The Cambridge Companion to Seneca

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Author : Shadi Bartsch ,Alessandro Schiesaro
Isbn 10 :1107694213
Isbn 13 :9781107694217

Detail :The Roman political leader, thinker and author Lucius Annaeus Seneca dramatically influenced the progression of Western thought. His works have had AN incomparable impact on the event of moral theory, shaping a code of behavior for managing tyranny in his own age that endures nowadays. This Companion totally examines the whole philosopher corpus, with special stress on the aspects of his writings that have challenged interpretation. The authors place Seneca within the context of the traditional world and trace his spectacular inheritance in literature, art, religion, and politics from Neronian Rome to the first trendy amount. Through vital discussion of the recent proliferation of philosopher studies, this volume compellingly illustrates however the perception of Seneca and his specific sort of Stoicism has evolved over time. It provides a comprehensive summary that may profit students and students in classics, literary study, history, philosophy and ideology, further as general readers.


The Cambridge Companion to Seneca :


Author - Shadi Bartsch, Alessandro Schiesaro
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 378
ISBN - 1107035058

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Detail - This Companion examines the complete works of Seneca in context and establishes the importance of his legacy in Western thought.

The Cambridge Companion to Cicero :


Author - C. E. W. Steel
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 422
ISBN - 0521509939

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Detail - A comprehensive and authoritative account of one of the greatest and most prolific writers of classical antiquity.

The Cambridge Companion to Roman Satire :


Author - Kirk Freudenburg
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 352
ISBN - 9780521803595

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Detail - Satire as a distinct genre of writing was first developed by the Romans in the second century BCE. Regarded by them as uniquely 'their own', satire held a special place in the Roman imagination as the one genre that could address the problems of city life from the perspective of a 'real Roman'. In this Cambridge Companion an international team of scholars provides a stimulating introduction to Roman satire's core practitioners and practices, placing them within the contexts of Greco-Roman literary and political history. Besides addressing basic questions of authors, content, and form, the volume looks to the question of what satire 'does' within the world of Greco-Roman social exchanges, and goes on to treat the genre's further development, reception, and translation in Elizabethan England and beyond. Included are studies of the prosimetric, 'Menippean' satires that would become the models of Rabelais, Erasmus, More, and (narrative satire's crowning jewel) Swift.

The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Nero :


Author - Shadi Bartsch, Kirk Freudenburg, Cedric Littlewood
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 428
ISBN - 1107052203

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Detail - A lively and accessible guide to the rich literary, philosophical and artistic achievements of the notorious age of Nero.

The Cambridge Companion to the Stoics :


Author - Brad Inwood
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 438
ISBN - 9780521779852

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Detail - This unique volume offers an odyssey through the ideas of the Stoics in three particular ways: first, through the historical trajectory of the school itself and its influence; second, through the recovery of the history of Stoic thought; third, through the ongoing confrontation with Stoicism, showing how it refines philosophical traditions, challenges the imagination, and ultimately defines the kind of life one chooses to lead. A distinguished roster of specialists have written an authoritative guide to the entire philosophical tradition. The first two chapters chart the history of the school in the ancient world, and are followed by chapters on the core themes of the Stoic system: epistemology, logic, natural philosophy, theology, determinism, and metaphysics. There are two chapters on what might be thought of as the heart and soul of the Stoics system: ethics.

The Cambridge Companion to Epicureanism :


Author - James Warren
Publisher - Cambridge University Press
Pages - 342
ISBN - 1139828169

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Detail - This Companion presents both an introduction to the history of the ancient philosophical school of Epicureanism and also a critical account of the major areas of its philosophical interest. Chapters span the school's history from the early Hellenistic Garden to the Roman Empire and its later reception in the Early Modern period, introducing the reader to the Epicureans' contributions in physics, metaphysics, epistemology, psychology, ethics and politics. The international team of contributors includes scholars who have produced innovative and original research in various areas of Epicurean thought and they have produced essays which are accessible and of interest to philosophers, classicists, and anyone concerned with the diversity and preoccupations of Epicurean philosophy and the state of academic research in this field. The volume emphasises the interrelation of the different areas of the Epicureans' philosophical interests while also drawing attention to points of interpretative difficulty and controversy.

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