The Colour of the Sun

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Author : David Almond
Detail : “A in darkness twisted detective ghost tale, from the winner of the Guardian Children’s Book Prize.

Davie travels his village in search of a supposed slayer. however the landscape presently starts to blur into one thing dark and twisted.

He should be of the landscape, if he has any likelihood of finding answers. The individuals he encounters on his travels do not appear entirely real either. Then he meets the victim of the murder … but, is he dead, or alive?”

The Colour of the Sun :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - David Almond
Publisher - Hodder Children's Books
Pages - 240
ISBN - 9781444941135

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Detail - A darkly twisted detective ghost tale, from the winner of the Guardian Children's Book Prize. Davie travels his small town in search of a supposed murderer. But the landscape soon starts to blur into something dark and twisted. He must make sense of the landscape, if he has any chance of finding answers. The people he encounters on his travels don't seem entirely real either. Then he meets the victim of the murder ... but, is he dead, or alive?

Colour Your Life : How to use the right colours to achieve balance, health and happiness

Body, Mind & Spirit

Author - Howard Sun
Publisher - Hachette UK
Pages - 240
ISBN - 0349404607

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Detail - Colour has been used for thousands of years to represent an individual's mental and emotional state. The colours that we surround ourselves with provide an insight and allow for a deeper exploration into the inner self. Used positively, colour can have a profound healing quality, enhance our well-being and improve our lives. Howard and Dorothy Sun have been working as colour therapists for over twenty years and created Living Colour, a colour awareness and personal growth organisation. Colour Your Life explains how colour can be used to promote health, healing and personal growth. Discover how to do your own Colour Reflection Reading, learn about your aura and chakra colours and discover how colour in your life can be the answer to spiritual growth and well-being.

What Colour is the Sun? : Mind-Bending Science Facts in the Solar System's Brightest Quiz


Author - Brian Clegg
Publisher - Icon Books
Pages - 272
ISBN - 1785781235

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Detail - Why do your fingers go wrinkly in the bath? What kind of animal can have 21 limbs? Who would really win a fight between a T.Rex and Godzilla? Test your knowledge of all things scientific with the biggest, brightest and most mind-bending quiz book this side of the Big Bang. Featuring 100 brain-melting Q&As, with enlightening explanations provided throughout, this is the ultimate examination of what you know about space, chemistry, quantum physics, science fiction and much more.

Colour Therapy :

Health & Fitness

Author - Rashmi Sharma
Publisher - Pustak Mahal
Pages - 88
ISBN - 8122301266

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Detail - 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.25 Inches

The Colour of Sun :

Board books

Author - Ladybird Books Staff
Publisher - Ladybird Books
Pages - 18
ISBN - 9780723269342

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Detail - Who looks after the sky? The Cloudbabies do! When Bobo White finds a brush and some paint, he gives Sun a new colour. But a purple Sun can't shine properly. You see Sun isn't really a Sun unless he's yellow. Will the Cloudbabies put things right in time? A first board storybook based on the new animated series, currently airing on CBeebies.

Rising Sun of the West : Kitab Al Irshad - The Book of Spiritual Guidance (Full Colour Edition)


Author - Nurjan Mirahmadi
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 598
ISBN - 9781989602010

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Detail - Rising Sun of the West is an essential spiritual guidebook filled with invaluable knowledge of the elements within our cosmos. The author presents inspiring discourse, supported with over 1,000 full-colour images and custom diagrams, guiding the student through a comprehensive program of spiritual development. The journey examines the Divine's (Allah) most powerful sun of all universes, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and progresses to an insightful overview of the stars, represented by the Holy Companions. These symbols of guidance lead us on the path to enlightenment and by applying the disciplines of the star, the willing seeker can unlock hidden realities of the soul. This book encapsulates the importance of following the full moons, the spiritual guides, who dedicate their lives to reflect the sun and exemplify the best in character. It is ultimately through their guiding light that the student transcends life on earth and moves closer to realizing true cosmic awareness.

