Simple Tips, Smart Ideas

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Author : Erica Wolfe-Murray
Detail :  Free ideas – good thinking – Real case studies – straightforward recommendation – fast tips Micro corporations, freelance & freelance, everybody with a aspect hustle – this book is for you! If you run one in every of the UK’s 5m small tiny corporations, you may apprehend simply however exhausting it’s to grow your business. Drawing on expertise from operating with many founders a bit like you, artistic head and money director heath Wolfe-Murray offers you a fashionable array of ideas, tips and up to date case studies to kick-start growth, build business resilience, outsmart your competitors and fall back smitten with what you are doing.

One Simple Change : Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life

Health & Fitness

Author - Winnie Abramson
Publisher - Chronicle Books
Pages - 144
ISBN - 1452129762

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Detail - Small changes add up! We all want to look and feel better, and One Simple Change shows us how. In this wellness guide, Healthy Green Kitchen blogger Winnie Abramson compiles 50 small changes that readers can easily make to improve their everyday well-being. Abramson—who has a doctorate in naturopathic medicine—throws fad diets out the door in favor of age-old culinary wisdom, green living tips, cutting-edge nutrition information, and 15 simple and easy recipes. Readers can work through the tips week by week or dip in and out of the book at will. This game-changing guide will be treasured by anyone hoping to look and feel healthier, younger, and happier.

Smart Office Organizing : Simple Strategies for Bringing Order to Your Workspace

Business & Economics

Author - Sandra Felton
Publisher - Revell
Pages - 240
ISBN - 0800720105

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Detail - Organizing experts help readers tackle every type of office organizing challenge at work or at home.

Problem Solving 101 : A simple book for smart people

Business & Economics

Author - Ken Watanabe
Publisher - Random House
Pages - 128
ISBN - 1407030167

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Detail - Problem Solving 101 started out as a simple guide to teach Japanese schoolchildren critical thinking skills. But it quickly became an international bestseller for readers of all ages, thanks to the powerful effectiveness of Ken Watanabe's unique methods. Full of useful diagrams and quirky drawings, Problem Solving 101 is packed with practical tools and brain training techniques that will improve your problem-solving and decision-making ability, and enable you to find better solutions faster. Simple enough for a high school student to understand but sophisticated enough for CEOs to apply to their most challenging problems, Problem Solving 101 has helped millions of people around the world to find successful solutions to even the toughest of problems. Once you've mastered the problem-solving skills in this book, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them.

Pillsbury Savvy Shopper's Cookbook :


Author - no defined
Publisher - John Wiley & Sons
Pages - 226
ISBN - 0470543973

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Detail - With Pillsbury Savvy Shopper's Cookbook, it's easy and affordable to put a great family meal on the able every night of the week. Packed with smart tips and tasty recipes, this handy book makes cutting our food budget a breeze---and you don't have to give up on great taste or your favorite meals. You'll and money-saving tips on buying and storing in bulk, saving with your slow cooker, and organizing our kitchen for maximum efficiency. A cost-per-serving calculation is included with every recipe to help you plan your weekly meals wisely. And with crowd-pleasing recipes like these, saving money ever tasted so good!

Keep It Simple and Smart :


Author - Ric Morgan
Publisher - Createspace Independent Pub
Pages - 88
ISBN - 9781463597115

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Detail - An 80-page dynamic, power-packed, life-changing book about the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple and Smart) program that helps lead to a simpler, smarter and saner life. The Pulitzer-nominated book has four keys and a set of life lessons to aid in improving a person's life forever, if the principles are learned, assimilated, and applied on a daily basis. No matter where you open this book, you will find something you can learn and apply immediately, and make a part of your changing and growing life.

