The Anatomist : A True Story of Gray’s Anatomy

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Author :Bill Hayes
ISBN 10 :1934137219
ISBN 13 :9781934137215

Details :The classic medical text referred to as Gray’s Anatomy is one in every of the foremost notable books ever created. during this masterful work of inventive prose, Bill Hayes uncovers the extraordinary lives of the seminal volume’s author and artist whereas providing a “scalpel’s-eye” read into the ingenuity of the chassis.

“Hayes’s history of the illustrated medical text Gray’s Anatomy coincides with the 150th day of its 1st publication. Fascinated by the very fact that small was famous regarding the notable book’s genesis, Hayes scrutinized nineteenth-century letters and medical-school records, learning that, besides Henry grey, the good scholar and doctor WHO wrote the text, another expert was crucial to the book’s popularity: Henry Vandyke Carter, WHO provided its conscientious drawings. Hayes moves agilely between the dour streets of Victorian London, wherever grey and Carter trained at St. George’s Hospital, and also the sunnier school rooms of a geographical area university crammed with athletic physical therapists in coaching, wherever he enrolls in anatomy categories and discovers that ‘when done well, dissection is extremely pleasing esthetically.’”

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