The Wall

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Author : John Lanchester
Detail : “Kavanagh begins his life patrolling the Wall. If he is lucky, if nothing goes wrong, he solely has 2 years of this, 729 additional nights.

The best factor which will happen is that he survives and gets off the Wall and ne’er must pay another day of his life anyplace close to it. He longs for this to be over; longs to be away.

He can presently decide what Defenders do and WHO the Others area unit. together with the remainder of his squad, he can endure cold and worry day once day, night once night. however somewhere, within the dark cave of his mind, he thinks: would not it’s fascinating if one thing did happen, if they came, if you had to fight for your life?

John Lanchester’s thrilling, hypnotic new novel is regarding why the young area unit right to hate the recent. It’s a couple of broken world you may recognise as your own-and regarding what can be found once all is lost.”

The Wall : A Pilgrimage : a One-act Play

Author - Jan Stuckey
Publisher - I. E. Clark Publications
Pages - 16
ISBN - 9780886803216

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Detail -

The Wall: (Intimacy) and Other Stories :


Author - Jean-Paul Sartre
Publisher - New Directions Publishing
Pages - 144
ISBN - 0811219747

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Detail - One of Sartre’s greatest existentialist works of fiction, The Wall contains the only five short stories he ever wrote. Set during the Spanish Civil War, the title story crystallizes the famous philosopher’s existentialism. 'The Wall', the lead story in this collection, introduces three political prisoners on the night prior to their execution. Through the gaze of an impartial doctor—seemingly there for the men's solace—their mental descent is charted in exquisite, often harrowing detail. And as the morning draws inexorably closer, the men cross the psychological wall between life and death, long before the first shot rings out. This brilliant snapshot of life in anguish is the perfect introduction to a collection of stories where the neurosis of the modern world is mirrored in the lives of the people that inhabit it . This is an unexpurgated edition translated from the French by Lloyd Alexander.

Cracking the Wall : The Struggles of the Little Rock Nine

Juvenile Fiction

Author - Eileen Lucas
Publisher - Millbrook Press
Pages - 48
ISBN - 0761358412

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Detail - In 1957, nine teenagers were chosen to be the first black students to attend all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. A small group of people in Little Rock, including the governor of Arkansas, wanted to keep them out. But those nine studen

Teaching Off the Wall : Interactive Bulletin Boards


Author - Jodi Hoch
Publisher - David C Cook
Pages - 110
ISBN - 9780781438377

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Detail - Children's ministry can be fun and meaningful when you use these incredibly creative resources from Godprints--"The Most Creative Children's Ministry Resource Ever!" Every activity helps kids learn what God is like and how to become more like Him! That's why we say - these are Resources That Leave a Godprint!

Beyond the Wall : A Memoir

Biography & Autobiography

Author - Dolores E. Cross
Publisher - WestBow Press
Pages - 268
ISBN - 1449700950

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Detail - Dolores Cross got a wake-up call, literally and figuratively, at 2:00 one morning, from a man asking who she was and where she was. As she glanced at the electronic bracelet around her ankle, she made a decision to answer the question of who she was. Not just to her caller, but to all people who have given themselves to a cause, only to be accused of a crime. This timely and inspiring memoir emerged from a respected educational administrators harrowing year under house arrest. Crosss ordeal became a personal journey to find new understanding, new strength, and hope. To sustain herself, she drew upon the lessons of memories, taught by her roots, her ancestors, her family, and her personal heroes, in the face of injustice, betrayal, and relentless prosecution. In Beyond the Wall, Cross examines the external forces that pulled her down into a darkness far from everything she believed in and had accomplished. To weather the storm, she reflected on the life experiences that had motivated her to accept the presidency of a financially fragile college and the arduous climb from the abyss that followed her resignation.

The Wall of Light : Nikola Tesla and the Venusian Space Ship, the X-12


Author - Arthur H. Matthews
Publisher - Health Research Books
Pages - 116
ISBN - 9780787305888

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Detail -

The Wall :

Juvenile Fiction

Author - Eve Bunting
Publisher - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages - 32
ISBN - 9780395629772

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Detail - A boy and his father come from far away to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington and find the name of the boy's grandfather, who was killed in the conflict.