Smart Phone Smart Photography : Simple techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone and Android


Author - Jo Bradford
Publisher - Ryland Peters & Small
Pages - 144
ISBN - 1782497714

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Detail - “... a genuinely useful guide to the more technical side of phone shooting, including editing with popular apps like Snapseed. Jo Bradford makes the most of the creative possibilities of modern smartphone cameras, and her tips on improving exposure and ensuring decent prints are really useful.” Awarded 5 stars by Amateur Photographer Maximize your potential to get the shots you want with this guide to photography for both Apple and Android phones. There’s a saying that the best camera for the job is the one you have with you when an opportunity arises. Thanks to the boom in camera-phone technology, today we’re lucky enough to have a camera to hand to capture all those incredible moments. But are you making the most of that powerful tool in your pocket? Do the photos you have taken tend to be blurry, or look nothing like what you're seeing? If you want to shoot incredible images with your phone, buy Smart Phone, Smart Photography. Covering simple techniques that will allow you to get the image that you see every single time, you will soon be telling your camera what to do with confidence. Start with The Big Picture and get to know your camera phone and the rules behind taking the perfect shot. The next chapter, Taking Great Pictures, explains the key disciplines of photography – portrait, abstraction, macro, still life and plenty more. Finally, the Post-production chapter demonstrates how to use apps to edit and enhance your images and create incredible prints for display.

Real Simple: Solutions : Tricks, Wisdom, and Easy Ideas to Simplify Every Day

Business & Economics

Author - Amanda Hinnant
Publisher - Time Home Entertainment
Pages - 192

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Detail - Presents hundreds of practical ideas, solutions, and tricks for help in everyday living, covering such topics as cooking, decorating, cleaning, entertaining, fashion, and grooming.

Shelves and Bookcases : Pro Tips and Simple Steps

House & Home

Author - Meredith Books
Publisher - Stanley Books
Pages - 120
ISBN - 9780696213533

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Detail - Includes how-to information.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple : 10 Steps to Master Your Personal and Career Goals

Business & Economics

Author - S. J. Scott
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 114
ISBN - 9781496154064

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Detail - DISCOVER:: How to Set Professional and Personal Goals That You Actually Achieve Do you often set goals that you never seem to reach? We're all filled with dreams and aspirations. Most long for fulfilling relationships. Some desire personal freedom. Others want fame and success. And some strive for profitable businesses. Wherever your ambitions may lie, goal setting can get you there. On the other hand, the wrong goal can leave you feeling frustrated and unmotivated. When you set a goal that's too lofty, it's easy to give up when your dreams don't turn into reality. We all have important milestones we'd like to reach. The trick is to create a plan and commit to it. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals can help you do this. TAKE ACTION:: Focus on S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Get Real Results It's easy to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Simply write down a desired outcome on a piece of paper and create a deadline for achieving it. The hard part is taking action. As you know, the Internet is full of books that talk about setting goals. The problem? Most don't talk about the daily actions (or habits) required to achieve them. In the book, "S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple", you'll get a ten-step plan for setting and achieving your goals. Unlike other titles, this book will teach you how to turn any idea into an actionable plan. Not only will you get an overview of S.M.A.R.T. goals, you'll also get a blueprint for turning them into daily routines. DOWNLOAD:: S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple -- 10 Steps to Master Your Personal and Career Goals "S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple" contains a detailed blueprint of how to turn any major life goal into a doable daily plan. You will learn how to: ** Understand what makes a good S.M.A.R.T. goal ** Identify what you truly want to achieve ** Set goals for all 7 areas of your life ** Focus on three-month goals that are achievable ** Follow 5 steps for turning S.M.A.R.T. goals into habits ** Schedule the completion these habits with a weekly review ** Use mind mapping to identify every step for achieving a goal ** Track the daily progress of your goals ** Overcome five obstacles to S.M.A.R.T. goal setting ** Review your goals (the right way) and make sure you're staying on track ** Stay motivated by using the power of accountability Goal setting doesn't have to be difficult. You can achieve any major goal by following the right plan. And "S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple" can help you do this. Would You Like To Know More? Download and start working on your goals today. Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

