Ozlem’s Turkish Table : Recipes from My Homeland

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Author : Ozlem Warren
Detail : “With a tribute to Southern Turkish cookery

Foreword by gillie Basan

“My terribly heat welcome to you – Hosgeldiniz”

This book is OEzlem’s tribute to the fantastic various cookery of Turkey and a celebration of her Southern Turkish roots with native regional recipes from her home city, Antioch, Antakya. She hopes these recipes can take you on a Turkish journey – to find out, style and luxuriate in the delicious foods of her fatherland and most significantly you are feeling the heat and sharing spirit of Turkish culture.

Turkish cookery is predicated on seasonal recent turn out. it’s healthy, delicious, cheap and straightforward to create. She shows you ways to recreate these fantastic recipes in your own residence, where you’re within the world. Her dishes area unit seasoned naturally with: vegetable oil, juice, nuts, spices, moreover as condiments like pomegranate sirup and nar eksisi. Turkish cookery conjointly offers masses choices for eater, gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Living abroad, it will be troublesome to access speciality ingredients, therefore I she conjointly offers substitute and/or alternatives where she will be able to.

She hopes her recipes inspire you to recreate them in your own room which they’ll bring you fond reminiscences of some time in Turkey or any special moments shared with idolised ones.

Her roots – Ancient Antioch, Antakya

Her family’s roots originate to ancient Antioch, Antakya, set within the southern a part of Turkey, close to the Syrian border. This book could be a special tribute to Antioch and southern Turkish cookery, as her change of state has been galvanized by this special land.

Her oldsters, Orhan and Gulcin, were each born in Antioch and she or he spent several happy childhood holidays during this ancient town, enjoying within the curtilage of her grandmother’s 450 year recent stone home, underneath the fig and walnut trees. Her dad’s father, Ahmet, was a soap maker (my father’s cognomen “Sabuncu”, suggests that “soap maker”) creating the city’s landmark vegetable oil soaps. Her mother’s father, Suphi, was a food businessperson, commercialism recent and dried turn out inside the town moreover like Syrian Arab Republic. She grew up with the abundance of recent turn out as her grandfather would share cases of figs, aubergines, tomatoes with family and friends at the family direct Antioch.

Love of excellent food and sharing has been instilled in her since childhood and she or he grew up with the generosity of her oldsters and nuclear family. Her mother and granny would cook lunch and dinner a day and everybody would be welcome to their table. Her granny would depart an additional plate or 2 on the table as somebody would forever take place at mealtimes and that they would be warmly welcome to the board. they might all sit round her curtilage board underneath the tree and have a feast of senses with arrays of fantastic mezzes (small plates of appetizers), associate degree abundance of recent fruit and vegetables boiled in vegetable oil (Zeytinyaglilar), succulent kebabs and plenty of a lot of.

The Turkish locution “Basimin ustunde yerin var” (“I would place you at the highest of my head”) sums up the Turkish welcome utterly. For Turks guests area unit the foremost vital folks. Turks place their guests at the highest of the table and that they area unit forever delighted to share no matter food they need.

A typical Turkish table:

Turkish cookery is predicated on recent, seasonal turn out. it’s family friendly, healthy and straightforward to organize. making ready dishes could be a personal selection and it’s utterly fine to tweak a direction to replicate your style moreover as creating use of what you’ve got in your cabinet. once attempt a brand new direction, say stuffed vegetables, it forever starts with a telephony to my OEzlem’s mother.Her mum talks concerning however she makes it, and OEzlem tells her concerning the ingredients she will be able to get (for instanceinstead of pointy red peppers, it may be bell peppers for), and things she could also be ready to substitute with another. They bear in mind however they might all gather at making ready the filling for dolma, her dada obtaining the vegetables from the market and subsiding into obtaining eliminate the seeds for peppers, her mum making ready the filling and whoever round the house sitting the table to assist stuffing the vegetables. She is aware and extremely grateful to own adult up with such love of food, caring for each other and serving to each other.

Turks like to have family associate degreed friends around and there is forever an abundance of food at the table. A typical Turkish meal sometimes starts with a soup, a awfully vital a part of Turkish cookery. And there’s forever some hot and cold mezzes on the table; it may be filo pastry rolls with cheese and parsley, Sigara Boregi, or maybe spinach and feta pie with filo pastry, Ispanakli Borek. counting on the season and therefore the region, there could also be pureed eggplants (aubergines) with lemon and vegetable oil sauce, Patlican Salata or red pepper paste and walnuts dip, Cevizli Biber, on the table. Then there’s typically a meat primarily based course; it will be a hearty stew or casserole with meat or chicken in it with seasonal vegetables or in season fish, with seasonal dish and vegetables. Turks love their dessert; from pastry to stuffed apricots with walnuts, there is forever time for sweet. and that they clean up with a beautiful coffee or Turkish tea, cay, relishing each sip within the company of friends and family.

Today in Turkey, food and mealtimes continues to be the hub of daily life. Time is usually taken to share meals with members of the family or friends, to relax and luxuriate in spoken language. Participants want one another “Afiyet Olsun”, virtually that means “May you be healthy and pleased with this food you eat”. this is often followed by a tribute to the creator of the meal, “Elinize Saglik”, that means “Health to your hands”. Guests area unit forever received with the best cordial welcome and it’s believed that nobody ought to ever leave a Turkish table while not feeling happy and happy.

Antakya’s Cuisine:

Antakya’s cookery has an unbelievable richness of recent herbs, spices, grains like wheat and freekeh, natural condiments like vegetable oil and pomegranate sirup. it is a cookery packed with flavour and ancient traditions and wherever her change of state has been galvanized from. Antakya’s (ancient Antioch’s) cookery is influenced by the Ottoman, Arabic and therefore the French cuisines (Antakya was underneath the French rule for a brief amount when the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, before it became a locality of the Republic of Turkey). Antioch conjointly hosts several various communities, as well as the Vakifli Armenian village and varied spiritual teams. Jews, Christians, Muslims sleep in harmony, underneath one roof. i like that you simply will hear the bell aboard the announcer decision tor prayer at the mosque’s minarets for Muslims. Herfood businessperson uncle in Antioch would celebrate Christmas and Channukkah along with his Christian and human friends, moreover as breaking his quick with the Muslim community throughout Ramadan.

She hopes this book can give you with a decent, tempting introduction to Turkish cookery. These area unit a number of her own favorite Turkish recipes – fondly created and passed down from her grannie to her oldsters and currently to her own family’s table. She really hopes they’ll inspire you to make, cook, experiment and most of all – fancy the brilliant cookery of Turkey.

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