When the Wall Came Down : Reactions to German Unification


Author - Harold James
Publisher - Routledge
Pages - 370
ISBN - 1136642617

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Detail - First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Writing on the Wall : Scenario Development in Times of Discontinuity

Social Science

Author - Philip Van Notten
Publisher - Universal-Publishers
Pages - 228
ISBN - 1581122659

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Detail - Although the significance of '9/11' is subject to debate, it is symbolic of a general sentiment of discontinuity whereby society is vulnerable to undefined and highly disruptive events. Recent catalysts of this sentiment are eye-catching developments such as the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and bird flu outbreaks, the Enron and Parmalat scandals, political assassinations in Sweden and the Netherlands, regime changes in Iraq and Afghanistan, and terrorist attacks in Bali, Istanbul, Madrid, and various parts of the Middle East. However, recent discontinuities should not be seen as evidence that discontinuities occur more frequently now than they did before. Looking back in history we see that disruptive processes are common. For example, 25 years ago few Europeans would have predicted the upcoming upheavals on their own continent: the collapse of communism, Berlin as the capital of a reunited Germany, the wars in the former Yugoslavia, the single European currency, and the near doubling of the number of European Union member states. Changes elsewhere have been no less discontinuous and unforeseen: the fall of the Asian tigers, the emergence of the Internet and mobile telecommunication, and the presidency of Nelson Mandela. Societal discontinuity is a relatively new area of concern in policy development. Since the 1970s the consideration of change and discontinuity has gained some ground over predictive forecasting, which tended to reason from continuous developments and linear processes. Rather than making forecasting the future, it has become popular to use scenarios as a manner to consider several possible futures. Scenarios are coherent descriptions of alternative hypothetical futures that reflect different perspectives on past, present, and future developments, which can serve as a basis for action. Scenario development aims to combine analytical knowledge with creative thinking in an effort to capture a wide range of possible future developments in a limited number of outlooks. Scenario development assumes that the future is uncertain and the directions in which current developments might range from the conventional to the revolutionary. In theory, scenario development is a way to consider future discontinuity. However, there are indications that the theoretical promise is not reflected in scenario practice. Research has shown that scenarios do not consider the idea of discontinuity as a matter of course. In our research, we found that a scenario study would benefit from efforts to create and foster a 'culture of curiosity' for exploring the future and the possible discontinuities rather than simply commissioning a scenario study to provide insights about the future. Only then can one read the writing on the wall of future developments.

Ferrara on Insider Trading and the Wall :


Author - Ralph C. Ferrara
Publisher - Law Journal Press
Pages - 1000
ISBN - 9781588520692

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Detail - The authors analyze the impact of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and SEC regulations regarding selective disclosure and insider trading.

Writing on the Wall :


Author - Christopher Cleary
Publisher - Immortality Press
Pages - 194
ISBN - 0979575354

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Detail - Megan befriends him without knowing anything about his past. Donnie relinquishes his solitude to her for the same reason. Her mom's affection is suffocating. His mom randomly shifts from being indifferent to overprotective. Neither teens' father is there when they need him. Donnie and Megan have to escape. Their haven is a rented storage unit, where they reveal their secrets, conquer boredom, and change each other's lives forever. Original.

The Mark on the Wall and Other Short Fiction :


Author - Virginia Woolf
Publisher - Oxford University Press, USA
Pages - 109
ISBN - 9780192839695

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Detail - 'I shall never forget the day I wrote "The Mark on the Wall" - all in a flash, as if flying, after being kept stone breaking for months. "The Unwritten Novel" was the great discovery, however. That - again in one second - showed me how I could embody all my deposit of experience in a shapethat fitted it... I saw, branching out of the tunnel I made, when I discovered that method of approach, Jacob's Room, Mrs Dalloway etc - How I trembled with excitement.'The thrill Woolf got from these stories is readily apparent to the reader. She wrote them in defiance of convention, with a heady feeling of liberation and with a clear sense that she was breaking new ground. Indeed, if she had not made her bold and experimental forays into the short story in theperiod leading up to the publication of Jacob's Room (1922), it seems certain that her arrival as a great modernist novelist would have been delayed. Quirky, unrestrained, disturbing and surprising, many of these stories, particularly the early ones, are essential to an understanding of Woolf'sdevelopment as a writer. She thought some of her short fiction might be 'unprintable' but, happily, she was mistaken.

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