Money Saving Tips : Easy Tips & Ideas to Save Money,manage Money and Achieve Financial Freedom

Author - Rock Bankole
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages - 42
ISBN - 9781537060552

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Detail - "At Last, The Answers you deserve on Saving Money Now" Without any "nonsense advice" like renting out your house and moving down to the garage. - Are you overwhelmed by financial difficulties? - Have you accumulated too many debts that are struggling you to death? - Or have you made poor investment decisions and are now unable to enjoy money?According to a research conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), "the majority of Americans do not plan for a predictable event such as retirement or children's college education. Most importantly, people do not make provisions for unexpected events and emergencies, leaving themselves and the economy exposed to shocks."4 out of 5 American adults are faced with economic insecurity at some point in their lives and the majority of Americans lack basic numeracy and knowledge of fundamental economic principle.There is also a sharp disconnection between self-reported financial knowledge and financial knowledge as measured by financial literacy quizzes. Even those who give their best knowledge score poorly on quizzes. Moreover, while many believe they are pretty good at dealing with day-to-day financial matters, in actuality, they engage in financial behaviors that generate expenses and fees, overdrawing checking accounts, making late credit card payments, or exceeding limits on credit card charges. Comparing terms of financial contracts and shopping around before making financial decisions are not at all common among the population. How would you like to change your financial life and protect your family from an economic disaster? By purchasing the Money Saving Tips book, you'll discover a step by step and easy to follow guide that reveals the secret to effectively save money as well as the fundamental and basic economic principle everybody ought to know about.Not only that, you will also learn how to think like people who are financially successful and why saving money is not only a physical act but a mental action as well. Here is a preview of what you will learn... Simple techniques to establish your money saving master plan How to think smart and act smart with your money Powerful Technique to make your savings work for you The #1 technique of developing a money saving habits And much more! When you purchase the Money Saving Tips book today you'll save 60% off the regular price.Please note that this bonus is only available for a limited time! Go to the top of the page and click the orange "Add To Cart" button on the right to order now!

Think Simple : How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity

Business & Economics

Author - Ken Segall
Publisher - Penguin UK
Pages - 256
ISBN - 0241970369

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Detail - The secrets to Apple's success and how to use them, from the Apple insider Ken Segall In Think Simple, Apple insider and New York Times bestselling author Ken Segall gives you the tools to Apple's success - and shows you how to use them. It's all about simplicity. Whether you're in a multinational corporation or a lean startup, this guide will teach you how to crush complexity and focus on what matters; how to perform better, faster and more efficiently. Combining his insight from Apple with examples from companies across industries all over the world - including Ben & Jerry's, Whole Foods, Intel and HyundaiCard - Segall provides a simple roadmap for any company to find success.

Ishi : Simple Tips from a Solid Friend

Author - Akiko Yabuki
Publisher - POW!
Pages - 40
ISBN - 9781576878163

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Detail - An award-winning, shareable, cozy hug of a picture book featuring Ishi, an optimistic little rock who reminds readers to choose and share happiness! The ISHI book features a simple rock character which appeals to a wide audience, with valuable lessons in compassion for the self and for others. The FROM / TO page on the inside cover of this picture book encourages the readers to share the book and pass it on with kindness, which creates opportunities for the readers to experience the joy of giving. Previously available as a self published sensation, Ishi is now coming to bookstores worldwide! AWARDS: - Gold Award, National Parenting Publications Awards 2015 - Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2015 - Silver Medal, Benjamin Franklin Book Award 2015 - Gold Medal, Mom's Choice Awards 2014 - Finalist, The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2013 "Ishi is a hit in our house. Its demanded almost every night!"--Anna C Lem, a mom from San Francisco "This little book is a tiny gem!"--Benjamin Franklin Book Awards "Had a bad day? Then open this little book and you'll feel better. Much better"--The Wishing Shelf Awards"

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