On the Influence of the Blue Color of the Sky in Developing Animal and Vegetable Life :


Author - no defined
Publisher - no defined
Pages - 36
ISBN - 9780371387450

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Detail -

Yellow : The History of a Color


Author - Michel Pastoureau
Publisher - Princeton University Press
Pages - 240
ISBN - 069119825X

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Detail - "Illuminated with a wide variety of images, this book traces the long history of yellow around the world. In antiquity, yellow was considered a sacred color, a symbol of light, warmth, wealth, and prosperity. But in medieval Europe, it became highly ambivalent: greenish yellow came to signify demonic sulfur and bile, the color of forgers, felon knights, traitors, Judas, and Lucifer-while warm yellow recalled honey and gold, serving as a sign of joy, pleasure and abundance. The yellow stars of the Holocaust were seared into the color's negative tradition. In Europe today, yellow has diminished to a discreet color. Greenish yellow can still be seen as dangerous, sickly, or poisonous, and golden yellow remains positive, but the color is absent in much of everyday life and is lacking in symbolism. In Asia, however, yellow pigments like ocher and orpiment and dyes like saffron, curcuma, and gaude are abundant. Painting and dyeing in this color has been easier than in Europe, offering a richer and more varied palette of yellows that has granted the color a more positive meaning. In ancient China, for example, yellow clothing was reserved for the emperor. In India, the color is seen as a source of happiness: wearing a little yellow is believed to keep evil away. And importantly, it is the color of Buddhism, whose temple doors are marked with the color. Yellow continues to have different meanings in different cultural traditions, but in most, the color remains associated with light and sun, something that can be seen from afar and that seems warm and always in motion"--

Skellig :


Author - David Almond
Publisher - Hodder Children's Books
Pages - 256
ISBN - 9781444914757

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Detail - Special hardback gift edition celebrating 15 years of Skellig - one of the best-known, most-awarded debut children's novels of the past 20 years.

Half of a Yellow Sun :


Author - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Publisher - Vintage Canada
Pages - 560
ISBN - 9780307373540

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Detail - With her award-winning debut novel, Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was heralded by the Washington Post Book World as the “21st century daughter” of Chinua Achebe. Now, in her masterly, haunting new novel, she recreates a seminal moment in modern African history: Biafra’s impassioned struggle to establish an independent republic in Nigeria during the 1960s. With the effortless grace of a natural storyteller, Adichie weaves together the lives of five characters caught up in the extraordinary tumult of the decade. Fifteen-year-old Ugwu is houseboy to Odenigbo, a university professor who sends him to school, and in whose living room Ugwu hears voices full of revolutionary zeal. Odenigbo’s beautiful mistress, Olanna, a sociology teacher, is running away from her parents’ world of wealth and excess; Kainene, her urbane twin, is taking over their father’s business; and Kainene’s English lover, Richard, forms a bridge between their two worlds. As we follow these intertwined lives through a military coup, the Biafran secession and the subsequent war, Adichie brilliantly evokes the promise, and intimately, the devastating disappointments that marked this time and place. Epic, ambitious and triumphantly realized, Half of a Yellow Sun is a more powerful, dramatic and intensely emotional picture of modern Africa than any we have had before. From the Hardcover edition.

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Juvenile Fiction

Author - Nick Hornby
Publisher - Scholastic Inc.
Pages - 224
ISBN - 0545230004

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Detail - This well-received novel from a cast of acclaimed authors is now available in paperback! A video message from a dead person. A larcenous teenager. A man who can stick his left toe behind his head and in his ear. An epileptic girl seeking answers in a fairy tale. A boy who loses everything in World War II, and his brother who loses even more. And a family with a secret so big that it changes everything. The world's best beloved authors each contribute a chapter in the life of the mysterious George "Gee" Keane, photographer, soldier, adventurer, and enigma. Under different pens, a startling portrait emerges of a man, his family, and his gloriously complicated tangle of a life.

Every Colour Under the Sun : Songs on Thoughtful Themes for Primary School Assemblies

Children's songs

Author - no defined
Publisher - Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Pages - 196
ISBN - 9780706242669

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Detail - The songs have been grouped according to the main themes: the seasons, the world around us, identity, prayer, work and everyday life, helping others and social awareness, working for a better world, co-operation and tolerance, celebrations, beginnings and endings.

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