar than we are different. New author Micah Davis illustrates a fun, yet thought provoking children's book on character that promotes self-confidence, diversity, and courage as we all strive to live, interact, and appreciate the world of people we call family. Children will smile and enjoy this book as they meet six little monsters, who individually strive to make their mark in the world!

The Purple Cloud :


Author - M. P. Shiel
Publisher - Good Press
Pages - 304

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Detail - "The Purple Cloud" by M. P. Shiel. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Story of the Monster and Little Cat Peter! : It Is All About Building Confidence in Us


Author - Alice Wood
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 24
ISBN - 9781499154917

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Detail - The story of the monsters involves two brother cats Collins the elder brother and Peter. Peter was a very naive cat who always depended on his brother Collins for protection. He could not go anywhere without Collins. One day as they were taking a walk they met a female cat called Bobby whom they were very afraid of. The cat scared them when he spoke to a monster. Peter was very afraid of monsters. So as they walked round the garden in the neighborhood, Collins was kidnapped by the monster and Peter was left alone. He was very worried and started searching for Collins without success. Suddenly, Peter decided to seek help from the female cat who he was afraid of. He had to put his fears aside and approach bobby for help. So as they searched for Collins together with another friend, eventually both Bobby and his friend were kidnapped by the monsters and Peter is left with nobody to help him. He had learnt so much since Collins was kidnapped and he was now brave to search for his brother and his friends. We walked to the woods of the monsters and when he got there, the big monster tried to threaten him but he was not afraid. He confronted the monster and eventually rescued his brother Collins and his friends. They walked back to their garden happily and Collins was happy that his brother had become a brave cat. The story gives children the courage to face the world and overcome fears. Some children depend entirely on their parents or older people for help and when they encounter a problem on their own, they cannot handle it. We learn from Peter that nothing is impossible and our fears can make us stronger and fearless. It is all about building confidence in us.

The Monster in My Room :

Juvenile Nonfiction

Author - Joy Shepherd
Publisher - Independently Published
Pages - 28
ISBN - 9781794235366

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Detail - Recommended for ages 5 through 10. A young child is sexually assaulted. The story, in prose, goes through the thoughts, feelings and anxiety experienced by young people who are victims of sexual abuse. Triumphant by discovering her own voice, the girl is able to talk about the trauma and in turn advises other young people to tell. This book is accompanied by a note to parents by a renowned Canadian social worker, Marion Soloway M.S.W. R.S.W.

Charley Meets a Monster :

Author - Deborah K. Clayton
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 24
ISBN - 9781540336231

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Detail - Charley believes there is a monster living in her room. She sees and hears scary things that make her scared to sleep in her bed. So what happens when she meets the monster in her room? Will she be able to go to sleep?

A Lifetime Through Love :

Author - J. Jeff Cochran
Publisher - J. Jeff Cochran
Pages - 200
ISBN - 9780692782798

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Detail - I started writing poetry in junior high school as a part of creative writing class and continued ever since. This is my personal journey through love, relationships, marriages, and depression over 50 years. My poems are snapshots of feelings through the waves of my life - sometimes rolling gently against the sand of a beach and other times crashing loudly into a rocky shore.

The Pirates of Miss Fortune: and the Crimson Fist :

Author - Hillal Latif
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 222
ISBN - 9781500822149

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Detail - Five years ago The Lad mysteriously arrived in the quiet port town of La Cara with nothing but his clothes and an old torn piece of blank parchment to call his. Now fourteen years old he still cannot remember what his life was like before arriving, or even what his name is. He's made a comfortable, simple, boring life for himself on the ransacked homestead. But when not one, not two, but three pirate ships arrive hell bent on finding a mysterious map, The Lad is about to find that even if you don't go looking for adventure, adventure my go looking for you.He finds himself in the employ of Captain Sebastian Rojo as the newest crew member of his pirate ship, The Miss Fortune. Rojo's sole purpose in life is to find the fabled Crimson Fist, a glove made of red diamonds that grants the wearer unimaginable power. Unbeknownst to Rojo, The Lad holds the key to making that dream come true. Unfortunately for them they are being hunted by the Demon of the Sea Captain Vexquell, who is already a slave to the power of the Crimson Fist.Rojo and The Lad must work together to find the mysterious island home of the Fist before Vexquell can unleash its true power. Hopefully along the way they can unravel the mysterious origin of the Fist, and shed some light on the shadowy past of The Lad.

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