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Operation Barbarossa : Hitler’s Invasion of Russia 1941

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Author :Colonel David M. Glantz
Publisher : The History Press Ltd
Isbn 10 : 0752460706
ISBN 13 : 9780752460703

Details : On twenty two June 1941 Der Fuhrer unleashed his forces on the land. Spearheaded by four powerful Panzer teams and guarded by Associate in Nursing impenetrable curtain of air support, the on the face of it unconquerable Wehrmacht advanced from the Soviet Union’s western borders to the immediate outskirts of urban center, national capital and Rostov within the shockingly temporary amount of lower than six months. The sudden, deep, relentless German advance just about destroyed the complete period of time Red Army and captured nearly forty % of Russia before expiring inexplicably at the gates of national capital and urban center. Associate in Nursing invasion designed to realize ending in 3 to 6 weeks failing and, four years later, resulted in unexampled and total German defeat.

David Glantz challenges the time-honoured rationalization that poor weather, unhealthy parcel and Hitler’s faulty strategic judgement created German defeat, and divulges however the Red Army unsuccessful the German Army’s dramatic and apparently inexorable invasion before it achieved its formidable goals.

DAVID M. GLANTZ is that the world’s leading professional on the japanese Front throughout the Second war. He has written several acclaimed works on the Red Army, city and Barbarossa. He was historical authority with academician Ian Kershaw for BBC TV’s War of the Century. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

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