The Third Industrial Revolution : How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World

Friday, 13 July 2018, 8:58 | Engineering | 0 Comment | 165 Views

Author : Jeremy Rifkin
Isbn 10 :0230341977
Isbn 13 :9780230341975

Details : With the KeystonePipelinedominating the news, and America’s addiction to grease showing no signs of waning, it’s additional pressing than ever that we have a tendency to rethink our energy desires in light-weight of economic reality. during this ny Times bestseller, Jeremy Rifkin explores however web technology and renewable energy square measure merging to make a strong new engine of economic process, whereby many various folks can turn out their own inexperienced energy in their homes, offices, associate degreed factories and share it with one another in an “energy web.” This method can start a basic rearrangement of human relationships, from ranked to lateral, which will impact the means we have a tendency to conduct commerce, govern society, educate our youngsters, and have interaction in civic life. The Third age is associate degree insider’s account of successive nice economic era, together with a glance into the personalities and players – heads of state, world CEOs, social entrepreneurs, and NGOs – World Health Organization square measure pioneering its implementation round the world.


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